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Well, this time I don’t hate Mondays! Why? well, I went to the movies and it was great!

I saw both Rio and Jumping the broom. Which turned out to be great films!

I laughed a lot.

But overall, I had a good time.

I kept the ticket stubs as a souvenir. ūüôā

Needless to say, I couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend a Monday.

Stay tuned for a review of both films and other updates.

See ya on Wednesday!


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It’s Friday.

Got to stay in L.A. one more day.

Made the most of it.

Did some shopping in Larchmont Village and at Sweets Beads shop which is going out of business. Found out that tomorrow’s the last day for this ‘Mom & Pop’ bead store.

Went out to Santa Monica beach after that and took some great pictures. Picked up a pizza a Numbero Uno for dinner and got some frozen yogurt for desert then went for a drive through Hollywood.

Needless to say, it was a nice day but short lived, well… for me at least.

Heading back to Vegas in the morning.

Look for an update next week.

See ya on Monday!

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Hey folks,

Sorry for not posting yesterday, wasn’t feeling all that great.

Anyway, today wasn’t too bad. Got to spend some time with my brother and get some art supplies at Pearl.

Not in the best mood right now. I found out I’m more than likely leaving L.A. tomorrow which is a huge disappointment for me. ūüė¶

Though my folks had only planned to stay until Tuesday I really didn’t mind staying longer. I really miss living in the city. Honestly, leaving in Vegas just doesn’t cut it. It’s a long story I’d rather not get into but all I can say is… I miss L.A. so bad!

Overall, it’s been a long week but hey, a week in my hometown is all right with me. ūüôā

I need a moment… and could use some cheering up and¬†a cup of¬†frozen¬†yogurt¬†to take the edge off.

Will post an update tomorrow about how things go, if not, check back on Saturday.

In the meantime, here’s this week’s episode of The Lebrons.

Episode # 7 – “Drake”


See ya tomorrow! … or Saturday

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Hey folks it’s monday…again.

Still in L.A. and loving every bit of it.

Trying to calm down after a mishap while window shopping. It’s a long story I’d rather not talk about.

Aside from that,¬†I had a¬†nice lunch, did some window shopping, grabbed some frozen yogurt and later¬†some starbucks¬†and chinese take out. In other news,¬†I’ve wanted to do a blog post featuring my favorite youtube¬†videos/clips. It wasn’t¬†easy¬†but I sorted out the ones that I’ve laughed at over and over again.¬† Warning:¬†some of the following clips contain language of a frank a explicit¬†nature, viewer discretion¬†is advised.¬†To kick things off here’s a photo that Morena Baccarin posted on twitter. While taking a nap, this was taped on the door of her trailer, it really cracked me up:


Now onto the youtube videos:

Jill the beagle

Rob & Big- Netgun clip

Rob & Big: Attack of Rob in a fat suit

Rob & Big: Spiderman

Rob & Big: Meaty on a sugar high

Pug sings Batman theme

Pug falls in toilet

Toy Story 3: Internet chat

Everybody hates Chris: Everybody hates Fat Mike clip 1

Everybody hates Fat Mike clip 2

Everybody hates Fat Mike clip 3

Everybody hates Chris Clip 1

Everybody hates Chris clip 2

Everybody hates Chris: Block watch part 1

Everybody hates Chris block watch part 2

Family Guy: Save the couch!

Everybody hates Chris- Malvo

The Looney Tunes Show- Krypton

Everybody hates Chris: Everybody hates the Guidance Counselor

Golden Girls: Have a nice day!

There’s more but I’ll have to save those for another day.

After all that’s happened today I might be in L.A. for another day or so.

In the meantime, enjoy these clips.

I love comedy and I love to laugh and one of the top reasons why I laugh.

Laughing burns calories and relaxes the arteries if a person does so for 45 minutes.

Anyway stay tuned for more updates (and maybe more laughs)

See ya on Wednesday!

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Hey folks, it’s Friday!

Got in L.A. in the late afternoon, early evening.

The drive was nice. Got up early, finished packing, picking up the rental car,etc…

For as long I can remember, I love going on roadtrips.

In other news, the Nintendogs¬†+ Cats game I got doesn’t work on my DS system but it’s no problem, I exchanged it for Horseshoe ranch, a game in from Nintendo and Ubisoft’s¬†Petz series.

Overall, it was a long week.

I finished up my short story and sent it in to the Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.¬†Although it’ll be 4 months until the winners are notified, if I do make the cut:¬†keep an eye out for my short story titled: Chicago Heights: Second Best in Show in the December 2011 issue of Writer’s Digest. I’ll still announce how things go.

As for writing, I’ll be entering other contests and looking for¬† workshops and such to enter and attend.

It ain’t easy but it’s all write. No, I didn’t make a spelling mistake I wrote it like this on purpose.

Will post an update about my trip on Monday but if not, check back on Wednesday.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the latest episode of The Lebrons:

Episode # 6: “Bullies”

See ya on Monday! or Wednesday.

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Hey folks, sorry for not posting Monday.

Due to not feeling well the last three days, there won’t be a major update until Friday.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

See ya on Friday!

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Hey folks,

If anyone asks about the title of this post it’s based on a trademark some TV shows do prior to showing a preview of an episode airing the next week. Example: “Next time on the Family Crews…”

Previews like this are not only entertaining to watch but it also gives viewers a look at what’s coming up next. For me it’s leaves asking: “Come’on! what happens next?!”

The mark of a great storyteller… always leave them wanting more!

Some friday this was… well for me at least. Was out earlier today and boy was it hot!

Enough about that…

Anyway, this Sunday marks my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. ūüôā

Still trying to think of something to do for them. Though my Dad and I¬†got my Mom some flowers which she loved. ūüôā

Hopefully with my brother and sister’s help the three of us can come up with something.

Aside from that I’ll be heading to L.A. next week!

Will post about how things go when I get into town.

I’m also working on a few things related to my writing.

In other news, Lebron¬†James’ animated series, “The Lebrons” the premiere¬†party was held in Los Angeles, CA earlier this week¬†on May10th. Also, a soundtrack for the show has been released! It is now available on Amazon.com and Itunes, just run a search under the keyword : “The Lebrons”

Want to know if I’ll be getting the soundtrack?

Yes, I will, eventually. Like the show, I’ll do a review on the soundtrack as well.

Found yesterday that the new Nintendogs + Cats game isn’t compatible with the other Nintendo DS systems, including the model I have. ūüė¶

No problem, for now I’ll just get a different game that will work on my Nintendo DS.

This is one other thing I might not have mentioned on this blog.

While animation,¬†comic books, and games such as those made by Nintendo¬†are considered to be “Kid stuff” teens and adults also have an interest in these subjects. Adults develop a majority of the popular animated TV shows, movies as well as comicbooks¬†and games that are around today. Infact,¬†comics have been around since the 1800s when newspapers started printing¬†strips. Classics such as Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, Marmaduke and Dennis the Menace¬†just to¬†name a fw are some of the most popular strips around. One of Comic-Con’s¬†themes last year was the Peanuts 60th anniversary!

Some of these strips have also have cartoon series and movie adaptations.

I even call my beagle Rudy, Snoopy once in a while.

Anyway, I will post about how¬†things go this weekend as well as my trip. I’ll also be keeping an eye out for the next episode of the Lebrons.

 In the meantime enjoy this hilarious Golden Girls clip.

The Golden Palace- Have a nice day!

See ya on Monday!

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