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Well it;s Wednesday again, phew! midweek, yahoo!

Not much to say today except I managed to get some editing work done on my projects. With that out of the way, I can finish up the remaining ones. Stay tuned for my review for Pixar’s Up and several other  movies.

In other news, I found some extra comic con tickets(one of which I’m bidding on). I found the ticket on Ebay and the auction ends tomorrow afternoon!

Will post about how it goes.

See ya on Friday!


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Well, it’s Monday again. Aside from it being another hot day in the state of Nevada, I found something over the weekend that was worth posting.

While on youtube I came across this:

Toy Story: The Discovery

Search stories is a new channel on youtube. Also, with the search stories video creator, people can make their own search story videos. Last night I gave it a shot and made this:

Search Storyz

It’s not only fun to watch but also creating your own video is even better.

Overall I highly recommend giving search stories a try.

The one promoting Toy story 3 is pretty funny.

That being said I’m working on a few other projects. Some of which are almost finished, I won’t  say anymore about it for now but check back for updates.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Phew! it’s friday again… so, uh… moving on…

With Karate Kid and Toy story 3 being a big success at the box office there’s one other film opening this weekend called Grown Ups featuring one of my favorite comedic actors Chris Rock!

Grown Ups trailer:

It looks like a funny film.Well, we’ll find out if it’s worth seeing after all the hype and press the movie has been getting. But with actors like Chris Rock and Adam Sandler starring in it,  the film might not be so bad after all.

In other news, Saturday marks the loss of a music legend, next to Ray Charles and several others. Both TV networks and Radio stations have broadcasted specials showcasing Michael Jackson as well as playing some of his greatest hits.

That being said it’s gonna be a long weekend.

See ya on Monday!

(This was originally written on Friday but it didn’t clear till Saturday, sorry folks)

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Sorry for the delay, I was beat last night(no worries, regular routine will be back next week)

But in other news Toy story 3 raked in over $109 million over the weekend and earned the #1 movie spot!

Karate Kid came in 2nd and The A-team in 3rd.



Also the BET awards are tonight.

Check your listings!

See ya on Friday!

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Due to running errands all day I’ll be postponing my latest updates.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

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Sorry for the delay in posting. But anyway Friday June 18th was the opening day for Toy story 3. From what I hear it’s worth seeing. I haven’t seen it let but it’s on my list. Feel free to check out the trailer and this clip:

Official trailer


Grooving with Ken clip

 Stay tuned for other updates and other news.

See ya on Monday!

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Well today was. Went down to City Hall and met up with some of the kids and trainers in the horsemanship training program. They got an award for the float featured in the parade last month(see older blog entries for additional info). They got their photos taken with the city council(and I was in it as well). All in all this was one of my better days. I mapped out  some projects I want to accomplish in the next few weeks. I grabbed my day planner and wrote a day by day list. I hope to be finished by early July. I won’t mention what I have planned except that it’s mostly art and writing related. My slide show wasn’t used today but it will be used for another event(there was a mix up).

Going back to Saturday, I had a ball!

The graduation for the horse training program went well. Got to see the students and hung out with some of the horses I’ve gotten to know in the last four months. I also got the spotlight for bit when I handed out some mini horses I made from polymer clay as a gift to the trainers who worked in the program. It felt good and I really enjoyed myself.

But overall, it was a nice Saturday. 🙂

I got some new photos I’ll be posting soon also check back for a link to the slide show I’ve put together, it’ll be on YouTube.

In other news I’m looking forward to Toy Story 3  opening this Friday!

AMC  is going to be doing an exclusive look at the film this week from Pixar Studio which I plan to check out.

Check your listings!

Also I managed to catch part of a new episode of ‘Are we there yet?’ and it was funny!

I plan to go watch it from the beginning to get up to date on what happened this week.

See ya on Friday!

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