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Well, got back from seeing Tyler Perry’s latest movie ‘Why did I get married too?’ and I have to say for this being the first sequel to one of his films it was a good movie. A lot of sequels don’t often live up to their predecessors but this one did!

Also regarding my Hay is for horses saga, the kids in class did jumps and agility routines. Representatives from the ‘Adopt-a-musthang’ program came out to do a demo and answer questions. The musthangs that were brought out were fully tame. I brought some baby carrots with me and by the time I left there were only 5 left in the bag!

Overall, I enjoyed myself both on Saturday and tonight.

Stay tuned for my second round of reviews as well as more updates.

See ya on Wednesday!


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Sorry for the inconvenience but my update regarding my latest ‘Hay is for horses’ episode has been postponed. But don’t worry,  it WILL be posted.  See you on Monday!

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Hi y’all, well I’m back and it’s friday again. Well my vision and dry eyes have improved quite a bit, I hope to be back to my old self by next month. Also, I’ve been building up a stash, which I call my ‘comic con fund’ I hope to pass the $100 mark come July. If anyone’s interested in a commission from me, feel free to ask. I could really use the money which is for a good cause. I’m also going to take a few samples of my writing, which is mostly excerpts from scripts and multi chapter stories as well short film scripts, short stories and some information pages on my work.

I hope to get a few business cards from different people. coincidentally,  this year’s theme at San Diego comic con is focused on writers! 🙂 But anyhow, there’s several people on my list to meet and get autographs from though the biggest thing I need to keep in check is getting star struck.  In other news, I registered on ancestry.com for a month and found some of my family’s records! 🙂  I’ve wanted to do some digging on my family’s roots/history for a while now. I also found out that my Great-great Grandma was actually a slave master’s daughter! Interesting piece of history huh?(Yes, I’m African American-see photo album page). On a PBS special which aired back in 2005 Samuel Jackson did some digging on his family roots and found out one of his ancestors was one of several slaves brought to America! Having signed up for ancestry.com for the next month I hope to find out a bit more about my family’s history/roots.

Also I head back to the ranch tomorrow, gonna spend some time with friends and horses. Feel free to check out the new photos I’ve posted in my photo album.

Stay tuned for a saturday edition of Pen and Paper.

See ya tomorrow!

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Sorry for the week-long hiatus but anyway I’m pretty much back in business. Keep in mind though I’m still taking artificial tears(and naps) to help restore moisture and such to my eyes. But as far as recovery status goes I’ve come to a point where I can read, write and watch TV with little to no problems. 🙂 But as for being able to look at a computer screen for a long period of time… still working on that. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my latest episode is to be careful when staring at a computer screen for long hours. So I’ll be taking more breaks and trying home remedies to help me recover and hopefully in the  next week or so I’ll be back to my old self.

Anyway, my horse training earlier this month went well. I rode bareback for the first time!

There was also a newborn foal, she was so cute!

My classes will be on hold the next couple weeks due to the trainer I’m working with is in a golf tournament at one of the local courses. But still I’ll be going out to the ranch with the kids  I know from the horsemanship class. In other news, it’s been almost a week since my sister moved up to Seattle(got a new job). Also, I’ll be submitting an entry to this year’s comic con souvenir book! It’s an interview I did last November with best-selling author, Kevin J. Anderson. For those who don’t know about his work,  he’s written a few of the books from the Dune series as well as some Star Wars prequels and few issues of JSA published by DC comics back in 2005.  I’ll post the interview on here for those who want to read it. Again due to my recovering from my dry eye/strain episode it might take a while so stay tuned for an update. In the meantime check the photo album page for new photos!

See ya on Friday! (I hope).

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Still recovering from dry eyes at the moment so the next official update will be delayed. In other news my horse training went pretty well this weekend. More info on this will be up later on.


Again, get well comments are appreciated… hopefully I’ll be back up and running by friday.

See ya later… for now.

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Title says it all and it’s true! well, my eyes are still buggin’ me but I’m slowly getting better. Anyway I signed up for free 14 trial on ancestry.com and looked at my family records starting with my late Grandma. The site has information on my Grandma’s family including draft registration cards for WW 1 and 2 that my Great Grandpa had.  Well, until I cancel the trial I signed up for I’m gonna try to look around a little more and do some digging on my family’s history. In other news my Hay is for horses saga continues once more tomorrow. Stay tuned for yet another Saturday edition!

See ya tomorrow!

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Sorry for the updates being off this week but due to allergies my eyes have been acting up. Anyway I’ll probably be on hiatus until further notice. Also stayed tuned for reviews on Good hair and Planet 51.

Get well comments are appreciated.

See ya…

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