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Hey folks,

Not my usual self today and here’s why, Last night, I got a message that somebody posted a comment on the wall of one of my Facebook friends. I immediately went to check and found out Animation screenwriter, Earl Kress had passed the day before after losing his struggle with live cancer(the very same disease that took famous comedian Flip Wilson). I’ve got misty eyed twice today.

I had met Mr. Kress during lunch hour at last year’s comic-con. Ironically, the theme for 2010’s show was “The year of the writer”.

While reading his writing credits on his website I found out he wrote for a number of TV  shows I grew up with, many of them my favorites. I found out I was the last person he ‘spoke’ to on Facebook, which over a month ago.

For the longest time, I’ve had an interest in screenwriting and would have enjoyed having Mr. Kress as a mentor since he’s had 40 years experience in the industry.

Earlier this year, Cartoon Network aired his final project, Tom & Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes. Which I have to say was the best Sherlock Holmes animated film I’ve seen since Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective. Both films are currently available on DVD.

I wish/hope  Access Hollywood, The Insider or one of the award shows such as the Emmys gives him a mention. I know I will in my book, Storywriting 101.  Hopefully at next year’s comic-con, they’ll do a tribute panel like their sister convention Wondercon did in March for DC comics writer, Dwayne McDuffie. I never got a chance to actually speak with Dwayne but I did see him at a Comicbook event in 2006, five months after the hit animated series, Justice League Unlimited ended. Like Earl, Dwayne was a screenwriter for animation. He also wrote comicbooks, many of which were DC comics. Sadly Dwayne met his end in February after complications of a heart surgery. He passed prior to the premiere of his last project, All Star Superman an animated feature film adaptation of  the 2004 DC comics publication of the same name.  This was a bit of a drag for me also since his death coincided with the anniversary of when my website went online.

Both he and Earl Kress are two of my favorite writers next to Bill Cosby and Maya Angelou.

More details about Earl in a blog post by a friend of his:

His Name Was Earl


I still have the business card he gave me at comic-con last year and plan to contact his wife, Denise Kress this week.

Here’s one of my favorite TV show episodes written by Mr. Kress himself.

Krypto the Superdog: “Now you see him…”



Commentary: I found out from him last November that a 3rd season of this series was planned but due to copyright/legal issues with Warner Bros and DC comics, season 3 never made it to production and the show was canceled in December 2006 but continued in comicbook miniseries with the final issue released in April 2007.

Two things came to mind today. Both of which are from the movie The Help.

The Living Proof- Mary J. Blige

Another song that also came to mind.

Losing You- Randy Newman


You is Kind… You is Smart… and You is Important.

– Abeleen (The Help)


See ya on Friday!


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