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Hey folks! It’s Monday…

The S.A.G. awards aired last night on TNT AND TBS.

Was happy to hear The Help took home 3 awards last night.

Don’t believe me?

Read it for yourself:


My trip to L.A. had been an enjoyable one. As for my borderline cold, it’s pretty much out of my system. Hopefully I’ll be able to declare myself well by Friday.

I’ll be taking it slow this week due to my recent trip and the fact I’m not feeling all that great, which if anyone asks is not related to the cold I’m getting over.

For now I’m just going to sit back, rest and watch a movie or two.

I’ll be updating my website next week.

In other news I listened to another teleconference this weekend. Great stuff! brought up a lot of good points.

Also due to the high number of entries in the Champion Screenwriting Competition, I recently found out that the Top 20 and Top 10 Movie and TV show scripts will announced next sunday and hopefully the semifinalists for the other categories won’t be too far off.

Will post how that goes. I also have some ideas for a some blog posts for February which is Black History Month.

So stay tuned!

See ya on Wednesday!


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And it’s friday… again.

Well, the Oscar nominees have been announced and to be honest I was taken aback that “The Living Proof” didn’t make best original song. It was one of the best songs I heard last year and The Help was a great movie.

But enough about that…

Here are the nominees for the S.A.G. awards:


I sadly won’t be in L.A. for the full week as originally planned. I’m pretty saddened by it but I hope to be back in the city soon.

Will post the S.A.G. award winners after the awards on Sunday.

See ya on Monday!


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Hey folks, not much to say today. I’m currently trying not to catch a cold.

Went out to Santa Monica Beach today. Took some great photos, saw 4 Western Fence Lizards, 2 squirrels and several birds. Most of which were seagulls and pigeons. Noticed a lot of ladybugs,  bees and 3 butterflies too.

Overall, it was a nice day to visit the beach and see the ocean.

Will post photos later.

As of yesterday, this year’s Academy Award nominees have been announced and here they are:


Sadly, I won’t be L.A. the whole week as originally planned.

I’ll be leaving for Vegas tomorrow and coming back to L.A. on Saturday.

Will continue to post updates as the Awards get closer.

See ya on Friday!

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Hey folks!

Decided to try a new title for a blog post, this one is based on a weather forecast.

Well, here’s how the weekend went.

Got only 3 hours of sleep prior to my flight to Long Beach which was… horrible! No, I mean it. There was turbulence for most of the ride due to strong high winds. Got there and the ground was wet and it was colder than cold outside, all of which didn’t help me in trying to shake off what felt like a cold coming on.

From October to March, I always go to great lengths to avoid catching a cold or flu. My immune system’s strong but I still get sick like anyone else. I’ll say this, I got my last flu shot probably 15 years ago. Since then I’ve had the flu 2-3 times and each time I’ve recovered faster than the previous time. But enough about that…

Getting back to where I was…

Got off the plane, waited at baggage claim and got picked up a few minutes later. Grabbed lunch at In-N-Out and went back to my sister’s place.

Overall, it was a long weekend. Let’s just say, I gladly volunteer staying in a hotel and instead of flying, I’ll be traveling by car. Flying’s not my cup of tea.(No offense to anybody that enjoys it, mind you).

On a happier note, I did visit an old family friend, which was a ray of sunlight despite the rain outside.

Will continue to post how my week goes.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Hi y’all…

It’s friday… again…

Not much to say except I’ll be in L.A. for the next few days and will be taking my laptop with me so I’ll be able to continue my updates on their regular schedule.

Sorry for the short post.

Gotta go pack.

See ya on Monday!

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Hey folks!

Sorry for posting this so late, had I known the Critic’s Choice Awards were coming on last Thursday I would’ve watched.

But anyway, here’s the results:


Got to give Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer their props.

They were great in The Help.

Stay tuned for more award show updates.

See ya on Friday!

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Hey folks! it’s monday… and not just any monday, it’s the day after the Golden Globes!

This year had an eclectic mix of nominees. Three African-Americans took home a Golden Globe including Octavia Spencer who played Minni in the movie The Help.

Overall, it was good show despite Ricky Jarvis’…’ jokes’

Wasn’t he suspended from hosting?

Guess not…

So, moving on… one of the next award show in line is the mother of awards, the Academy Awards, or The Oscars for short.

Will I do something special besides watching it that night? maybe… I might mix up some cupcakes or brownies and spruce ’em up with some sugar pearls or fruit or better yet whip up some bacon wrapped dates. Believe me, those things are darn good!

But I’ll worry about that later…

Ok, if anyone asks why I root for the African-American/Black nominees every year, it’s simple… I’m black too! which to me is nothing to be ashamed of.

I’m not prejudged toward other nationalities at all…

But I’ll say this, somebody doesn’t support blacks and other nationalities, who will?

Another reason why I watch I’ve heard people of a nationality and of course women have a harder time getting a break in Hollywood. So when I see a person of color or of my gender win an award, it gives me a confidence boost. I hope one day to be sitting alongside the writers, directors, actors/actresses whose films and TV shows I grew up watching.

But for now, if I can talk to some via Facebook, Twitter or Comic-Con that’ll work.

Also, be on the look out for three new personal/biography essays.

Will post updates on that.

In other news, the top 10 TV and Movie scripts from the Champion Screenwriting Competition will be announced this Friday! Hopefully the semifinalist in the other categories won’t be too far off.

So stay tuned…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… here’s the list of this year’s Golden Globe winners and nominees…


See ya on Wednesday!

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