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Cyber Monday

Well, it’s that time of the week again, Monday!

But I’m not complaining about this one so much. Why?

This is Cyber Monday, the equivalent of black friday but on the internet.

Ok, for the “What the heck is Cyber Monday?” group this should clear things up:

Wikipedia entry for Cyber Monday


All right now, next question, will I be participating in Cyber Monday?

Sadly, no. I’m spent… literally! I ended my black friday weekend shopping spree last night and I got to say I feel pretty darn good about it. 🙂

I got 5 movies on DVD, a book and some comics. Overall  I scored bigger than I did last year.

As for Cyber monday, I’ll need to wait a while to build my funding back up, so that’ll probably be later this year or early January.

In the meantime, I’ve got a few things to keep me occupied such as my Hay is for Horses saga continuing this Saturday and some writing projects. Including two called “A Lesson In Loyalty” and “Friends for life.”  the first one is inspired by and loosely based on “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” and the second is based on my personal experience interacting with animals and a behind-the-scenes look at having long-term friendships with both the wild and domestic varieties. I also have another animal related essay in the works titled: “Peace, Love & Understanding” the main focus for this one is the question: ” Can and do animals understand humans?

That being said I have a few things I need and would like to get done. Since I’ve kind of sidestepped National Novel  writing month for various reasons I will be participating the 7 weeks challenge on Writers Digest website. The goal for this is to finish a manuscript or just a writing project period in seven weeks time which is basically from now until the end of the year. Let’s hope, I’ll be able to finish up that doggone manuscript and other projects of mine that have taken a backseat.

Aside from that, I promise I’ll return to my regular 3 posts a week update next month. I’ve also added an RSS feed for my blog for those that want to keep track.

And if anybody asks here’s some other info, this is one of the reasons why I plan to set up an FAQ page:

Do you have the following?


Myspace-No, not interested.

Twitter-No, don’t have much of an interest in this either.

Email- Yes, who doesn’t have that? but I don’t give it out freely.

YouTube-Yes, joined some timer after it was launched.

Website-Yes, check my links.

I hope this clears things up, honestly when folks as if I have twitter or Myspace page like a broken record it gets to me after a while.

Also, look for the continuation of my “Hay is for Horses” saga this Saturday.

See ya in December!


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Ok, so maybe that was stretching it. Sorry for the delay, I was tired and it got late Wednesday night. Went to look at some puppies at the pet shop near me and saw some cute dogs: Morkie(Maltese/Yorkshire terrier), Teddy bear(Shih-Tzu/Bichon Frise), Shih-poo(Shih-Tzu/Poodle), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Beagle, Italian Greyhound  Pug and many others. Overall the pups were fun to watch and play with.

Went to the local comic book store and Blockbuster and I got 4 comics for my collection/library and 3 DVDs for $2o bucks.

What’s that? no big screen TV?

No thanks, I’ll pass, I’m happy with my little 13 inch Sharp TV. Despite being almost 10 years old, having shipped it to 4 different states and taping hundreds of hours of TV shows and movies it’s still going.

Overall today was a good day, went and looked at some Yorkie pups that were so adorable. I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of dogs out there that are cute in their own unique way.

Speaking of dogs…

Update for Designer breeds: I’ve seen online where some people don’t think ‘Designer breeds’ will become recognized by kennel clubs. Actually, it’s kind of late to jump to that conclusion. In the U.S. the number of designer dogs such as the Teddy bear(aka Shih-Tzu/Bichon Frise) has become so widespread that different kennel clubs and breed groups are recognizing said dogs as established breeds. For the most part, Teddy bears, Puggles, etc were bred mostly as companion dogs like the Puggle’s purebred ancestor, the Pug.

Go ahead and call them mutts, but hey, a majority of purebred dogs around today were all mixed breeds once upon a time.

Myth:  Mixed breed dogs can have health problems like purebreds, there’s no such thing as hybrid vigor.

Answer: True & False. Why? well it’s true because mutts can have health issues just like any other dog or living thing that isn’t a plant. But at the same, it’s false because mixed breeds  tend to venture away from the deep end of the gene pool. In other words, because they have a diverse set of genetic blueprints they aren’t as susceptible to certain problems like the purebreds in their family tree. They also tend to have better temperaments.

Proof of that: My first dog was mixed, she never snapped at me and had a clean bill of health most of her life which was a good 11 years(99 in dog years).

So, moving on…

I have at least one more stop left for my black friday shopping spree and it doesn’t involve getting stomped to death over a flat screen TV. . Looking at the news highlights for black friday along with driving by a few of the stores having sales; some places looked like they had more people than Times Square! EVERYbody and their Grandma seemed to be at Best buy and such. But I’ll say this, are the Doorbuster sales REALLY worth the trouble?

Well, I’m done… quoting James Brown: “Hey! I feel good.”

See ya!

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Taking the day off

Due to being tired and other circumstances beyond my control, I’ll be taking one step forward and two steps back today.

In other words, check back on Wednesday for an update.

See ya then!

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Next Friday

Been having an off month, which is why a lot of my updates have been posted on odd days but trust me it’ll get better. I promise!

The reason why there isn’t a Friday post is, well… I got sick and on top of that my sister’s visiting this weekend so I was tied up. Darn chinese food messed me up but I’m all right now. 🙂

As for my Saturday post, due to the bad weather, class was canceled at the ranch. At this point I don’t know if it’ll be moved up to next Saturday or postponed until the following weekend.

On  lighter note I’ll be heading off to Blackfriday at the end of the week. I went last year and it was worth it since I went later in the day and for the most part the crowds were gone. Honestly at some of these places folks run in like a *cough* herd of cattle.

Depending on who has what on sale I might do half and half, i.e. go to a few actual stores and shop online as well.

Needless to say, I’m hoping to get some deals but if I’m unable to find anything I’ll check out Cyber Monday.

I’ll be picking up a newspaper on Thursday so I can get a head start mapping out where to go.

See ya!

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For those who remember I love Lucy, ya’ll know who said that line, right?

Anyhow… it’s Wednesday, midweek… yay-yay!

Ok, ok where’s Monday’s update?

Simple, I was tired that night but I’ll make up for it with a Saturday post continuing my “Hay is for horses” saga.

In other news the latest movies now on DVD are:

Ramona & Beezus

Grown Ups

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

I’ll post reviews for these and other movies soon, so keep your eyes  peeled!

Next movies on my list to rent/see are:

Crazy on the outside

Disney’s Oceans

and others.

That being said this week’s Monday’s post will be replaced with a special Saturday edition.

And, that’s about it.

The Defenders is on.

See ya on Friday!

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Anyone still reading this blog?

Light an emergency flare or something if you are.

Anyway, excuse the delay for Wednesday and Fridays’ posts, things were tied up on my end, plus by the time I remembered to post it was getting late. Truly sorry.

Anyway, with this being my 120th post, I thought I’d write a review on the latest cartoon to make my favorite’s list.

While I’m a big fan of cartoons from the 90s, early 2000s and certain ones from the 80s; one of the newest shows that aired last month really got my attention.

Lately, 3-D films and remakes have become a huge trend. Remakes of hit series/films from the 80s are among the list. On October 10th 2010, Discovery Kids channel went off the air and is now called The Hub, after a partnership with Hasbro Inc.

One of the new series on the network is a remake of the hit 1980s cartoon, Pound Puppies.

Unlike the original series however, the names, breeds, etc… have all changed. Another change is how the dogs behave. In the original Pound Puppies from the ’80s, the dogs wore clothes and for the most part walked upright on their hind legs. In the remake however, the dogs are more like their real life counterparts, they wear collars with I.D. tags and walk on all fours. The animation style of the 2010 remake seems to be similar to that of Foster’s home for Imaginary friends. So far only 3 episodes of the Pound Puppies remake have aired.

Overall, the remake has a more serious tone than the silly and sometimes slap stick comedy found in a lot of Hanna-Barbara  cartoons.

Overall, out of all the cartoons I’ve seen come out in the last three years this has been one of the first shows I actually look forward to seeing every week. I even noticed some similarities here and there to my own series “Hooked on Mutts”.

Aside from that, the 2010 remake of Pound Puppies is one of the few cartoons out today that have the same entertaining stories as cartoons from the 90s and early 2000s. The show also features guest star appearances  including Golden Girls’ Betty White who appears in episode 3: “Rebound”.  Needless-to-say, it’s a good cartoon for those are dog lovers and animation fans like myself.

New episodes of Pound Puppies air at 11:00 am on the Hub on Fridays.

Pound Puppies 2010 Intro

See ya!

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Annd we’re back to square one with Monday. Oy, I’m starting to run out of ways to open up my blog. Let’s hope by next week I’ll have some new material. Anyway, nothing really new except Toy Story 3 is now out on DVD and Megamind is officially in theaters and beat Robert Downey Jr.’s latest film, Due Date at the box office this weekend!

Seems like animation has managed to triumph over an adult film once again. I’ll admit, it’s not a bad thing. Truth be told even though I’m old enough to see an R-rated movie without parental supervision R-rated films are movies I tend to avoid because of the content.

Trivia note: In the 1970s the rating R was originally called X but was changed in later years.

 That being said I’m almost finished with my short story entry, also I have photos taken from the saddle association this weekend that are now available in my photo album page.

Wow, can’t believe my blog’s has gone past the 800th mark.

Thanks for looking ,folks!

See ya on Wednesday!

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