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“End of the road, nothin’ to do and no hope of things gettin’ better… sounds like Saturday night at my house.”

– Eeyore, Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The search for Christopher Robin.

This was one of the my favorite quotes growing up, I don’t know why but there was something about it I liked. It’s still one of my favorites today.

Well, this year started on Friday and guess what? it’s ending on a Friday! how odd is that?

Moving on, since this is the last Friday of 2010 I thought I’d take a moment to post some of my highlights of this year, good and… not so good.

January: Pen & Paper is launched on January 4th. Saw The Blindside Orientation for the Horses, Horses, Horses training program started two weeks later on a Saturday.

February: Horse training begins, also the month I started to write: “Hound of Haiti” and purchased my Comic-Con badges!

March: Horse training continues, watched the Academy awards.

April: Saw a newborn horse and cow for the first time, they’re so cute!

May: Parents’ anniversary, rode a parade float, horse training draws to a close.

June: Graduation from Horse training and the beginning of Summer!

July: Picked produce at an Orchard, Saw Marmaduke , Just Wright and Toy Story 3 and attended Comic-Con for the very first time!

August: Went to L.A., shopped at Pearl art supplies and got to go to a few of my favorite places to eat.

September: End of Summer vacation, Pen & Paper hits the 100th post mark!

October:  Pound Puppies my new favorite cartoon of the decade, premieres October 1oth 2010 and the  day my Top 10 reasons post went online.

November: National Novel Writing month, writes like crazy for the first couple weeks. Fall Semester of Horse training begins. Scored big at the Black Friday sales this year.

December: Horse training continues, saw the part of the meteor shower and eclipse, rained this month, Pen & Paper passes the 1,000th hit mark!

Well, those are my highlights on a sadder note two of my favorite celebrities passed away: Gary Coleman and Rue McClanahan. *Sigh* so sad.

So, uh, moving on…

Overall this year in a nutshell for me was a good one. I’m hoping to accomplish more in the coming year such as getting published and few other things on my list.

Also Oprah’s new network, O.W.N. goes on the air tomorrow!

Pen  & Paper’s first anniversary is next week, so check back on Monday for updates.

That being said, this is the end of the road.

See ya on Monday, or should I say… next year?!


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Hi folks, well looks we’re make our way back to award season. Take a gander:

Golden Globe nominees


Also returning next month Hot in Cleaveland and Are we there yet?

Looking forward to that.

See ya on Friday!

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And it’s Monday, actually, the last monday of 2010  !

That being said with the year almost over  be sure to look for some exciting end-of-the-year updates on Friday under the title : “End of the road”

Just to get an idea of what’s ahead, I’ll be posting both my highlights of my ‘Kodak’ moments of 2010 and what plans I have for next year.

Want to know more?

Just check back here on Friday, trust me, a few of them are worth putting on a Hallmark card… well at least I think so.

I noticed my blog is at 998 hits!

Let’s home it bats 1,000 like my main website.

Also if anyone is the 1,00th person to visit this place, feel free to post a comment if you are.

Aside from that I plan to spend my free time this week brushing up on writing, watching some tv and movies and working on my writing.

I’ll post links to what will be available on for sale on eBay so be sure to stop by here later.

See ya on Wednesday!

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It’s friday again and Thursday the rain stopped but it left a lot of puddles and flooded areas. Anyway, I’ve uploaded some photos which will be posted sometime over the weekend. Found out in the forecast there might be a slight chance of rain…again. Not complaining at all about that one.

Also, I’ve got over 990 hits on here!


Hoping to bat 1,000.

In the meantime, I’m going to kickback over the weekend, watch some movies and brush up on my writing and artwork.

Keep an eye out for a post on what I’ll be selling on ebay!

See ya on Monday!

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Rainy day

Due the heavy rain and me being… well, pretty doggone tired earlier this evening there will be a slight delay.  Will be back soon.

See ya on Friday!

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Monday night eclipse

Ah, Monday… well, this is one of the few times I hate Mondays.


Well, as of 11:41 pm PST tonight there’s a lunar eclipse going on.

First it was last week’s meteor shower, now this.

For those living on the west coast or back east just step outside and take a look or if you’re unable to you can watch the live stream online.

From my end, due to the weather, I’m watching the live stream video.

There will be two other lunar eclipses in June and December of next year.

In other news, my horse training this weekend went well. I got to ride for the second time this semester and my legs were sore afterward. The cupcakes my Mom made were a huge hit with both the students and teachers.

On top of all that I managed to get some good photos, which will be posted this week.  So keep an eye out for those.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Sorry for the inconvenience but due to me being tired yesterday and fighting off an upset stomach and headache this afternoon, my latest update will be back on schedule tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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