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It’s post-Oscar monday.

All day today there’s been talk of the winners, the parties and all that good stuff.

Here’s the nominees and winners list:


I plan to watch the winning/nominated movies I have on DVD including Toy Story 3 this week.

Anyway… in other news, this is my final black history month post!

I wish I could’ve posted more this month, but anyway…

As for some of my own black history, my Great grandpa was the secretary under Booker T. Washington and my cousin, David Satcher, was the  surgeon general under Bill Clinton. My Great grandma was also the daughter of a slave master.

I plan to post more information as I find it. Until then, that’s a wrap for this chapter.

“Say it out loud, I’m black and I’m proud!”

– James Brown

I have to say this year’s Oscars was…eh fair. Last year they put a lot of effort into it and more than likely because of the variety of nominees and the fact that last year was the 70th anniversary of the Academy Awards.

One year I hope to be sitting in the Kodak theater at the actual award show rather watching it on TV at home like everyone else does.

I even wrote a few acceptance speeches!

 I’ll have to pull them out and look at them again, it’s been a while.

Aside from that, last night was an enjoyable one.

This weekend was also the final class for my horse training. We didn’t do much that day other than talk about the graduation, watch a barrel race and a English jumping demo. If anyone’s seen the film. International Velvet then I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

Aside from that I have a few other things I’ll be posting this week so stay tuned!

See ya on Wednesday!


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Annd it’s sunday! … wait, since when do I post on Sundays? I don’t! well not on regular basis but tonight’s different…  it’s  Academy Awards night, better known as Oscar sunday!

Will post about the winners tomorrow in my special Academy Awards post. This will be the second time in my blog’s history I’ve done an Oscar related post.

I hope to attend the awards someday, hopefully with MY movie being nominated for some awards. A person can dream, can’t they?

Almost two years ago, I received feedback about a ‘movie trailer’ I made for my script and posted on YouTube. The reviewer was the same age as I was and told me not make a fool of myself  by wasting my time sending my script to a studio. But I didn’t take it sitting down. I sent a reply telling her I was still  going to do it regardless and I didn’t hear from her since.

Getting back on topic this’ll be my second to last Black history month post. This just some back story on my characters. But what do they have to do with my heritage? read on to find out…

Sienna– A character based on my first dog  (and best friend). Sienna is based on my late dog of the same name. Her personality and appearance are all the same as her real life counterpart. As for the heritage part she’s a mixed breed, and coincidentally, I have a mixed heritage as well. My main website was done in memory of her(1992-2004) as is one of my works in progress, my cartoon series.

Dorthia– I’ve been a huge fan of wolves and dogs for a long time. Dorthia is one of my main female protagonists alongside Sienna. Her personality and mannerisms are African American based but she still has a lot of the traits found in real wolves.

Dasan-  He’s one of new additions added to my cast while the others are much older by 5-10 years! He’s a red wolf and has lived in the wild  his whole life. Dasan is direct descendant of wolves owned by a Cherokee tribe(Cherokee’s in my blood). He is one of the few characters of mine that’s bilingual, (speaks Cherokee and English). The name Dasan is one of several names that means: “Chief” in Native American. As his name implies he’s an alpha wolf.

Tawny- My first original Native American based canine character. Tawny(short for Tawny-Paw) is a Native American Indian dog. Like  Dasan she was originally owned by Cherokees but I later switched to Blackfoot(which also in my family). Tawny is curious, strong willed and an adventurer of sorts.

And that’s pretty much it… for now at least. I base most, if not all my characters off something (real life, movies, TV, etc…). If anyone mistakes Tawny’s full name for being based on the character names in Erin Hunter’s Warrior cat books, trust me that’s not where the idea for Tawny’s name came from. In Jack London’s Whitefang, two names of the Native American characters were Three Eagles and Grey Beaver. Tawny’s name is loosely based off that and her tawny/fawn colored fur.

Other characters of mine that reflect my heritage are:

Gevon(short for Giovonni)-Pharoah Hound(British)

Paris-Standard Poodle(French)

Iris- Irish Setter(Irish)

 Mustafa-African Wild Dog(Possible African ancestry)


I heard about a new TV series called: “Who do you think you are?”

which airs on Fridays on NBC.

I haven’t seen it yet but will try to watch it this week.

Stay tuned for my Oscars post.

See ya Monday!

Note: This was originally written on Sunday but wasn’t posted until Monday.

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Megamind DVD release!

Hey folks, not much to say except that Megamind is out on DVD as of today.

I might post something extra this weekend but until here’s a trailer:

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And it’s Wednesday again. Anyway, here’s one of my long-awaited black history month posts. As the title implies below are various songs. Having both Native American and Irish in my heritage and of course, black I picked out these songs from my own music library. Take a gander:


One by One- Lebo M

It’s Time- Lebo M.

Mother Africa(Reprise)- Hans Zimmer & Lebo M.

Moonlight Howl-  James Newton Howard


Native American

Tribal Dream- Yanni


 Toss the Feathers – The Corrs

Some commentary about the music.

All three I heard on videos I found on YouTube.  I’ve been a Hans Zimmer and Lebo M fan for a while. My great grandmother was the daughter of a slave master so chances are there’s some African ancestry in my family tree. The Native American part comes from both sides of my family(Cherokee and Blackfoot). Both Mother Africa and Tribal Dream have some interesting African and Native American vocals. Toss the feathers has a fast paced irish feel. I actually got a little choked up the first time I heard Mother Africa, mostly because it reminded me of my heritage(hence this blog posts title). As for Moonlight Howl, before anybody says “That doesn’t count!” Let me explain, I first heard the song when I rented the movie Alpha and Omega. After that I couldn’t stop listening to it. I know it’s supposedly wolves howling but if anyone has an ear for detail(like myself) it’s easy to pick up the vocal work obviously sung by African Americans. At 0:33 of the video two of the singers switch to a sort of Luther Vandross/Blues tone and in the first half the male singer sounds similar to Brian McKnight’s.

Trivia note: Alpha & Omega was co-directed by African American animation director, Anthony Bell. He’s worked on Rugrats, The Simpsons and other animated series.

WHy all the African American/Black topics?

Well, it’s Black history month and second, I’ve gotten more into my heritage in the last few years. I’m not ashamed of my heritage in any way. I can look at photos and clips from movies, TV shows,etc that are of the African-American persuasion… and see a lot of the characteristics and traits I have and be perfectly comfortable with it. Studies have shown people who don’t like the way the look they find it harder to get through everyday life then there’s self-esteem and confidence.

In other news one of my favorite writers, Dwayne McDuffie passed away yesterday from complications of a surgery he had done Monday night. I was a fan of his work and wanted to meet him in person at some point.  I plan to give him a ‘honorable mention’ in my memoir and  writers guidebook

Needless to say, I’ve been wanting to put up this post for a long time. Be on the look out for a new one at the end of the week.

See ya on Friday!

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Coming to DVD

Not much to say but tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of my website!

Look for more news on that later this week.

Also, Megamind is out on DVD this Friday.

That being said, look for my next Black history month post.

See ya on Wednesday!

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And it’s friday, again…

Anyway the title is more color related as opposed to nationality.

 Here’s the first of my black history month posts.

Found this news article yesterday:

Black filmmakers discouraged by lack of Oscar nominated African Americans.


It was interesting and brought out a lot of points and statistics I didn’t even know about!

Being of that nationality, it sparked a feeling that’s come up every once in while. What is it? a mixture of feeling unnerved, doubtful about my own writing and still wanting to get my work out there. In short, I get mixed emotions.

But I’m not ashamed of my heritage. Not at all! in fact, I’ve wanted to do research on my family’s background and ancestry for a long time…quoting James Brown:

“Say it out loud, I’m black and I’m proud!”

I’m hoping somebody will like my writing regardless of my nationality and ethnic background. But right now, I’ll try not to dwell on that too much and focus on getting my stories written.

This weekend, due to a chance of rain I plan to  work on my writing, art and watch a movie or two. Will post how that weekend goes.

See ya on Monday! 

EDIT: Sorry about the post coming up on Saturday, that’s when it was published. my bad.

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FAQ coming soon…

And it’s Wednesday… again, nothing much to say but I’m working a much-needed FAQ page along with some things to add to my black history post(s).

I uploaded my photos which will be available for all to see this weekend.

Stay tuned!

See ya on Friday!

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