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And we’re back to Monday….wow that was fast.

Anyway, aside from this being the end of the month I sadly was unable to attend the Long Beach Comic-Con this weekend. ūüė¶

It wasn’t the easiest thing to sit with since I missed the one in San Diego.

I hope to and will be making plans to attend Comic-Con next summer.

Anyway, for this week’s Movie Monday, I’ll be talking about TV movies. Here’s one of my favorites:

The First Snow of Winter

An animated film from Ireland, The First Snow of Winter follows the adventures of Shawn MacDuck, a Mallard Duckling who is left behind after injuring his wing. With the help of Voley a comedic yet kindhearted Vole, Shawn learns the skills to survive in the winter and help his friend Puffy, a young Atlantic Puffin who is also stranded. The two ban together facing freezing tempuratures, snow and a female fox



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And it’s sunday… below is a look at What’s ahead for this week

End of the month/Movie Monday # 4

Writing Wednesday # 4

Fall Fridays # 4

As of November post-a-day month is officially over and Pen & Paper will return to its regular schedule.

Thanks for reading, folks!

See ya on Monday!

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Lost weekend

Hey folks, not much to say except that I’m unable to attend the Long beach comic-con. Sorry for the inconvenience for those I had announced it to.


See ya… maybe next year?

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Fall Fridays # 3

And… now for issue # 3 of my Fall Fridays series.

One of the things I remember about this season was the Farmer’s Market in New Jersey.

Every Friday the Farmer’s Market was held in Highland Park, just across the bridge from the college town of New Brunswick.

There’s always something at a Farmer’s Market from fresh produce to homemade soaps and other products.

It was around this time in 2004, I had been waiting for my cornworms¬†to turn into moths. Ok, before anyone asks “What the heck is Cornworm?” allow me to explain… cornworms are actually caterpillars… They eat a variety of crops such as tomatoes, cotton, tobacco, corn and others.

They can be green or brown, I had one that was a reddish hue.

I found mine amongst the ears of corn my Mom bought.

Originally I had a total of four, sadly I lost two of them. The middle one was attacked by an older worm and lost a lot of blood and the youngest was… well young and was out in the open too soon.

The oldest worm, Kirby¬†(Red) and the younger one, Coffee¬†(brown) were the only ones that survived. I¬†cared for them on a daily basis, fed them, interacted with them, etc…Despite being aggressive¬†with their own kind, these worms are actually quite friendly toward humans.¬†Like any animal¬†that’s never been handled by human hands, they can be skittish so I strongly advise being careful when picking up a¬†caterpillar¬†Both grew into healthy mature cornworms and eventually made cocoons. For the next¬†3 weeks there was very little activity.¬† I got up at 2 a.m. and sure enough they were out! fully grown moths.

I let them go the next day. Which was sad, but on a happier, I did get a short visit from Coffee two days later when she flew by the living room window. I’m not kidding!

Overall, it was a memorable experience that I enjoy sharing with others.

In the last decade, ¬†I’ve caught several caterpillars, many of them successfully grew into healthy adult moths and butterflies.

I plan to order some caterpillars this coming spring.

Will post how that goes.

See ya on Monday!


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Issue 3 of Writing Wednesday…

So here’s Issue #3 of Writing Wednesday.

In this issue, I bring some tips about networking using the following options:



A good way to build up a platform is via Facebook. Posting a page promoting your latest project is a good start. Want to keep in touch with fans but keep your personal account separate? that’s where fan pages come to mind. Setting one up is easy and the content posted can be entirely up to you. Q &A sessions, giveaways and announcements to attend writing related events are just some of the posts that’ll keep fans coming back to your page. Also, Facebook is where you can check out other writers and form friendships.



Another good outlet. Someone you want to contact not on Facebook? if they aren’t there then he or she probably has a twitter account. Just type in their name and click follow. Setting up a twitter account is rather simple. It allows writers to post short updates as well as photos and other links. The more people who follow/subscribe to your page, the more people you can follow. Just be sure to sort through your followers list at least once a month to clean house on spam and bogus accounts.



Blogs are also an excellent platform. I’ve got proof and you’re reading it right now!¬† Blogs can range from being updated daily, every other day, once a week, the list goes on. Just depends entirely on how much time you spend maintaining and updating it. I highly recommend WordPress to set up your blog. There’s dozens of themes to choose from and if you subscribe to Daily Press, you’ll receive great tips, tutorials and other useful tools to help your blog.



The classic! There’s nothing like setting up your own personal website. The content and range from a list of projects, public appearance dates, writer bio, photos and anything else that fits the bill. If you already have a blog, Facebook or twitter accounts, link them to your main website. Don’t forget to add a ‘Contact Me’ page.

I have all three of these outlets and they really help. Use them as much as you can.

You won’t regret it.

And that wraps it up for this issue of Writing Wednesday.

See you next week!

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The Final segment of my Tasmanian Tiger blog series. Has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Stay tuned for some new posts.

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