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Sorry for not posting on Friday, I was tired and after topping off a cup of raspberry tea I was out like a light. Anyway, it’s Sunday and I for one am not looking forward to Monday.:(  

Anyway, my blood work came back normal but my Vitamin D level was low. No worries, I just have to keep taking my vitamins and look for food with vitamin D in it. While I have spent time outdoors the last few weeks the heat has been brutal. The day I move back to California will be the day I square dance in front of the Kodak theater in Hollywood. 🙂 If anybody took that seriously I said that for laughs, it doesn’t mean I’ll actually square dance and post it on YouTube.

Also to clear things up if anybody asks I do NOT I repeat, DO NOT have an account on Twitter or Myspace, why? simple, I’m not interested.  I have however, thanks to my brother been using Facebook as a way of building up a network and friends’ list with different people I know and have wanted to meet.  In the process I’ve found several pages and groups that specialize in writing and hope to build up a fan base and advertise my artwork.

Note: I don’t accept messages and such that aren’t related to my writing or my artwork. If a person wants to send me a ‘fan’ letter that’s fine. Aside from that anything that falls into the spam category IS deleted.

Aside from that I got some rest over the weekend worked with some of my clay and watched Hachi: A Dog’s Tale on the Hallmark channel tonight and while I missed part of it, the film was good though I cried at the end. I went and dug up one of my photo albums which had some pictures of my late Beagle mix, Sienna. coincidentally she and Hachi were close to the same age when they passed away. Hachi (died at age 10 in March of 1934- 90 in dog years) Sienna( died at age 11  on September 28th 2004-99 in dog years.) For those that say one dog year is equal to seven human years that’s false!  One dog year is actually equal to nine human years.

 I watched the pilot episode of  “The Defenders” and it’s a good show. I found something else I can add to my weekly TV show line up, next to Meet the Browns, House of Payne and a couple of others. Next show I need to check out is Modern Family.

Also, If anyone’s curious about my artwork I’m building up my stockpile to sell on eBay during Black friday so, stay tuned for that announcement. I also take commissions so feel free to ask about it and my prices.

See ya Monday!


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Fall season kick off

I’m baack, well… I’m still taking a sick leave.

Well,  today’s the first day of Fall and this month kicks off the return of various TV shows as well as the premiere of new ones including “The Defenders” starring Jim Belushi.

Stay tuned for my review on it.

See ya on Friday!

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Due to circumstances beyond my control I’m ‘calling in’ sick today. Sorry.

Hopefully will be back to normal or close to it later this week.

See ya on Wednesday.

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Doctor?! No!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, been out of sorts and really tired. Having gone for a physical and judging by the symptoms I’ve had for the last week, it’s possible I’m anemic(iron deficient). Also, I’m skipping going to the comic book group I mentioned because of my current state. But no worries, taking an iron supplement can easily fix that.:)  I’ll find out what the case is when my blood work results come back. My right arm and wrist are a sore due to the needles from the test. I’m normally not big on going to the doctor but I went this time cause I was concerned and it had to be done. Now I can rest easy knowing that I’m fine. 🙂

That being said, I’ll most likely be resting, watching TV/movies and take up some of my hobbies depending on how I feel.

See ya on Monday!

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Blog post 101

Annd it’s Wednesday! nothing special. This marks my 101st post, sorry for the late update.

Not much to say except thanks to those who visited my blog and helped bring it up to 674 hits! Let’s hope I can get 674 more or bat 1,000.

Over the weekend I rented ‘Why did I get married too?’ and ‘Furry Vengeance’ which I’ve been told has a similar plot to a script I’m working on… I spotted some major differences and similarities to my ‘movie’ but in all honesty and I’m not saying this to offend any Furry Vengeance fans but I think in comparison my script’s plot and characters are done a bit better than this. But that’s just me.

Next on my list of films to see are:

Cloudy with a  Chance of meatballs

Old dogs

Crazy on the outside

The Cove

I hear The Cove is really heartbreaking and being an animal lover I do get emotional so I’ll see if I can find a pack of kleenex to have on hand while I watch it.

That being said,  I’ll be at the comic book shop on Saturday. So stay tuned for an update on that.

See ya on Friday!

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Way to go Idaho!

99 posts on a blog…99 posts on a blog…post one more and add up the score… 100 posts on a blog!

Yes, funny I know, got the idea from 99 bottles of beer on the wall. Anyone remember singing that on long road trips?

If anyone asks, my family never sang on car trips.

Moving on… today marks the milestone of the 100th post on Pen & Paper.

Just giving some highlights my most popular posts have been my movie reviews and my 2 part post on Comic-Con, my photo album has also got a lot of attention.

Over the summer I picked produce at an orchard, saw Toy story 3 and attended Comic-Con for the very first time.

Just to clue everyone in on something I don’t think I’d have ever started a blog on my own but thanks to suggestions from my brother and my Dad, Pen & Paper went online January forth of this year. Over the past 8 months it’s been through ups and downs such as lack of updates at times due to sickness and internet being cut off. Let’s hope during the remainder of this year I’ll pick up more readers and hits.

 I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this blog as much as I’ve had writing it. 

Feel free to subscribe!

Here’s my celebration checklist for tonight:

Dessert-Got my brownie-Check!

Work on my writing-Next

Watch some TV-Check!

Small and simple I know but maybe I’ll do something big for tomorrow.

That being said, see ya on Monday!

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And the week’s almost over… again… don’t believe me? check your calendar if you have one!

Sorry for the wait between watching the movie ‘Our Family Wedding’ and drinking a hot cup of tea I was out like a light last night. In all honesty the movie was funny in some parts but on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it  3 1/2 stars.

Anyway my buddy list on Facebook has grown to over 23 friends, including people I’ve met(and wanted to meet) at Comic-Con. This blog post marks the 99th post in Pen & Paper’s  eight  month history.

The blog has hit the milestone of over 653 hits and counting! 🙂 Tomorrow, Pen & Paper will cross yet another milestone by hitting the 100th post mark!

I’ll try to make this one special and chock full of interesting tidbits and details. In the meantime feel free to poke around and read the 99 entries in the archives, check out my photo album or simply browse the websites on my links page.

See ya on Friday!

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