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One wet weekend.

Another saturday edition of Pen & Paper. Well, today’s been one thing after another but it hasn’t been too bad. Didn’t really do any training on the horse today due to rain… on the plus side I did get to see my friends before they left as well as a few mini horses and a demo. The miniature horses even have shoes! no seriously the owner puts actual tennis shoes on the hooves when they’re sore. Though I was only out for about an hour despite the cold and wet weather; it was pleasant. Sad to report that the rider who was injured during my last visit has passed away.  😦

But on the brighter side I got a free horse magazine with a list of places in the U.S. where people can see wild mustangs/horses! Got some frozen yogurt before heading home and had pizza and buffalo wings for dinner. 🙂 That being said, this has been a nice rainy day. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll stop. From the looks of things it looks like it’ll be mostly sunny and a bit warmer this week!

In other news the Visual effects awards are on friday and the Academy awards are next sunday! check your listings!

Also,  I found out about some writing contests that I plan to enter. Will post about it later next week.


gettin’ ready for bed.

See ya in March!



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Due to an upset stomach and headache I’m taking the night off from posting an entry for Wednesday.

See ya on friday!

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Well it’s Monday again… *sigh* but still how this past saturday went was a nice break after the pain I went through on friday which was part 2 of my root canal but enough about that…

Went to the pigeon show on Saturday and it was a nice experience.

Got to see some birds that were up for auction, there was a red and white female who was in the line up. Her eyes were amber colored and she was really laid back. I honestly would’ve liked to have bought her if I could. 🙂

They did a tribute to William ‘Bill’ Penson who specialized in rollers(he passed away about 40 years ago). They had folks who were in the roller pigeon club as well as ones who were affiliated with the Vegas and L.A. pigeon clubs. Most of the people that came out to the event were from L.A.!

There was some memorabilia on display that Bill Penson’s granddaughter had. books, awards, photos… the works. There was also two releases, one a roller pigeon release and the second a white homer release. They even had two cards for people to sign. It was for 2 members of the club who had passed away.

They had a couple raffles (one for women and one that was a regular). My Mom won a spa treatment giftcard!

The pigeons they had were mostly homers and muffs(the ones with the feathers on their feet). I got some pictures and feathers. In a couple lofts there were a few pairs with their babies. They were so cute! Some of them looked to be about 2 weeks or younger.

I got to take a picture with one owner who had some birds that won best of breed in different categories. He also signed my pigeon encyclopedia. I have some photos of his birds including one of the best of breed winners.

There was a diverse mix of people there which was nice… the person hosting the event wanted to give me a pair of birds! 🙂

Though my Dad explained where we live now we couldn’t have them but when/if we move somewhere with a yard then we’d let the guy know. He understood and was very nice.

Personally I’d love to get a pair(at some point). A friend of mine in L.A. used to have pigeons and they’re not so bad, a little skittish at times but fun to interact with. Trust me there’s a different between the domestic ones and their wild cousins that sit on the telephone lines.
I’ve uploaded the pictures to my photo album page.

Other than that, I enjoyed myself.

In other news on Sunday I watched the BAFTA awards on BBC America. It’s a little different than the Academy Awards in the U.S. but just as entertaining.
Here’s the winners from both the BAFTAs and WGA awards.
BAFTA award winners: (scroll down the page to see the list)
WGA award winners: (Once again scroll down)
And last but not least today is the anniversary of when my website went online!
It’s been over 5 years now!
Due to how things went today I’ll be celebrating either tomorrow or over the weekend with my family. 🙂
A link to my site is located on my links page but if you have trouble finding it here’s a direct link to it:
Special thanks to those who have visited my blog and main website.
I’ve tried to promote the place as much as possible and it’s gettin’ there.
Just some  footnotes for those who aren’t familiar with certain things:
Roller pigeons are a breed brought over from England over 200 years ago. As the name implies they ‘roll’ well, backflip while in flight. It’s a pretty amazing sight to see.
BAFTA is short for British Academy of film and television art awards. Guess you could call it Brittain’s version of the Academy awards but there are a few differences.
WGA stands for Writers guild of America. There are two locations one in New York City which is the east coast branch and one in Los Angeles, that’s the west coast branch. Scripts for movies and television shows are registered with the guild every year.
 In 2008, members of the writers guild went on strike; as a result most TV shows such as Everybody hates Chris were put on hold until the strike ended a few weeks later. One other film related group is the directors guild.
Well hope you all enjoyed this Monday’s update.
See you Wednesday!


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Came back after part 2 of my root canal job and boy it was rough. I won’t go into details but the dentist said I’d be sore afterward and he was right! the right side of my lower jaw has been bothering me. Hopefully I’ll be ok by tomorrow since I’ll be heading for the pigeon show. Which I’m looking forward to. 🙂 Grabbing the camera to take photos is pretty much a given. Will post how about it next week. In meantime check out this Bill Cosby routine on Dentists:

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Anyone still reading this? looks like it going by the number of hits.

Listed here is an archive of  films I’ve seen in theaters. Two of them have been nominated for Academy Awards. The review contains the film’s title, genre, an overview and some trivia.

Movie Reviews


 2009-Early 2010



Below are a list of reviews for movies I’ve seen in 2009 and early 2010. The list ranges from films seen in theaters to ones rented on DVD. At the end of each review are few ‘Trivia’ notes. So… read on!


Rating system:


5 stars – A must see


4 stars- Good


3 stars- Rent it on DVD


2 stars- Fair


1 star – Not worth seeing



Michael Jackson’s This Is It



 Movie poster(c) Columbia Tri-star

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star Motion Picture, Sony Pictures, The Michael Jackson Company.

Theater release: October 28th 2009.

DVD Release: 1/26/2010

Rating: PG.


Running time: 1 hr. 51 min


Main actor/actress: Michael Jackson




Supporting Cast: 


Daniel Celebre

Shanon Holtzapffel

Charles Klapow

Kenny Ortega

And Others


Category: Documentary/Musical/Performing Arts


Info:   A look at the final days of one of the greatest entertainers. The documentary features behind-the-scenes footage, rehearsals and interviews with collaborators and close friends of Michael Jackson.


Reviews and ratings: “Nothing at all like I was expecting to see” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times.


Personal rating:  **** Good


Opinion:  ‘This is It” is an enjoyable film for those who are fans of Michael Jackson. The effects and choreography were done well. There are a few comical moments as well as some that are dramatic and heartwarming.


Trivia:  This is It is complied of an estimated 80 hours of behind-the-scenes and rehearsal footage for the late entertainer’s sold out 50 shows at London’s O2 Arena. The concert was scheduled to begin in July 2009 before Michael Jacksons’s death in June at the age of 50.

Kenny Ortega directed the documentary as well as Michael Jackson’s other music videos.

All the songs featured in This is It are sung by Michael Jackson.

The documentary is dedicated to Michael’s children, Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket.

Originally scheduled for a two-week theatrical release, news of an extension had been announced.

This is It was nominated for a Critic’s choice award.



 Teaser Poster© 20th Century Fox.

Studio: 20th Century Fox/ Lightstorm Entertainment.

Theater release: December 18th 2009.

DVD release: N/A

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 2 hrs 40 min.

Main Actor/Actress:  Sam Worthington- Jake Sully and Zöe Saldana- Neytiri


Supporting Cast:


Sigourney Weaver- Dr. Grace Augustine

Stephan Lang- Colonel Miles Quaritch

Michelle Rodriguez- Trudy Chacon

Giovonni Ribsi- Parker Selfridge

Joel David Moore- Norm Spellman

CCH Pounder- Mo’at

Wes Studi- Eytukan

Laz Alonso- Tsu’Tey

Matt Gerald- Corpal Lyle Wainfleet

Dileep Rao- Dr. Max Patel

Peter Mensah- Akwey (aka Horse clan leader)

Sean Anthony Moran- Private Sean Fike

And Others.

Category:   Sci-fi/ Action/Adventure/Drama

Info: Avatar tells the story of Jake Sully who is paralyzed from the waist down. Jake travels to Pandora, a moon located in Alpha Centuri. While there, he meets Norm Spellman and few other employees who work for the RDA mining company run by Parker Selfridge. During a walk out in the forest with Grace Augustine and Norm, Jake is chased by one Pandora’s top predators, the panther-like Thanator. After getting separated from Norm and Grace, Jake is now lost and unaware he’s being watched!

That night, Jake encounters a pack of Viperwolves which are similar to hyenas and gray wolves. Though he tries to scare them off, the wolves seem to be giving Jake a run for his money so to speak; until Neytiri steps in. Shortly after, the viperwolves flee; sometime later, Jake meets Neytiri’s parents, Eytukan and Mo’at who are also leaders of the clan. At first, Eytukan isn’t too keen about Jake and neither is Tsu’Tey, another clan member.  After Jake explains himself, Mo’at announces Neytiri will be tutoring him. Later on, Jake tells his co-workers about what happened. The head of security, Miles Quaritch, tells Jake to go ahead and learn about the Na’vi. He also gives Jake a three-month deadline to get the clan to move after Parker explains that the village is sitting on a large deposit of a mineral called Unobtainium. If he manages to pull off the job, Miles states he’ll see about helping Jake ‘get his legs back’ via surgery. Although Neytiri was ready to gut Jake like fish when they first met, she gradually befriends him. Over time, Jake also becomes friends with Norm and Trudy, even Grace warms up to him. But later, Jake is caught in a bind to either finish the job or help his new friends.

Reviews and Ratings: “An extraordinary film” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times.


Personal rating: **½ -Fair.


Opinion: Though the storyline is interesting, there are some things that weren’t so great. The effects and performances by the cast were done well. Overall, for those who are curious about the film but choose not to see it in theaters; either rent it, catch the movie on TV or just skip it altogether. Although, for this being James Cameron’s first feature film since ‘Titanic’ which was released in 1997; he’s definitely proved he can still put on quite a show.

Trivia notes:

This is the first feature film James Cameron has directed since Titanic.

Avatar won the golden globes for Best Director and Best Picture(Drama).

The film has been nominated for nine Academy Awards and held the #1 spot at the box office for seven weeks straight before it got demoted by the movie, Dear John.

Motion capture was used in the film.

The script was originally written in 1994 and James Cameron had wanted to release it in 1999 but  the idea was turned down due to the high budget.

Avatar cost over $300 million to make and $150 million spent on marketing. The film so far has made a total of $ 2 billion dollars at the box office.

The cast spent time in a bonding boot camp in Maui months before filming.

James Horner composed the music for the film; the last time he’s worked with James Cameron was when he did the music for Titanic in 1997.

Two other films Sam Worthington and Zöe Saldana starred in were Terminator Salvation and Guess Who, working alongside Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher.

 Actress Michelle Rodriguez starred in the Fast and the Furious.

Though James Horner is mostly known for composing scores for kid/family films including: An American Tail, Balto, The Land Before Time and several others.

Avatar sold more tickets during the opening day than Star trek did when it was released in early 2009.

The film was nominated for best original score at the Golden Globes but lost to Disney and Pixar’s Up.

Coincidentally, Avatar, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The squeakquel are all 20th century Fox films.

Fantastic Mr. Fox



Movie Poster© 20th Century Fox


Studio:  20th Century Fox, Indian Paintbrush, Regency.


Theater release: November 13th (Limited) November 25th (Wide) 




Rating: PG


Running time: 1 hr 28 min


Main actor/actress: George Clooney- Mr. Fox and Meryl Streep – Felicity Fox.


Support cast:


Bill Murray- Badger

Willem Defoe- Rat

Jason Swartzman- Ash

Wallace Wolodarsky- Kylie

Eric Anderson- Kristofferson

Michael Gabon- Franklin Bean

Owen Wilson – Coach Skip

Jarvis Cocker- Petey

Wes Anderson- Weasel

Karen Duffy- Linda Otter

Hugo Guiness- Nathan Bunce

Helen Mccrory- Mrs. Bean

Roman Coppola- Squirrel contractor

Robin Hurlstone as Walter Boggis

Jeremy Dawson- Beaver’s son

Garth Jennings- Bean’s son

Brian Cox- Action 12 reporter

Tristan Oliver II- Explosives man

Steven M. Rales- Beaver

Robert Hersov- Pilot

Allison Abbate- Rabbit’s ex-girlfriend

Molly Cooper- Rabbit girl

Adrien Brody- Field mouse

Mario Batail- Rabbit

Juman Malouf- Agnes

James Hamilton- Mole

Jennifer Furches- Dr. Badger

Martin Ballar- Fire chief

Category: Animation/Family/Comedy/Action/ Adventure/Adaptation.


Info:  Based on the book written by Roald Dahl. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a stop motion animated comedy.  The film starts out with Mr. Fox and his mate, Felicity stealing poultry from the farms owned by Boggis, Bunce and Bean. The two are later caught in a trap by one of the farmers. After Felicity announces she’s pregnant; she tells her mate to make a promise to stop stealing birds and take up another job if they escape from the trap alive. Although Mr. Fox does keep his promise and now has a job as a journalist, he slowly slips back into his old habit of stealing from the farmers. Sometime later when Boggis, Bunce and Bean discover Mr. Fox’s raids they decide to catch him. As a result Mr. Fox’s family and neighbors are at risk. With the animals trapped underground, Mr. Fox and friends band together against the farmers.


Reviews & Ratings: “This movie deserves to be called groundbreaking”- Peter Travers, Rolling stone.


Personal rating: *****-A must see.


Opinion: Being a stop motion film fan and animal lover this is a film worth seeing. An enjoyable movie from start to finish. Highly recommended.



Trivia notes:


The recording sessions took place both outdoors and indoors.

In the original Fantastic Mr. Fox, he and his mate had four pups (3 males 1 female) whereas in the film, Ash is their only son and Kristofferson is Mr. Fox’s nephew.

Though the film most likely takes place in England, possums like Kylie are typically found in America.

Kristofferson is Ash’s cousin. On his unaccompanied minor I.D. tag his last name is Silverfox. Most likely, Kristofferson is a silver phase red fox.

Another trademark Fox and Badger friendships is featured in the Animals of Farthing wood book series. A cartoon adaptation came out in the 90s and ran for three seasons.

Prior to doing the voice of Coach Skip, Owen Wilson played Lightning McQueen in Disney/Pixar’s Cars.

Wes Anderson worked with the animation crew for Aardman whose work includes Wallace and Gromit, Creature Comforts and Chicken Run.

Beagles are used as guard dogs by the farmers in the film. Though they are originally used to track and catch rabbits and hares, beagles have also ran alongside their larger cousins, the Foxhounds.


Though the film is based on Roald Dahl’s book, some characters have been added or have a more prominent role than they had in the book. One example is the character, Badger who is Mr. Fox’s neighbor, attorney and friend.

 Fantastic Mr. Fox was nominated at the Golden Globes in the animation category but lost to the movie Up.

The movie is also an Academy Awards nominee for best animated film.

Well that’s part one of my Movie reviews.Stay tuned for reviews for the following films:


The Blindside

Julie and Julia

The Soloist

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

and others.

See ya on Friday!

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Not much of an update today.


I hate Mondays… but today’s my day off so I’m enjoying my break! 🙂

Well, I’ll be going from horses to pigeons this coming Saturday. One of my Mom’s co-workers invited my folks to attend a pigeon event this weekend. So long story short I’ll be switching from horses to pigeons then back to horses the week after. It’s great for me ’cause I love animals and enjoy spending time with them.

Updates will be back to normal this week but then again depending on how I feel after part 2 of my root canal this friday I might wait to update the next day or Sunday.

So stay tuned.

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Howdy! and welcome to a special Saturday edition of Pen & Paper.

Today was my first day of horse training. Went out there this morning with my Dad to talk to one of  the people who put together the horsemanship program. I met up with the director who wanted to work with me one-on-one and wound up staying. Got to brush and feed a horse today as well as hang out and talk to a few friends of mine who were in the horsemanship training class. There was a roping session going on today where a few people were out on horses roping some cows.  One thing that’s great is befriending a horse, the one I worked with today was a purebred Quarter horse. Despite his stubborn streak he does have a good side. I think he was a little sad when I had to leave ’cause he had a ‘I’m not gonna cry’ look on his face. But anyway today was just learning the basics, didn’t get a chance to ride. One of the riders had an accident while on one of the horses so that delayed things. I won’t go into details about what happened but I’ll say this, a paramedics team was there. Other than that I had a good day. I don’t have any pictures this time but will take some when I go out the week after next week. Also, speaking of horses and cowboys, found this on youtube. Anyone remember Drip-along Daffy?

See ya on monday!

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