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Hey folks, not much to say except I’m enjoying Seattle and I’ll continue to be offline for the next 6 days. if I can get online elsewhere I may drop in just to check emails and such but that’s about it. This also marks my 15oth post!

Next stop tomorrow: Portland and San Francisco!

See ya in February!


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I keep holding on!

Yes, I like that song as you can probably tell.

Anyway, with so much to do before I hit the road, chances are this’ll be my last post until I return.

If I have access to a computer with internet I may post a brief update.

I’m hoping a change in scenery will make a difference for me and  maybe get  some fresh ideas for stories and characters.

Each year, I add at least maybe five or more new characters to my cast and so far this year, I don’t really have anything new other than the father of  my Coywolf(Coyote/Wolf) character, now has a name,(Kenji) and I’m working on members of Mina the Brazilian tracker dog’s family.

Aside from that I’m both excited and nervous. I watched Alpha and Omega which was I have to say a good movie but I did find myself comparing the film’s plot and characters to my own.

Hopefully being at the horse ranch will take my mind off of the list of things I need to do.

Stay tuned for updates.

See ya later!

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Annd once again, it’s Wednesday…midweek… you get the idea.

Well, this Wednesday turned out to be one of my better days.

Enjoyed a red velvet cupcake and saw some cute puppies at a local pet store. 🙂

But that’s only half of it, I’ll be going off the beaten path as the title implies this weekend!

Gonna kickback with the movie Alpha & Omega, head up to the ranch for my Horse training on Saturday and work on my writing.

Overall, I’m looking forward to it that and going to Seattle.

For the next couple days I’ll be working on what to pack.

Also, since I’ll be gone I may have little to no internet access so chances are this Friday will be last post before I go on a temporary hiatus.

Will post how things go as well as the kick off of season 2 of Hot in Cleveland.

See ya on Friday!

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Hey folks!

It’s Monday… once again.

Anyway, last night was the Golden Globe Awards… doggone it, I wish I could’ve been there at the Beverly Hilton!

Ok, I’m done… for now.

Listed below are the winner’s of this year’s awards as well as the Critic’s choice which I had NO idea was going on this past weekend.

Golden Globe Winners:


Critic’s Choice Award winners:


Aside from that, I’m slowly but surely coming around; the worst part of my cold is over. Let’s hope by the end of the week I’ll be back to my old self.

In  the meantime, I plan to work on my writing contest entries as well as an essay called: “Face the Music”

Will post how that goes along with a review for the season 2 premiere of “Hot in Cleveland.”

See ya on Wednesday!

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He’s baack!

 It’s that day we all know and love… friday…

Anyway, I’m reaching the turning point of recovery and hope to have being congested and my  dry throat under control.

In other news, Terry Crews reality series “The Family Crews” will be back on the air for a season 2 starting in February!

It just keeps getting better, listed below are shows I’m looking forward to in my primetime TV line up:

Are we there yet?

Hot in Cleveland

The Family Crews

Overall it looks like it’s going to be interesting and I’ll have something to look forward to each week, another thing  on my list is the upcoming award shows(Golden Globes, Academy Awards, etc…)

I plan to have my photos uploaded this weekend. In the meantime here’s one of my favorite clips featuring Terry Crews, it’s hilarious!

Everybody hates Chris “I’m right!”

See ya on Monday!

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Road to Recovery

Hey folks, I’m back.

It’s once again midweek, better known as Wednesday.

Well, this time next week Hot in Cleveland will be back on the air for Season 2!

 Anyway, I’m feeling better now and hope to continue on the road to recovery. 🙂

As for my latest horse training lesson it was pretty decent.

The boys didn’t show up due to being sick and one didn’t get home from his Grandma’s house so it was an all girls day!

Got to see a Tennessee Walking Horse demo, a new calf and one of the ponies that was born last spring.

Will upload some new photos once I’m feeling a bit better.

Besides Hot in Cleveland, I’ll be checking out Are we there yet? and my other  primetime shows.

In other news, Alpha and Omega is out on DVD as of yesterday.

I plan to pick it up at Blockbuster at some point so look for a review on that later on.

See ya on Friday!

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Hey folks!

It’s Monday and yes, I’m going with a Everybody hates Chris theme here.

Due to having come down with a cold I’m taking some time off from updating today.

I hope to be back on my feet later this week, but until then for those reading this blog for the first time feel free to check out my older posts, links and pages.

See ya on Wednesday!

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