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Mix up

Hey folks for some reason, Monday’s post didn’t go through, it’s up online now. Anyway with national craft month being almost over I’ll continue working on my art and preparing for script frenzy which starts on Friday!

Look for an update about that.

See ya on Friday!


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It’s Monday… again… Decided to finish off part of my evening with a good slice of Claim Jumper’s Blackberry pie. Honestly, that’s some good pie!

Just ask Jerome:

Anyway, I recently added my Twitter page to my links. Keep in mind I only have one tweet as of now. I plan to read the different tutorials and how-to pages but for now I’ll be looking around and browsing.

Overall, it’ll be like any other time I’ve learned how to do… something. For instance, just to name a few there was when I launched my main website(2005) my Facebook page (2010) and now Twitter(last week).  Learning something new can be nerve-wracking but if it’s something a person like myself is interested then it can be fun at the same time.

Will post how that goes…

See ya on Wednesday!

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Hey folks, it’s friday.

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times… Find us on facebook, follow us on twitter.

As much I can’t stand both sites I’ve joined both. Mostly to build up a list of contacts. So far I’ve found people I’ve met and wanted to meet at Comic con.

I joined twitter as of yesterday. I’ll be reading the tutorials and learning how to get around the site. Look for my page on my links list.

Learning how to work this stuff is like reading  an owner’s manuel for a TV or something else. Which reminds me I need to check out the one for my new cable tv remote.

See ya on Monday!

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Hey folks,

Not that much to say, was offline for most of the day.

Check back at the end of the week for updates.

See ya on Friday!

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Hi folks aside from the fact that spring has started as of yesterday, I just noitced this weekend I’ve hit the 170th post mark! 🙂 next is the 180th mark, look for that in Mid april or May.

With March being national craft month keep an eye out for some new photos of my artwork, some of which will be available for sale on eBay.

Tomorrow night on ABC is the TV special “Best in Film”

Looking forward to that, will post how that goes.

Stay tuned!

See ya Wednesday!

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Hey folks, haven’t made much progress with my script today but I did do something related to it. Went online and wrote down a few writing fellowships and contests. Will get back on my script tomorrow.

Oh and please stop with the spam comments, please. I’m NOT interested in dating sites, surveys or anything related to it. Also I’m fully aware of the crisis in Japan, as a matter of fact I’ve been working on a rough idea for a story based on the two dogs that were on the news.

Recently rented Secretariat and You Again.

Will post how they are after watching them.

See ya on Monday!

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Hey folks, it’s Wednesday. Not much to say except  I’ve been working on my script, so far it’s going well. 12 pages down 3 to go. Ok, I know most scripts are 120 pages or more but the contest I’m sending mine to the limit is 15 pages plus a one page synopsis. Overall it’s going well.

Will have more on that later.

See ya on friday!

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