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Due to having a long day at the ranch and being sore from riding. There will be a slight delay. Sorry. But here’s a little something I’ve decided to do. For every commission order I receive I’ll update Pen and Paper EVERYDAY for one week or two depending on how many commission requests I get. On one of the online comic strip sites I visit regularly the owner of the site did this last summer so I thought I’d take a crack at it.

Well I’m gonna be getting ready for bed.

See ya on Monday!


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Well it’s friday again and spring break! whoo-hoo! There’s a few things on my Spring break vacation I’m looking forward to including my L.A. trip.

Anyway, I could use a HUGE favor, want to know what it is? take a look below.

My sister got a new job and is moving to Seattle some time later this spring. Anyway with my sister leaving it’s put my family in a bit of a financial bind such as paying the rent. I know we’ll get by but I want to help out by contributing part of the proceeds made from my commissions to make up for it. Listed below are my commission prices and samples of my work:

Small figure- $ 5-10






Paperweight- $15-20


(Under construction-stay tuned!)

Pencil cup- $10-15


(Stay tuned for photos)

Custom chess set- $25-30 (comes in travel size only, for now)


(Coming soon)

Miniatures $1-5 each



Mini fruits and Vegetables- $ 1 each.

Refrigerator magets- $ 2 each


(Coming soon)

Home decor items such as picture frames


Addition charge:

Extra minature fruits & vegatables- 50 cents each.

Miniatures, figures/sculptures- $5 each.

Pins- $1-5 each

Beads-50 cents to $1 each

Charms/necklace pendants- 50 cents-$2 each.

Clip on earrings- $2 a pair.

These items will also be available on ebay some time down the line. But here’s a basic ‘contract’:

I can ONLY take 4 commission requests at a time. Once the slots are full anyone else will be put on a waiting list.

If item(s) are damaged in shipping, let me know(via comment).

A lot of the sculptures and other work I do can range for simple sculptures to ‘realistic’ models of animals.

Subjects I don’t/can’t model:


animals and characters from myths, legends,etc… the list goes on.

Anything  adult related

I can model certain animal cartoon/comic book characters but these are done for free, due copyright reasons I prefer not to sell them.

I can only do work for those in the U.S. right now.

Prices are U.S. dollars/currency ONLY.

As for payments I’ll post info about that later but more than likely It’ll be money order and paypal.

Stay tuned!

If anyone has some suggestions feel free to post them. I could really use the help and do appreciate it.

Stay tuned for a Saturday edition of this blog continuing with my ‘Hay is for horses’ series!

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Well it’s Thursday(sorry for the delay)…this time next week I’ll be in L.A… But aside from that 2 of my favorite 2009 films came out on DVD yesterday… Fantastic Mr. Fox and the Blind Side. 🙂 They’re on my DVDs to get list. Listed below are just a few films I plan to rent and review in the next couple weeks:

Good hair

Planet 51

Did you hear about the Morgans?


This is just to name a few. Also, stay tuned for updates on my other projects.

Also even though I’ll be posting an update on friday, I’ll be doing a special Saturday edition about my horse training lesson along with photos.

See ya tomorrow!

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Bonjour! and hello! decided to try something different. But anyway though I said  this post would be ‘action packed’ that’s gonna have to wait, sorry. But  recently I registered on scriptfrenzy which is the sister site for Nat’l novel writing month. Look for updates about that toward the fall since it’s getting closer to my trip to L.A. I might not be online as much, gotta get stuff ready, ya know…

See you Wednesday…

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Sorry for not posting on friday, had another set back. 😦 oh well. Tomorrow’s another day…Monday that is! but trust me my next post will be chock full of some news and updates worth reading.

See ya Monday…er… tomorrow.

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Due to a headache and upset stomach today’s update will be postponed.

See ya on Friday. In the meantime check out the photos I’ve uploaded to the photo album page as well as this moment with Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Smith.

How does the Academy explain to actors they weren’t nominated?

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Well it’s Monday again… got a day off today which is nice. Going to work on my clay, writing and a few other things. Anyway, while watching both the Golden Globes and Academy Awards last sunday I started writing acceptance speeches for awards that I think my work might get nominated for. Take a look below:

What If…

Golden Globes- Best comedian-Nominee/Winner: “Hooked on Mutts”

“Wow… I have to say this is really something. I’d like to thank everyone who worked on the show, my family and friends. In 2010 when I was watching the Golden Globes and heard it was at the Beverly Hilton I was shocked and hoped to sit in the bleachers next year as well as possibly attending award shows if my work got nominated… that being said, being here has been an enjoyable experience… Thank you.”

Academy Awards-Best Original screenplay- Nominee/Winner: “Dogwood”



“Oh, wow… thank you. Best original screenplay is one of my favorite categories. Back when I was writing the script for Dogwood I asked people about it and folks would say ‘Oh it sounds a like good movie’ then some people said ‘It’s been done’ ‘It sounds like Avatar’ or ‘Change the story’ as well as ‘You’re kidding yourself’ ‘Don’t make a fool of yourself and send your script to a studio’. Well… this was a story I wanted to tell and I’m happy to see Dogwood go from a script with over 100 pages to the feature film that’s out on DVD today. I’d like to thank those who were supportive of this which includes family, friends and everyone who worked on the film and the Academy… Thank you.”

Academy Awards- Best animated film- Nominee/Winner: “Dogwood”


“Sorry, nervous here… I’d like to thank my family, friends, the Academy and all those who helped put Dogwood together. I used to look at the different nominees for award shows and think about if my work wound up on the list… and to find out Dogwood was nominated was shocking and what I consider another milestone. This is my first time at the Academy awards and I hope it won’t be my last… Thank you so much!”

Academy Awards- Best animated short- Nominee/Winner: “Alley Catz”


“Golly, looks like I’m batting a thousand tonight… no offense to anyone else here… I’ve always loved cartoons and animated short films such as Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit series. Disney was a big inspiration and so were the cats owned by friends, relatives and others. Often times I’ve written long multi-chapter stories; but later got into doing short ones. I’ve heard about where people keep their Oscars and trust me; this won’t be going in a sock drawer. I want to thank everybody who was involved in working on Alley Catz; you’ve all been a helpful and supportive group… Thank you.”


Academy Awards- Best picture- Nominee/Winner: “Dogwood”


“Whoa, I didn’t think I’d be back up here tonight, thank you. My tip 3 favorite categories are animation, original screenplay and original score… best picture is also in my top 10 list. I want to thank everyone who supported and helped me… my family, friends… the list goes on… quoting a line from the Jeffersons theme song ‘We’ve moved on up’ this may sound corny to a lot of you but… I wish my beagle mix Sienna was here so I could give her a hug and show her this award. Sienna was part of the inspiration behind the Hooked on Mutts cartoon series. She passed away in 2004 but prior to that I had developed the story and characters which became the premise for both Dogwood and Hooked on Mutts… and for first timers like myself, if you want to get into the movie business, go for it; it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’m glad I was able to get my foot in the door… Did I think Dogwood would win best picture? No, did I hope? Yes… as for being able to attend the Academy Awards it’s been a great experience… Thank you, good night.”

I put a lot of thought into this. Also Hooked on Mutts, Dogwood and Alley Catz are all projects of mine that are in the process of being worked on. So stay tuned for the status of how progress is going for them. Feel free to comment about my ‘what if’ speeches. If anyone thinks the whole think is a waste of my time, forget it! I know it’s a big ‘What if’ but still it could happen. Also I have no plans of backing out whatsoever, I’ve had these story ideas and characters  for years and have never abandoned them.

Also, keep an eye out for the pictures I took over the weekend of the new foal! 🙂

See ya on Wednesday.

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