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Hey folks it’s Wednesday,

Here’s a tip for those that might be moving out-of-state.

Don’t move to Las Vegas, ever!

Worst mistake you could make(trust me on this)

Not to offend anybody that lives there or is a native of Nevada.

Seriously though if anyone reading this lives in a no-name town in Georgia or abroad in like…say Europe. Stay there!

This year marks my 5th summer in Vegas and hopefully my last.

Those of you that can handle the triple digits, good for you! but I can’t stand it. Neither can my sinuses which bother me something awful when the pollen levels are as high as Mount Everest.

Aside from that, I’ve listed some of my artwork on ebay and will be posting more sometime next week.

I plan to sell my other pieces at a yard sale that one of my Mom’s friends is having.

How do I plan to spend my weekend?

Well, two things I plan to do is work both my writing and my art since I have to make deadlines.

Will post how my progress goes. Due to my internet running on the slow side at the moment a link to my ebay listing will be posted later this week.

See ya on Friday!


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Sorry for the inconvenience there will be a delay for the next blog post.

See ya on Wednesday!


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Hey folks, it’s friday. I apologize for not updating on Wednesday, I would’ve if I hadn’t go back from my trip so late.

Anyway, it went well. Going to the seasonal butterfly exhibit at the Natural history museum was just the break I needed after running errands the day before. I got some great photos and held a couple of actual butterflies. One of which was so comfortable with me she(I’m assuming it was a female) sat on my hand for 10 whole minutes.

Overall it was great, would I go again? yes!

Photos will be uploaded later on.

As for today my folks still had the rental car so we drove out to Lake Las Vegas which was nice but hot, not too many people around.

Saw an assortment of wild life including  Mallard ducks, Kildeer, California Quail, Cottontail rabbits a road runner and a lizard.

Managed to get a few photos while I was out there.

Topped off the trip with some custard.

Needless to say the drive was worth it despite the heat.

But after going to the Butterfly pavilion and seeing Downtown L.A. at night, In all honesty, who doesn’t love L.A.?

Have a few more projects in the works such as selling my artwork.

Keep an eye out for updates.

See ya next week!

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Hey folks, sorry for not updating on Monday, got home late.

Anyway, L.A.’s been great.  Ran some errands on Monday including going Downtown, got some frozen yogurt, stopped at Larchmont, grabbed a cheeseburger and fries later and went to the beach. Nice day overall. Ran more errands today and went to the Culver City Farmer’s Market. Still feeling down in the mouth at the moment.

Watched the season finale of the Lebrons and I have to say, it was something else!

Take a gander!

Episode # 10 season finale- “The Comeback Part 1”

If this series comes out on DVD I’m adding it to my list!


See ya on Wednesday!

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Sorry for the delay… not much to say, will be in L.A. for the next few days.

Stay tuned for the season finale of the Lebrons!

See ya then!

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And it’s Wednesday. Well, so far the season finale of the Lebrons isn’t online just yet. Anyway,  not much to say today. As for my writing projects Ive got some rough ideas for my next personal essay titled: “20/20 : Way back when” the essay looks at films, tv shows, etc from the last 2 decades: The ’90s and the early 2000s. In the essay, I go into detail about the movies and TV shows I grew up with looking at them from the point of view of both a fan and a critic as well as a writer. Another essay of mine also in the works is “Do the write thing” it’s a memoir type piece where I go into detail about what may have started my interest in writing.

As of today I started typing up my essay ‘Face the Music’. Look for updates on how that goes.

See ya on Friday!

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Having been out most of the day in the heat and with things getting late on my end, the next update will be postponed. Also look for the season finale of the Lebrons!

See ya on Wednesday!

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