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Annd it’s Friday! I for one am not mad either, on another note it’s also the last week of October.

In other news I’ll be back in the saddle next weekend. That’s right! I’ll be a Junior coach in the Fall semester of the Horse training program I was involved in earlier this year. Yee-haw! 🙂

Get ready for part 2 of my “Hay is for Horses” saga. Also out of 600 entries for the Writers digest Your story contest my entry sadly didn’t make it into the finals but I’m working on another story for the Short short story contest. The Deadline is in December and I hope to make the final cut for that one. I’ll be posting the status of my story here from start to finish.

Still puzzled about the title of this blog post?

Well, here’s something to clear it up so the whole thing’s no longer a mystery.

Got the title from Toni Braxton’s “Just another sad love song” which is one of my favorite Toni Braxton songs. Having seen Hachi: A Dog’s tale twice and finding part of the soundtrack on Youtube, I thought I’d post this. It’s been six years and one month since my Beagle mix, Sienna passed away at the age of 11. Though I didn’t do the tribute to her like I wanted to on September 28th( the day she died) that doesn’t mean I won’t do anything this year. In the meantime, I just thought I’d post these songs. They really tug at my heartstrings and trust me once you listen to them I think you’ll understand why I cry or get teary eyed.

Might not be a bad idea to grab a box tissues, trust me… you’re gonna need it.

“Here & Now” – Luther Vandross

“All about You”- Brian Culbertson

“So Long,  My friend”- Yanni

“It’s so hard to say goodbye”- Boyz II Men

“Goodbye”- Hachi: A Dog’s Tale Soundtrack

Sad isn’t it?

They’re the kind of songs you send a person who lost a loved one (human or animal) or if you’re feeling down-in-the-mouth and need a little something.

Want to add these songs to your music library? well, look no further! Amazon and Itunes are probably the best places to start.

 Well that’s all for this week.

See ya in November!


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What a day

Not that much to say today, except I’m on the tired side, check back for something on friday. It’ll get better.

See ya on Friday!

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Still going to be a bit of a delay. Sorry folks, will be back on Wednesday, I promise!

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Starting over

Staring tomorrow, regular updates will be back on schedule, thanks for waiting!

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Annd it’s weekend again. I know, I know I said I’d have things back on track this week but apparently that’s going to take longer than I thought.  Anyway, it’s been a wet week with all the rain and thunderstorms. On the plus side the air is a whole lot cleaner and my sinuses have been getting better and my mood. Overall it hasn’t been a bad week at all. For whatever reason I feel as if all my stress has dropped by the wayside. It’s not a bad thing in my opinion. I think one of the causes is I’ve been eating a lot of salmon lately. Ok, what does salmon have to do with a person’s mood? well, studies have shown salmon is one of several foods that can lift a person’s mood.

Overall, I’m glad to finally start breaking out the rut I’ve been in. I’ve got a few things to look forward to in the coming month such as Toy Story 3 coming out on DVD!

I know I’ve put off my movie reviews for a while but no worries I’ll be getting them done. I’ve added some new ones to my list, including: Why did I get married too? Just Wright, The Karate Kid and How to Train Your Dragon.

But honestly, who doesn’t love weekends?

I know I do.

In other news, I saw Air Force One for the very first time last night. Well, in person at least.

Going back to movies,  another film I’m looking forward to that’s coming  out next month is Megamind. Here’s the trailer, it’s hilarious!

Excuse the ad before the trailer starts.

 See ya!

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And it’s friday, sorry for the delay… just tired and having had a rough week  it’s rough but  no worries, I’ll just have to catch up next week.

See ya!

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Hi ya’ll,

Ok, why am I posting during my off day?

Well, since I’m currently reading the big Top 10 issue of my writers digest I thought I’d do a Top 10 blog post since ten is my favorite number. Infact today marks the 9th anniversary of my last trip to Seaworld and I was… you guessed it! 10 years old at the time. That was one my favorite memories of the last decade.

But getting back to the main topic of this post here’s my top 10 good reasons for writing longhand, basically using good old fashion pen and paper.

# 10 – Chances of a notebook getting stolen- Unlikely, Chances of a laptop getting stolen- Most likely. If your laptop gets stolen or damaged and your first draft was written in a notebook  you do have a back up.

#9-  While writing longhand and transcribing can be a pain for some it can also be pleasant if a person thinks of it that way and thinks about why and who he or she is doing this for.

#8- While diaries and journal kept by people in their teen and young adult years for housing their personal opinions and thoughts, it can also come in handy later in life, should the person decide to write an autobiography.

#7- Hand written can a long time if stored in the right conditions. I’ve found things I wrote back in 2001-2002 and some of it was in decent shape. While written work on laptops can last if placed on a disk or USB flash drive, there is a small chance that the disk or drive could become corrupted or break.

#6-Certain writing materials can be a lot cheaper than a laptop and can actually lower your light bill.

#5 – Writing long  hand is  good for working a first draft.

#4- Writing longhand comes in handy when your laptop breaks down or during a blackout. Also, writing by hand is good for your circulation!

#3- Like Laptops, writing materials are available in a wide section and price range.  Depending on what a person buys it can be a lot cheaper than a laptop.

#2- Before there was the type writer and computer people some of the world’s famous authors such as Ernest Hemingway wrote their books longhand. With people becoming more tech savvy, writing books longhand is a dying art. Also some people can think more clearly when they have a pen in their hand rather than staring at a blank word document page with no clue where to begin.

#1- Why I write longhand: Simple, I love it! I’ve been doing it for  my entire writing life. Notebooks and journals are easy to carry and can be really useful when I want to work on a story away from the computer or if I need something to write down ideas. Also when I need a scapegoat or need a way to entertain myself I just pick up whatever story I’m writing in a certain notebook or journal and have on hand when I go someplace.

And those are my top 10 reasons.

Interesting huh?

While I like using a laptop as much as the next person, I’m a long hand writer for life. Plus when I want to look at something I wrote a few months or even a year ago I can pick up one of my old notebooks or journals and browse to my heart’s content, read at my own pace , look at how my style’s improved and take notes of long forgotten ideas I want to revise.

Well, that’s all for today.

See ya tomorrow!

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