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TV line up

Not that much to say but I’ll be taking it easy this week,  seasonal allergies have been a royal pain.  But enough of that, checked the TV guide and there’s two big events on TV coming on this week. Terry Crews(Julius-Everybody hates Chris) is starring on a new sitcom called: ‘Are we there yet?’ which is being produced by none other than Ice cube!

The show airs Wednesday night on TBS. Also, the MTV movie awards are on Sunday.

Check your listings!

See ya in June


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Sorry for not posting friday, it’s been a long and somewhat rough weekend for me. No worries, regular posting will continue on monday…

See ya then!

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Once again it’s the middle of the week… Wednesday, hump day… call it what ya like… When I was younger Wednesdays were always my favorite day of the week next to Friday and Saturday, why? well I like the letter W for one thing and secondly a lot of good days I had in the past happened to be on a Wednesday such as when I went to Seaworld in 2001 which was a school field trip.

Anyway, this past saturday was the final class for the horsemanship training. The students walked their horses around an agility course and it was basically an overview of what they learned the last 8 weeks. Once they were done the trainers walked their horses back to the stables, I even got to walk of the horses, which was fun. For those who want to know it was T.C.(see photo album for reference). Also the two foals, Roxie and Rachael who were born at the ranch this year have really grown in the last couple months. Check the photo album page to see photos of them as newborns and updated snapshots. Both of them are teething and their personalities are really showing. Roxie is pretty high-strung and only got close for about two minutes before she ran off. Rachael is quite the opposite, she loves to have her back scratched and getting hugs, overall she’s a real laid back and friendly horse… she even gave me a kiss! 🙂 it was different but I did like it though. She must’ve really trusted me to do something like that. I had brought a bag of carrots with me and by the time I left I was reduced to 4 and a half. Splitting them up between a few horses and a steer, they go quick.

That being said it was a good class, I went to attend the funeral of a late friend of mine a couple of hours afterward. It was really nice and there were a lot of people. Trust me it was hard not to cry, I could hear quite a few mourners sniffling and blowing their noses. Even though it’s been almost a week I’m slowly but surely getting over the shock but then again time heals all wounds. The next day I went to a barbeque another friend invited me to which was fun and relaxing. Got a chance to talk, laugh, meet some new people and enjoy some good food.

It was a nice weekend despite there being some sadness, I also got some frozen yogurt which is always refreshing.

Well, it’s getting close to comic con and I’ll more than likely be working my fingers off getting my writing and artwork samples ready for when I go. Photos and pages containing my work will be posted here as I finish them.

In the meantime feel free to check out the new photos in the album.

See ya on Friday!

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Not today…

Due to a bad headache and upset stomach I’ll be moving my update to Wednesday.

Sorry folks…

see ya then!

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Due to being tired, I’ll be moving my latest update to Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

See ya Monday!

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Sorry for not posting yesterday but due to security glitch on the computer I was using it made it hard for me to visit any websites or log into pages where I had an account. Well, I was able to solve the problem, turns out the clock on the computer had been fast forwarded to 2011, simple accident now everything’s back to normal. 🙂 With less than 2 and half months before I head off to the San Diego comic con I have a few projects I’ll be working on.  The 60th anniversary for ‘Peanuts’  (Charlie Brown & Co.) is this year, so I’m doing a model of Snoopy sitting on his the roof of his dog house in the form of a business card holder. Keep in mind it’s display only, I DON’T sell artwork of cartoon characters for copyright reasons nor do I accept commissions for it. I’ll have photos and samples of my projects posted here for people see. One of my projects includes a script for a fictional ‘documentary’ originally called ’97 hours’ but is now called ‘121 hours’* as well as ‘Hooked on Comic con’ which will be loosely based on my visit so look for that one in August.

*121 hours is equivalent to 5 days which is the length of comic con it runs from July 21st to the 25th this year.

I’ll also be entering my original work(scripts and novels) in some writing contests!

Since I’m going for the last class in the horsemanship training stay tuned for a post on Saturday.

See ya Saturday!

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Hi folks, again I apologize for the delay but I’ll return to my regular routine updates next week. No excuses, unless of course I get sick, tired or get home late. Anyway, summer’s almost here and one of the signs besides the fact it’s been getting warmer and  the school year is almost finished is that various networks are airing the season finales of different TV shows. Some shows have been picked up for another season, Tyler Perry’s house of Payne and Meet the Browns are among the TV shows listed to return at the end of Summer. Below is a list of shows that will be back on TV in the Fall as well pilot episodes and new series:


Though for most shows such as King of Hill, they’ve all hit rock bottom. A list of canceled and series that are ending are also in the article. Around this time last year the series finale for one of my favorite shows ‘Everybody hates Chris’ aired on the CW network. Though networks such as Nick @ nite, BET and TV one continue to show re-runs of the show. It also available on DVD.

In other news Invictus comes out on DVD starting today!

I’ve rented Good hair, Planet 51 and have seen Tyler Perry’s first sequel film, “Why did I get married too?”

Stay tuned for reviews on all three films as well as ones for the following:

The Blind side



The soloist

and others.

Check back for news on my upcoming and latest projects.

See ya on Wednesday!

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