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Hey folks it’s friday…

Seriously, triple digit days like today put the ‘fry’ in Friday.

Anyway, I noticed my blog has received over 2000+ hits!

Special thanks to those that have dropped by.

I’ll be doing some ‘renovation’ work on both my both and main website over the weekend.

Nothing major, just some updates I need to make is all.

I’ll also be working on my writing and polymer clay art.

Hopefully, I’ll get some good sales on eBay and at an upcoming Yard Sale.

I’m currently up to 300+ followers on twitter!

The only drawback I have to deal with on a daily basis is going through my list of followers and recommendations and sorting out the spammers. It’s not that big of a challenge but does get to be a pain at times.

Also since I was unable to make the deadlines for both the Burbank and Slamdance film festivals I’ll be working on my pilot script and synopsis and will try to have something ready to submit to other contests such as the Champion screenwriting competition.

Will post how things go along with the updates to Pen & Paper and my main website.

See ya on Monday!



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Update postponed, check back soon!

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Hey folks, sorry for not posting on Monday, was tired..

Not that much to say this time around… with Comic-Con over I’ve really felt left out. I couldn’t even watch G4’s attack of the show Comic-Con special or the live broadcast that aired on Saturday because I felt so bad.

I’ve also had moments where I almost felt like crying. 😦

Overall, it’s going to take me sometime to get over it.  When I get disappointed numerous times, I don’t handle it well and it takes me a while to get over it. So that’s the case with this.

But enough about that.

The lights went out at my place and didn’t come back on for a total of 5 hours!

The heat drained me and it was not cool at all.

Hopefully I won’t have to deal with triple digits again once  this summer is over.

Needless to say, I can’t handle living in the state of Nevada.

Just give me California any day!

Aside from that, I plan to work on a few things on the weekend.

Stay tuned!

See ya tomorrow!

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Hey folks it’s Friday. Aside from Bill Cosby being at Treasure Island tonight(I’d go if I had tickets), it’s been pretty quiet.

Although I’ve emailed and left a message on the Facebook pages of the people I’ve contacted via Facebook who are attending Comic-Con, I still feel bummed about having to cancel my trip that and Borders liquidation sale started today.

Went by there and a lot of the shelves were half empty, books were all over the place and the line was long.

While I got a few things when I was there, the thought that one of my favorite stores was closing did bother me.(and still does). Looks like Amazon and eBay will be my new book stores, not that I won’t shop at Barnes & Noble, mind you but they’re so doggone expensive!

Overall, I’ll be looking at other options.

Will post how I’ve dealt with not being in San Diego for Comic-Con weekend.

In the meantime, I plan to get my scripts and other projects in order for the rest of the year and work on sending emails and getting in touch with folks I met at last year’s show as well as those I’ve ‘met’ on Facebook and twitter. I’m hoping to get some feedback from them about my work.

Will post how that turns out over the the next few weeks.

In other news,  a lot of Hollywood success stories I’ve read and heard about on TV have given me hope about getting my work out there.

I hope to attend a screenwriting workshop/seminar or two later this year and get some feedback from those I’ve contacted via email, facebook and twitter.

Keep an eye out for some new updates!

Often when I hear something related to film or television I think “Only in Hollywood’

While I might not be winning my first emmy or help host a panel at Comic-Con anytime soon. I really do want to accomplish something off my annual to-do list question is, will I achive?

I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

I watched the movie Bolt some time ago and this one scene did give me a rough idea of how to pitch a script. Although I will be doing some research and ask around.

I can’t help but picture being in L.A. and talking to people about my ideas when I watch this clip. Enjoy!

Scene from Bolt

See ya!

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Hey folks,

Well it’s midweek.

Aside from being the unofficial kick off day for Comic-Con also known as Preview Night it’s also Free Lollipop Day at See’s.

I went and got mine and I have to say, getting stuff for free ain’t a bad thing.

The only other free event I’ve been to in the last 2 months was Free Comicbook Day in May.(Yes, that rhymes, wasn’t intentional). Overall places where you can get a ‘Free Lunch’ are worth it. For instance, various restaurants and other places offer freebies for Taxpayers in April. Among the list are free cupcakes at participating bakeries.

Years ago, Baskin Robbins hosted a free scoop night in March/April, everybody and their Grandmother went. I had been regular since 2002 but that came to a halt when Free Scoop night ended as of 2005.

Free Comicbook day was started in 2002 and since then has been a success.

That being said with this Being Comic-Con weekend look for related posts on Friday and Monday. If I was going, trust me, tomorrow I’d be out of Vegas on the first thing smoking and would’ve posted about how things went over the weekend.

I did get a kick of somebody asking me if I’d be selling my badges which is actually prohibited. That being said my answer to that was obvious: “No!” but I broke it to the guy nicely. Also, folks still sell their badges regardless of Comic-Con policy even though a person can apply for refund.

Because I’m unable to attend this year, I’ll be attempting to register my badges for next summer, if not then I’ll go for a refund which I can use later on. For now, I’ll be making plans to attend the Long Beach Comic-Con in October as well as getting things lined up for next year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

Meanwhile back at the ranch one of my favorite stores of all time is in a sense going the way off the dinosaurs. I’m talking about Borders, the 40 year old Mom and Pop bookstore chain will begin its going out of Business sale as of Friday.

It’s a drag to me both as a bookworm and a writer. Almost each time I walked into Borders and saw the new releases on display, I often pictured seeing my work on the shelf. I haven’t given up on the idea though.

I’ll be making a list of different books to get and when they start discounting them and depending on what’s left in their inventory I’ll get them. While I’ll miss spending the occasional morning or afternoon reading in Borders, I don’t mind getting the books on my list at half price.  I’ve asked myself ‘Now what?’ looks like I’ll most likely be ordering my books through Amazon.com. Before anyone asks why not go for Barnes & Noble? it’s simple their price tags are higher than Borders, plus they don’t always have the same books. Honestly, I’ve seen certain books at Borders that were 2 or even 5 bucks cheaper than Barnes & Noble. While I’m not a big fan of Barnes & Nobles that doesn’t mean I’ll never shop there but I will start browsing on Amazon.com and eBay.

Getting back to Free Lollipop day, was it worth it? Yes!

I found out about via See’s newsletter they send through email.

I recommend signing up, it’s free and every week subscribers receive coupons, info about new items and the like.

Aside from that, stay tuned for some new updates.

See ya on Friday!



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And it’s Monday.

Not that much to say though. No, this post won’t about the 405 closing down this weekend. Why? just not interested, plus there’s hundreds if not thousands of other blogs, news websites such as CNN, etc… that have wrote or posted videos about the subject.  I will say though seeing what the 405 looked like without cars was… weird, it looked like something out of a movie. One thing that did surprise me though is how fast the construction crew got the job done, 16 hours ahead of their deadline! quite a record.

I’ve been on the 405 and most if not all of L.A.’s freeways. Granted, the traffic is bad but in place like Las Vegas, I actually miss it, well Metropolitan city life, really.

Anyway I apologize for not posting on fridays. I’ve either been tired, sick, etc…

After hearing about the upcoming Emmy of TV and movie awards, here’s the list of nominees for this year:


Will post the winners’ list after the awards which air September 18th.  Marking your calendar  or setting up your DVR in September might not be a bad idea.

Stay tuned for some updates including my review of See’s free lollipop day!

I’m serious! this Wednesday See’s the famous chocolate/candy company is having a free lollipop event at their stores.

To look for a store near you go to their site at:


Keep an eye out for my review and some other updates.

See ya on Wednesday!

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And it’s… well you know the rest.


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