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The title says it all. My blog Pen & Paper has hit the 100th hit mark! well the page says 102 hits but you get the point.  I’m in the process of working on the chapters and such for Hound of Haiti. So, keep checking for updates.  In other news the Grammys air this sunday at 8pm! check your listings.

Here’s the list of nominees.


Winners list will be posted Monday.

See ya in February!


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Hay is for horses was my 10th blog entry and so far seems to be my most popular entry next to Wes Anderson’s acceptance speech.

But in other news I’ll be able to attend the horsemanship course at the riders association!

My progress will be posted here as well as photos.

After hearing snippets of this song last week, I found it on youtube. Shaggy, Sean Paul and few other music artists from the islands such as the Caribbean, produced and recorded the song “Rise Again” in Jamaica. The song is basically a tribute to what has recently happened in Haiti. The song can be heard here. Heard of the Lays potato chip slogan? ‘You can’t eat just one’ well in this case, you can’t listen to this song just once:

“Rise again”

The song and others used in the Help Haiti now telethon are available to download on Itunes and the proceeds go to help relief efforts. If my ‘novel’, Hound of Haiti ever gets made into a movie I’d pick “Rise Again” as the song to play in the credits at the end of the film. Below is  some Hound of Haiti trivia:

The story itself was inspired by the recent disaster in Haiti.

 Akins is loosely based on the character Sugar from a film with the same name.  Coincidently, Sugar is from the Dominican Republic and Akins is from Haiti. Both the Dominican Republic and Haiti are next door to one another. 

Although he’s lived in Haiti his entire life, Akins does ‘speak’ fluent English and Haitian but he does have a thick accent and occasionally stutters or talks in short sentences.

The Catahoula Leopard dog is a member of the hound group hence the story’s title, ‘Hound of Haiti’. Though in the United Kennel Club, the breed is under the Herding group category.

Another story of mine inspired by a natural disaster is ‘River: The flood dog” which tells the story of a partly blind labrador retriever left behind in New Orleans with two other dogs during Hurricane Katrina.

Akins is a blue merle Catahoula leopard dog, one of the standard leopard dog colors.

Full color and marking chart are listed below:

Black S 007
Blue S 037
Blue Merle S 050
Brindle S 057
Chocolate S 071
Red S 140
Red Merle S 276
White Merle S 311
Yellow S 232
Yellow Merle

Dogs sometimes have tan markings as well as white.

Never heard of a Catahoula Leopard dog?

Click here!


 See you on Friday!

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Sorry for the delay, wasn’t feeling well last night, but anyway here are the list of winners from the Screen actors and Producers guild awards:

Screen actors guild award winners and nominees:


Producers guild award winners & nominees. Winners are marked in bold font.


In other news, the hope for Haiti telethon which aired on over 60 networks and online raised over $58 million dollars! this past Saturday I went to a riders association group. Learned a few things about horses. I even got to feed a few of them as well brush, clean the hooves and even rode one. The horsemanship course lasts eight weeks, I can’t say for sure if I’ll be able to attend but will announce if I do. Other than that it was great!

 As you can tell I’m animal lover. Also the nominees for the Academy awards will be announced next Tuesday! 

 To see  photos I took at the ranch go to the photo album page.

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The screen writers guild awards air at 5:00 pm on the TNT and TBS networks this Saturday. Below are the nominees:


Also the sundance film festival opened yesterday in Park City, Utah! Youtube has also recently agreed to a partnership with sundance to show movies from the festival on their site! But wait… this isn’t a free lunch the fee is $4 not too bad.


Winners list will be posted next week.

See you on Monday!

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Still reading this blog? if so, great, keep going!

sorry for the delay…

For those who are curious about my writing, here’s one of my latest book ideas.

Hound of Haiti

Info/Excerpt: My name is Akins, I am a Catahoula Leopard dog… I am six and half months old and live in Haiti with my family, I’m also the youngest in a litter of 8. Like a lot of dogs I go for walks and play fetch. My owners had plans to move America but that was put on hold when an earthquake hit. Now I am out on the street with only my best friend Adjo and several other strays and lost pets. Some of them looking for their owners and others trying to find food and shelter. Once again, my name is Akins, a hound from Haiti.

What do you think of these ideas?

Also, Akins is pronounced (Ah-keens)

My target audience is 4th- 7th grade. i.e. 9-12.


Photo reference(c)dog-dogs.com

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The Golden Globe awards aired last night on NBC.  The critic’s choice was also on VH1 last friday so here’s the golden globe and critic’s choice winners and nominees.

Golden Globe winners and nominees:


Critic’s choice award winners:


Next year, I hope to be at the Beverly Hilton to watch the celebrities walk the red carpet.  Well award season’s not over yet there’s still the Academy Awards coming up in March and other award shows. Check your listings!

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Wes Anderson’s acceptance speech for the Special Filmmaking Achievement award from the National board of review for Fantastic Mr. Fox. Fantasic Mr. Fox has also been nominated for a golden globe in the animation category. The golden globes air Sunday January 17th so be sure to check your local listings/TV guide.

Keep in mind this isn’t your average award speech:

Wes Anderson’s acceptance speech.


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