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Hey folks, as of last week, Fall ended and Winter started. So ends my Fall Friday series… well until next season. Fall Fridays will be replaced by Winter Wednesdays. Anyway, with this being my last blog post for 2011 I have to be honest it’s been a rough year but I did have some good times:

January: Went to Bellevue, WA and drove from Seattle to Los Angeles.

February: Participated in the Horses, Horses, Horses training program for a second semester, this time as a student.

March: Graduated from horse training.

April: Participated in Script frenzy.

May: Went to L.A. and stayed a whole week and entered a writing contest.

June: Went to L.A. a second time, got to see the beach and downtown.

July: Listened to a screenwriting teleconference for the first time.

August:  Went to L.A. and the natural history museum. Sent email to actress, Rekha Sharma.

September: Lost two of my friends, Earl Kress and my dog Sienna(2004). Entered a screenwriting contest.

October: Participated in WordPress.com’s post-a-day event. Went to Bellagio and had some great gelato.

November: Participated in National Novel Writing Month, attended the Vegas Valley Comicbook festival and got a new Dell Inspiron laptop.

December: Found out my pitch entry for the screenwriting contest made the quarter finals! spent a weekend with my siblings and received an email reply from Rekha. Participated in the naming contest for the wolf, OR-7.


Pen & Paper reached it’s 200th post and 2,000th hit marks this year!

So, what’s up for next year?

Check back on Monday and find out.

I hope and am determined to make 2012 one of my better and memorable years and reach the goals I was unable to accomplish in 2011.

2011 was a mixed bag of good and bad times. But I’m looking forward to the coming year and will try not to dwell on the bad times.

In other news, Pen & Paper’s 2nd anniversary falls on January 4th 2012!

Will be celebrating not only that but also making the quarterfinals of the Champion Screenwriting contest!

Will post an excerpt of my to-do list and what I have planned for Pen & Paper.

Until then enjoy this, one of my favorite songs:

See ya in 2012!


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Hey folks… anyone out there like snow?

There’s a reason why it’s ‘snowing’ on my blog page… I’ll explain later…

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Movie Mondays # 10

Hey folks, here’s the season finale of movie mondays!

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Fall Fridays # 10

Hey folks, this marks the season finale of Fall Fridays.

It’s been great remenising about some of my favorite fall moments.

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Hey Folks, it’s the season finale of Writing Wednesdays.

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Movie Monday # 8

Hey folks, I’m back!

Pen & Paper has now returned to it’s schedule.

Anyway, not much to talk about this time except that The Help is now on DVD as of last week!

I listened to 2 teleconferences over a week ago and they were great! One was on distribution and the other covered the spec script sales for this year. As always, the information was excellent and useful.

Want to rent a movie or two over the weekend?

Netflix is offering a deal for the month of December where subscribers who rent two movies a month can get not one but two DVDs in the mail at the same time!

Why is this a great deal? well, instead of renting 2 movies per month netflix customers can rent a total of 3 movies/TV shows on DVD.

For those that have Netflix I highly recommend it!

It’s an offer you can’t refuse(if anybody can figure out which movie that line is from, post it in a comment).

Aside from that, if anyone reading this blog is a netflix customer like myself, you’ll receive an email from netflix about this offer. Be sure to use it as soon as possible.  It’s only for the month of December!

I’ve already got my DVD list set up, now comes the part of waiting for them to come in the mail, which on average takes 1-2 business days. Keep in mind if you’re ordering a recently released movie or TV show there might be a waiting list for a couple of weeks or longer.

But if you can’t wait, there’s always blockbuster but call ahead to find out if the title you’re looking for is in stock.

You’ll be glad you did. Why? well, it saves gas and time.

That being said, if you netflix, go ahead and use this offer.

In other news, still waiting for the finalists for the naming contest for the wolf, OR-7 to be announced. Will post if my name made the cut!

See ya on Wednesday!

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Hey folks, sorry that I’ve been unable to update with real posts. Will have something up next week when my internet service is on and I can go back to my regular schedule.

In other news,  I submitted a name for the naming contest of a wolf called OR-7.

Today’s the last day to send in suggestions and mine was Pemota, it’s a Native American Cree tribe name meaning: “One Who Walks” which is pretty much what this guy’s done for the last few weeks.

Finalists will be picked today.

Will post if I make the cut!

See ya Monday!

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