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Issue 8 of Writing Wednesday.

Hey folks! well, you may have heard about me moving to a new place, if not then it’s true. I’m moving! well, not moving this blog to another server or anything but you get the idea.

Sorry for not updating due to packing and moving I haven’t had much time to write and update my blog and website but plan to pick up the slack that during winter break.

Topic for this issue of Writing Wednesdays, Creative differences.

Ok, before anyone switches to the JAWS theme music on youtube, your Ipod or whatnot let me explain…

Creative differences can be both the hero and villain in the writing department. How so? read on to find out.

The Hero…

Everybody knows the hero’s the good guy, right? well not always… the hero can be a villain turned good in some cases, if he or she decides to make changes in her life style. Some heroes though aren’t human, there are many that are animals too, whether it’s the loveable Lhasa mix Benji or some other four legged or feathered friend.

The Villain…

Again, the villain may or may not have been a bad guy(or girl) their whole lives. Could be a simple case of good gone bad, for instance the person could’ve suffered some tragedy of some sort and it scared them for life or something else… whatever the case villains(human or animal) can range from Lex Luthor or someone else.

Getting back to creative differences, here’s how it can be a hero…

I’ve seen several tv shows and films and read books written by one person in some cases and the story can be downright horrible despite the writer having a track record of credits. Enter, writer number two. He or she may take a look at the story and make a few changes and that might be all the story needs and the day is saved!

Now here’s how it can be a villain… cue the JAWs theme song. I’ll refer to the writer as she for now.

Say a writer has a good story, so good that she just has to share it with everybody. Family, friends, co-workers, her pets… yes I said pets…(mine are the inspiration behind many of my characters). Anyway, before passing the story or script along to be printed or filmed, the happy young writer may hand their story over to a seasoned co-worker for feedback. He looks it over and edits some things, changes a character’s name, writes out a scene or two, etc and hands it back to the writer. A few weeks to a couple of months later, the story is either in print as a book, airing on TV or playing in movie theaters but it’s a disaster! how so? well if it’s a book it’s not selling at the bookstore, if it’s a TV show the ratings are so low that it got canceled or if it’s playing in a theater, the movie isn’t a box office hit and as a result, the studio decides to pull it out of the theaters.

Get the picture?

This is how creative differences can be a hero or a villain.

Here’s another way…

For instance if a movie got a lot of hype and positive reviews, a person might be convinced to go see it but then later  after watching the movie said person might feel like: “That was the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”

By the same token, he or she might see a movie that got poor reviews but might think: “Wow, that was a good movie.”

Then of course there’s the case where a movie can be good and worth seeing and others not worth watching.


Point is, it can go way. I’ve watched enough movies and tv shows to know.

Still, don’t be afraid of creative differences, a person might have a great idea and a seasoned writer may be able to offer some great ideas. Only thing is said person just has to be open for suggestions and here’s the keyword… listen!

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Keep in mind, though if someone tries to take over your story and write out many of your characters, settings, plot, etc… to the point where the story changes entirely, then you take it with a grain of salt. In other words, you can always say, “Thanks but that’s not the approach I’m going for.” then of course there’s outright, “No!”.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with being open to suggestions, but if a person has limits on what they do and don’t or will and won’t write(like myself), point it out before ending the conversation.

Needless to say, creative differences can do just that make a difference.

Well, that pretty much covers it. Case dismissed!

See ya on Friday!



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And it’s monday… not just any monday, it’s Cyber monday. What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is when Amazon.com, eBay and other retailers offer discount deals on an eclectic mix of items from DVDs to the most sought after electronics. In addition to marked down prices, free shipping is sometimes offered as well.

Think of it as the Internet equivalent to Black Friday.

I’ll be honest it’s great for those that don’t shop during black friday but are still looking for bargains, some offers are even better than what a person would get going to a store. The only draw back is websites tend to slow down or crash if a high number of people are online at the same time. The internet itself can also be slow for the same reason, so it helps to have patience while waiting for your browser to open or a transaction to go through. I’ve found while waiting a person can take a moment to grab some coffee, a snack or write down some things to pick up at the market… forgot to get a carton of milk again?

Still, it’s worth it. Unable to participate? no problem! there’s always next year plus many retailers have various sales through out the year.

Some of the best ones are at the beginning of the year when retailers try to clearance out their inventory, others take place at the start or during the summer, then there’s the back-to-school sales which occur from Mid August to September.

As for my movie monday segment here’s the skinny on one topic… Books adapted into movies.

Let’s say a person writes a book… and the story is so good, readers can’t put it down and the book becomes a New York Times best seller. Great, huh? yes it is but how about if the book gets made into a movie?

Many films out today are an adaptation of a novel or a comicbook/graphic novel.

But there’s a catch, classics such as Charlotte’s Web and the Trumpet of the Swan are all good stories and were adapted into classic animated films, while other films such as Coraline didn’t do so well.

Still, if a person has a book they’d like to make into a film, go for it! But keep in mind screenwriters may change a few things such as, locations, times/dates and may change a character’s name or add new characters.

I’ve found it best to see the movie first then read the movie or the other way around.

But that’s just me…

Well that does it for issue # 6 of Movie Monday

See ya on Wednesday!

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Fall Fridays # 7

Issue # 7 of Fall Fridays.

There’s certain things that remind me of Fall, certain sites, the weather, etc… and music. Listed below are the top 3 music tracks that remind me of that season:

Sweet Thing- Boney James



Rerun’s Theme- David Benoit


Linus & Lucy (Peanuts Theme)- David Benoit


Anytime I hear these songs, thougts of Fall/Autumn come to mind regardless of I’m listening to these tracks during other times of the year.

All are great tracks.

You can try finding them on Itunes or Amazon.com


Got some good deals during black friday. It went pretty well.

Word of advice, go an hour or so after certain stores open, chances are you’ll still find different items still in stock and the crowds will be gone.

Sold out?! no problem? another tip… always ask if another store has what you’re looking for and request they hold it or get a rain check. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Well that’s it for issue # 7 of Fall Fridays

See ya on Monday!





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Hey folks, it’s Wednesday!

Not much to say here…

Got to sleep in which was great since I really need the sleep.

Anyway, with this being national novel writing month I have to say it’s been a rough ride but I hope to finish.

Will post about my progress once I’m feeling better…

See ya on Friday!

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Issue # 5

This week: More teleconferences and why it’s a good idea to get movies on Black Friday

Hey folks, I’m back.

Not much to say, with my lower back hurting right now I probably won’t say much this time.

Listened to a teleconference this weekend from a Producer in Australia. Learned a lot too, turns out 99% of material sent into studio is unusable among other things.

Overall, it was worth listening to.

There’s two other conferences coming up next December, which I have also registered for.

I highly recommend listening in if you can’t attend one of these seminars or workshops in person.

With Black friday just around the corner,  here’s one thing I highly recommend, for those that saw movies like the Help and many others like myself I highly recommend getting hit moves like this on Black Friday. Why? in some places they’re dirt cheap, yeah, I said it!

Walmart’s having a deal on DVDs, select DVDs are going for $1.49. As for other retailers such as Blockbuster,  Best Buy, etc… I have no idea. Will find out when I get a paper on Thursday.

Gonna grab some trail mix and kickback for a bit.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Fall Fridays # 6

Part 6 of the Fall Fridays series.

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Writing Wednesday # 6

Issue 6 of Writing Wednesday….

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