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Hey folks, well it’s Monday and the end of the month.

Not to worry, I’m working on a few things for the coming month and sadly it looks like I might not finish script frenzy this year.

Maybe next time…

See ya in May!


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Finale Season…

Hey folks,

Still working on getting my blog schedule back on track.

With May coming up, many networks are preparing for season and series finales on various shows.

I’ll discuss that soon.

See ya on Monday!

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Coming Soon…

Hey folks, pretty off track at the moment, but don’t worry I’m working on that.

Stay tuned.

See ya on Friday!

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Utah State of Mind

Hey y’all… it’s Monday…

Why the strange title? I went to Utah!

Though this wasn’t my first time. I went to St. George in February 2008 when there was still snow on the ground.

This trip however was different, despite the hot afternoon it was a nice trip. But let me rewind and go through my trip.

My folks got up early and we all got in the car and drove.  Slept for the first half of the trip and woke up when we entered Mesquite, after that the scenery started to change. I have to admit the first half of the drive from Vegas to St. George is dull as dirt… No, seriously. it’s flat land and not much else.

At oine point in the drive the road crosses into Arizona which in all honestly, is breath-taking for the next 11-14 miles. Formations, plants and local wildlife make this drive worth the trip. Saw a hawk take off and fly alongside one of the canyon walls. Bring a camera!

Enjoyed hearing the birds for a change, saw a Western Fence lizard during lunch. Small but handsome guy.

Overall it was a good day, ended the with good old southern catfish dinner at Cracker Barrel. Looked around the store got some souvenirs and headed home. Saw some Black Angus cows grazing, a few had calves which looked so cute! As much as I love Angus beef,  I doubt I could eat one of these particular cows, they looked so gentle and relaxed.

The drive back through the canyon was breathtaking, I highly recommend bringing a camera.

The small river that runs through it is also pleasant and animals seem to agree. While driving through the canyon, there was great blue heron standing in the middle of the river. Hey, if you’re gonna stop for water, I can’t think of a better place.

Overall, it was a good day.

Topped of the evening with a dark chocolate peanut butter filled cupcake.

St. George is a pleasant little town and worth visiting for a day.

I managed to get some good photos.

Will post them soon.

See ya on Wednesday!

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The Lost Week…

Hi y’all,

Still somewhat tired but I’m slowly getting better.

Been watching Off Their Rockers and Last Man standing which are two prime time shows worth watching.

I’ll go into detail about TV shows, both good and bad next week so look for an update.

I’m also going up to St. George, UT on Sunday. This’ll be the first time I’ve been to this pleasant but small town in over 4 years! will post about my trip when I get back.

See ya on Monday!

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A long hiatus…

Hey folks still on hiatus.

Today hasn’t been a good month for me to update my blog but I plan to get it together.

I’ve been pretty sick and tired this week, so I haven’t had much time to do… well, much of anything really.

But hopefully I’ll have things up and running again possibly by next week.

See ya on Friday!

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Hey folks.

Calling in sick today…

Until I’m feeling better, this’ll be on hiatus.

Nothing series, but my lower back is killing me!

Going to sit back and rest for a while.

See ya on Wednesday!

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