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I apologize for not posting yesterday,  had an upset stomach that got the better of me. I know that seems to happen to me a few times but my stomach can be sensitive despite having a pretty strong immune system. But enough of that, now to get back on track.

Last weekend was my very first time at the San Diego comic con and was it worth it? Yes! yes, it was!

I missed the first panel I wanted to attend on writing animated feature films. 😦 That was a bit of a major blow for me. But the rest of the day went smoothly. I got two autographs and a photo with actor, Jack O’ Halloran. For those who saw Superman 2 in the 80s or caught it on TV/DVD than you’ll recognize him as Non. In the film he does have a rough exterior but off camera all that just went right out the window. He’s really a nice guy, tallest person I saw that day but nice nonetheless. Between panels I met and swapped business cards with different people. 🙂 The longest panel I was in line for was the panel for ABC’s remake of the TV show, V. Everyone and their Grandmother was in that line. It was the one line that afternoon where when I finally sat down it was a relief. Seriously, try standing in a line with 100+  other people for almost half an hour and tell me how was it. Overall, the panels were both entertaining and informative(minus the cussing in some of them). What surprised me were not only how many people attend comic con but also how easy it was to start up a conversation. Honestly, I’ve tried it in Vegas and hardly anybody says a word. :(.  I do feel bummed that I didn’t get a chance to meet the cast after the V panel. 😦 I was so doggone close! *sigh* why?! ok, I’m done…

The last panel I attended that day was “Kickstart your comic”   the panel mostly promoted a site called kickstarter.com. The people on the panel gave an overview of the site and how they started projects and got funding to back them up.

For  that Saturday being my first day at comic con let’s just say I went back to the hotel a happy camper.:)

On my photo album page I’ve included some of the pictures taken on Saturday.

Special thanks to Jack O’ Halloran and others who I posed with in said photos. 🙂

Stay tuned for part 2 of my comic con experience.

See ya tomorrow!


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It’s Wednesday again and yes I know I didn’t update on Friday as planned mostly because I was traveling and didn’t have a chance to access the business center at the hotel on Friday for different reasons. But I have to say comic con was… great! it was all that and a bag of chips and was somewhat different from what I expected and read about but in a good way. To make up for not posting last Friday(this would’ve been friday’s post) and this past Monday I’ll be doing updates Thursday through Saturday and will return to my regular posting schedule next Monday. But for now here’s how my traveling went.

Thursday-Pre comic con day 1 

 I literally burned the midnight oil, packing, printing things for my trip and doing a little cleaning up. I stopped around 2:30 am and woke up again about an hour later to get ready for the cab to take my Mom and I to the airport. A trip to baggage check in and a walk through security later we got to the gate and the sun was coming up! I took a cat nap until we got ready to board the plane and well I have to say I can’t stand flying(no offense to anyone who loves it). Sure, Superman makes it look fun and easy but I’ve never been fond of planes not since 9/11 and the other problems airlines have dealt with since then. So moving on, the rest of the day went smoothly. It felt good to be back on California soil. With that being said stay tuned for my next post:

San Diego comic con part 1.

In the meantime just thought I’d post some of my favorite clips from the MTV reality show “Rob and Big”

Excuse the cussing and bleeping in some of the clips. I don’t use this kind of language myself but these clips were too funny. I must’ve watched them a hundred if not a thousand times and they’re hilarious! As precaution please don’t watch these while eating or drinking anything, I don’t want to be responsible for anyone choking while watching these clips. Aside from that grab a Kleenex(you’re gonna need ’em!) to wipe your eyes from laughing. And another thing your sides may hurt from laughing, I recommend watching these clips with a friend or when you’re having a bad day and need some cheering up. At this point, just sit back, relax and enjoy the show:

Rob & Big- Net gun clip(full version)

Rob &  Big- Meaty on a sugar high

Rob & Big- Attack of Rob in a Fat Suit

I cracked up when I saw this one for the first time. Decided to post it mostly ’cause of comic con and ironically I saw a guy dressed up as Spiderman while at the San Diego comic con:

Rob & Big- Spiderman

 See ya tomorrow!

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Well it’s Thursday, was tired last night so that’s the reason behind the delay in Wednesday’s post. Anyway, I’m slowly getting ready for my trip. Gonna get everything packed tonight and head for the airport tomorrow morning. But just thought I’d post about some of the characters that have been added to the Hooked on Mutts cast. I’ll start with my newest ones:

Mina Kingston- A female Rastreador Brazileiro also called a Brazilian Tracker.

First appearance: Hooked on Mutts season 1 episode #12: “Hooked on Meteors” 

This three year old hound hails from her breed’s country of origin: Brazil, more specifically, Rio De Janeiro. Mina’s the oldest out of a litter of 8 (4 sisters, 3 brothers). Mina spent her first year in Rio then her owners, the Kingstons, moved to Newark, New Jersey. Though she’s lived in the U.S. for two years, Mina occasionally speaks broken Portuguese.(Mixing Portuguese words with English while talking). Like her cousins, the Coonhounds, Mina has sharp sense of smell. This young dog worked at JFK airport sniffing luggage prior to her owners second move to Los Angeles, CA. Mina takes her job seriously and is considered a workaholic at times. Shortly after starting her new job at LAX under the same profession, Mina literally bumps into Hawthorne.

Despite her low tolerance for his clumsiness, she has considered Hawthorne to be a friend after spending an afternoon with him and his friends at a dog  park. Mina’s bright, energetic and somewhat even tempered. Although she and Hawthorne do clash at times, by the end of the week they’re the best of friends again.

Likes: Digging, chasing cats and small animals, ham, rhinestone collars, butterflies, the New York Nicks and reptiles.

Dislikes: Hanging her head out the window in a car, going to the groomers, spiders, fleas, L.A. Lakers and having bows tied around her neck.

Voiced by: Well whenever I come up with characters I usually have a certain person in mind to do the voice. For Mina, I had Morrena Baccarin(Anna on ABC’s V & Black Canary on Justice League Unlimted) in mind.

Side note: When looking up Brazilian dog breeds, Mina was originally a Brazilian terrier! after finding out more info about the Brazilian tracker, I figured this was a better fit.

Concept art for Mina.

Next character:

Hawthorne Wyndham- A male Coyote/Wolf mix or ‘Coy wolf’

First appearance: Hooked on Mutts season 1 episode # 12: “Hooked on Meteors”

Born in Los Angeles near… you guessed it,  Hawthorne Bulevard. This half coyote, half wolf mix has been through the ringer.(Mother is a coyote, father is  wolf). Hawthorne was once the pet of a homeless man whose last name was Wyndham. Due to a no pet policy at his brother’s apartment, Wyndham was forced to abandon his dog after his brother offered him to a place to live.

In effort to avoid animal control, Hawthorne took up residence with a cat named Chaz. After meeting Mina, Hawthorne goes to great lengths to impress her but fails numerous times. Eventually, he wins Mina’s friendship after a while. Hawthorne is rather clumsy and a  bit of an eager beaver but a good friend nonetheless.

Likes: Beef jerky, peanut butter, dragonflies, squirrels, chasing his own tail and running.

Dislikes: Fleas, thunder, getting rained on, mosquitoes, tabasco hot sauce and getting his fur cut.

Voice actor in mind for Hawthorne: Scott Wolf(Chad Decker on ABC’s V and Scamp in Lady & the Tramp 2: Scamp’s adventure).

Side note: Hawthorne was a character I’ve had for about 6 years. I didn’t really have much of a role for him in my series but now he’s one of Mina’s friends and Chaz’s roommate.

Trivia note: Morrena Baccarin did the voice of Black Canary in the Justice League Unlimited  animated series. Scott Wolf did the voice of Scamp in the Lady and the Tramp sequel, ‘Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp’s adventure’.

This is just two I had in mind, here’s some other people I had in mind to cast in my series:

Morris Chestnut- Mater-Male Rottweiler/Foxhound mix, lives on the streets in Culver City.

Erica Durance-  Connie-Female Abyssinian cat, lives with TJ in Westwood.

Tom Welling- TJ- Male Labrador/German shepherd dog mix- DJ’s brother(another character of mine).

Allision Mack- Roxy- Female Labrador/Golden Retriever mix- Connie’s best friend living Westwood.

Laura Vandervoort- Peggy- Female Kooikerhodje/Saluki mix- Lived in New York City but later moves to L.A.

The reason why all my characters live in Los Angeles is because Hooked on Mutts is set there. But not all of them are California natives, as you can see.

Random quotes:

(Two days after meeting Mina)

Mina: “Hawthorne, do me a favor.”

Hawthorne: “Yes?”

Mina: “Go home!”

Hawthorne: “Wait, Mina! don’t go! don’t d-don’t g…”

(walls into the automated glass door at the airport)


Chuy(Male german shepherd) :


Hawthorne: (rubs nose)

“What’s so funny?”

Chuy: “You… you got dissed by a girl, son.”

*continues laughing* 

Mater: “Do you have any idea what’s like living on the streets?”

Connie: “I slept outside in the rain one time, does that count?”

TJ: “You’ll have to excuse my friend here… the farthest she’s ever been from home is Carlsbad.”

Mater: “Really, I’ve been to Calpoly and back… try riding on the back of a produce truck and tell me how it goes.”

Roxy: “How far is it to the dog park again?”

Peggy: “About 2 streets over.”

Roxy: “That’s two blocks away.”

Peggy: “I don’t c… two blocks?! I’m from New York City I’ve walked six blocks.”

This is just a preview I’ll have concept art/character design sketches for these characters soon. Will post how meeting the folks I’ve mentioned here goes.

In other news Wednesday, Preview night marks the kick off for the San Diego comic con which opens today.

Will post about my traveling day and throw in another bonus.

See ya on Friday!

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Sorry for the delay in posting, had a headache and slightly upset stomach. 😦

Regarding the title of today’s post, I’ll be going into detail about one of the sites that makes my skin crawl… Facebook! no seriously anytime I see or hear about Facebook or Twitter it makes me flinch( both literally and figuratively). Speaking of Facebook,  Betty White(aka Rose on Golden Girls) stated on Saturday live once she found out what Facebook was she said ‘It sounded like a huge waste of time’ and frankly I agree! Statistics have shown people have found kicking a Facebook habit to be harder than oh, say a person who is an alcoholic! For long time I received Promo emails to join Facebook and I deleted them EVERY single time. Believe me, I had no interest whatsoever. Anyway… while my Older brother was visiting this weekend he set up a Facebook account for my Dad, to help him find work(he’s a musian). As much as I can’t stand Facebook I now have an account too!  on my own I wouldn’t go near the site even if a person paid me. I’m not the type who jumps on the band wagon as soon as a new trend or something hits the street. I do research, wait to find out what the news media and critics have to say and then make up my mind whether to check it out or not. Anyone out there that still does that? (Leave a comment if ya do). One example is Comic con, I had heard something about it in 2008 and then after finding out more last year I made plans to go this year. I found out looking at the schedule that it’s not only just an event for fans, celebrities and studio promos but there’s some pretty interesting workshops and panels and can be educational and entertaining as well. When I read about the different studios, celebrities and other people I would like to get in touch with I thought… this is a great opportunity! Well, I cleaned up my act and have put together samples of some of my best work. If anyone sees a green and cream colored business card marked “Hounddogg Studio” laying around at a table during comic con this weekend then, yep I was there!

Ok, getting back on topic, if anybody asks… “Why the heck did you join Facebook?!” Here’s my explanation, I joined mostly to contact my pen pal from England(Been emailing each since 2007). Anywho, I hadn’t heard from her since January of this year, so I thought… ‘Maybe she’s on Facebook’ thanks to my brother’s help I was able to track her down! 🙂 another reason I joined is my brother said it can be helpful for me since I’m trying to promote my writing. Long story short, as much as I can’t stand Facebook I do have an account but not just because I decided to climb onboard with everyone else but because I want to stay in touch with my pen pal and of course build up a network for my writing(and artwork). I try to look for different ways that will help get my foot in the door, something I’ve wanted to do since I was 9. No seriously, I had thought about presenting my movie ideas to Disney but dropped it because I thought nobody would take a nine year old seriously. I got over that around 2003 and 2004.

Another thing my brother said I’d have to get a Facebook page anyway if my work does get out to the general public and I agree. Well… tomorrow will be here soon and I have a lot  to do to prepare for my trip.

See ya on Wednesday!

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That… was…great!

Saw Toy story 3 on Friday and it’s made the list of one of my favorite movies of 2010.

The story, animation, and just the movie itself was done really well.

Is it worth seeing?

Yes, yes it is!

There’s  folks who have seen Avatar 2-3 times, I’d go see Toy Story 3 again.

Disney and Pixar have really gone all out this year. Toy Story 3 is one movie that I think would make a nice addition to any Pixar fans’ DVD collection.

I’ll be posting a full length review after my trip to comic con.

See ya Monday!

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Yes, I spelled it like the comedian’s name Redd Foxx, I’m a Sanford and Son fan…

“You big dummy!”

– Fred Sanford

So, moving on…

 I apologize for the late update. The heat in Vegas wears me out!

In 2004 while doing a web search for foxes I came across a comic strip called ‘Faux Pas’ and have been reading it ever since.  The comic’s primary focus is on a red fox named Randy and his friends.  The artwork looks similar to style of Disney animation. The plot in Faux Pas is entertaining and the cliffhangers in certain strips make me eager to find out what happens next. Although this is an online comic strip I’ve added it to my list of my top 5 comics next to Peanuts, Archie, Looney tunes and a syndicated favorite Calvin and Hobbes. Overall, Faux Pas is an enjoyable read and site itself has a lot of interesting information. The Fox catalog has some unique artwork and other merchandise. If anyone’s a fox or animal lover like myself this is a comic strip worth reading. It’s also under the links page on my main website and this blog but for those who missed it take a gander:


 In other news, this time next week I’ll most likely have everything ready for my upcoming trip to San Diego to attend this year’s comic con!

Never heard of it? click here:


Well that’s it for now.

See ya on Friday!

(Was written Thursday but didn’t get online till Friday, sorry)

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Oy… I hate Mondays.

The title says it all, I’m not a fan of Mondays but then again I’ve had some pretty good days that were… yep, Mondays. Still in a nutshell I’m not an early bird. Take a gander at this: 

Page from an issue of Powergirl published by DC comics.


For the most part, if I’m having a good sleep and as soon as I hear that alarm I reach for that snooze button. Though it doesn’t do me any good since I have to LITERALLY  get up about ten minutes later. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy long weekends… why? I love sleeping in! which can make difference when a person really needs some rest. 

But enough about that, in other news I managed to score some tickets to attend comic con on Saturday! 🙂 now I just need a third. 

 I’ve also printed out the schedule for both days and marked the panels/workshops I want to attend, including how to write for animated feature films! 

I also plan to sigh up for the Portfolio review. I’ve tried different ways of promoting my work but haven’t had much success with getting it out to professionals, now’s my chance! 

I’m excited but nervous, still I can use all the publicity I can get. With only 2 weeks left before my trip I need to wrap up my samples and get my resume and business cards printed. But if all else fails I can honestly say I tried, right?  I think it’s a opportunity that’s too darn good to pass up and trust me I’m not going to back out unlike one person who said I shouldn’t  make a fool of myself about sending my script off to a studio. 

I’m determined and I worked hard to develop my stories and characters and trust me, this isn’t work that was done in a split second, I’m talking years! On record, my oldest character, a female dalmatian dates back to 1997 making her 13 years old!(But she’s really 10 weeks old) 

Long story short, hearing comments like ‘Don’t waste your time’ or something similar tend to get on my nerves but I try not to dwell it. For me, I think more about promoting my work as opposed to thinking about put downs and if some nut decides to raise some uncalled for controversy about my stories and characters. 

I didn’t mean to make this sound like I’m venting,  there are times where I can be frank but I do it in a discreet way for the most part so not to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings. Plus the insulting comment I mentioned two seconds ago made me mad at the time.(it still burns occasionally). But seriously, I’m not a product public school, just ask anyone who knows me.:) I guarantee it!

Well, until I get to comic con for the next couple weeks I’ll be wrapping up my writing samples and tying up the rest of my loose ends. Keep checking back for updates. 

See ya on Wednesday!

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