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Hey folks… got a few things coming up next month.

Sadly I was unable to get the extra badges I needed for comic con.

But enough about that.

Will post how things go next month.

See ya in June!


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Hey folks, not much to say except there’ll be a delay in today’s post.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Hey ya’ll.

It’s Friday…

Continuing with my TV themed blog posts I decided to go with a question ‘Is television a huge waste of time?’

Well, let me think on that… yes and no…

I often watch TV as way to relax and for entertainment but not all television is a waste of time. There are many educational series, TV specials and documentaries shown on television throughout the year. Award Shows, the Superbowl and NBA playoffs rake in huge audiences.

Also when it comes to television it depends on what a person watches and what’s on at the time.

I find if there’s nothing on I go do something else: write, read, catch up on sleep, that kind of thing.

For those that write, watching TV isn’t necessarily a waste of time television. I’ve found I get ideas by watching TV, plus when watching sitcoms I laugh my head off which relaxes me and helps stress levels drop.

Overall, television isn’t a waste of time depending on how much a person watches and what they watch.

I tend to stick mainly to cartoons and comedy both of which are fun to watch.

So, still think TV is a huge waste of time?

I’ll leave that up for everyone else to decide.

See ya on Monday!

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Hey folks,

It’s Wednesday… but you may have known that already. Ok, moving on…

Continuing with my TV-related posts I decided to touch a sensitive subject, besides lack of diversity on television.

Today’s post focuses on the use of profanity in television… yes you heard me you…
ok, I’m kidding.

But there’s a lot of people inside that ‘idiot box’ who say some things are of a frank and explicit nature.

Growing up in the 90s, I heard little or no profanity on television and in movies. This was mostly because of what I watched and well, when you’re five or in first grade, the main thing you typically watch are cartoons, not Jimmy Kimmel.

As I got older and many of my favorite shows were canceled, ended or were removed from syndication I found replacements. One of the first times I heard profanity, I cringed and to this day, I never use it.


Well to me hearing it is bad enough and saying seems worse. One time I accidentally slipped out a word and I was totally embarrassed even though it was at home and not in public. From that point on, I made sure that didn’t happen again.

Since then, I read different articles about people who say people who don’t use profanity have no vocabulary or ‘cussing’, (as they say in the south) enhances your language or is a real attention grabber. I beg to differ.

I’ve sat near people in public places who had some mouths that could stand to be washed out with a bar of soap and felt very awkward, even though I wasn’t associating with them.

I still cringe whenever I hear profanity, see it on paper or  a computer screen. Yeah, it’s an attention grabber all right, a bad one at that.

Because I don’t use it my everyday vocabulary, I don’t use it in my writing either. Another thing is just because I don’t use it doesn’t mean don’t have a vocabulary or that I don’t know how to grab a person’s attention or enhance my language skills and I’ll explain why.

I have read in other articles that using profanity  tends to drag stories and people are less likely to read a book or script that would be considered rated R because of the language the characters use.

But seriously, there’s other ways to get somebody’s attention and many people don’t have to use profanity to do so.

Instead of use profanity, I paraphrase, replacing an offensive word or term with something more decent but I’m still able to get my point across without embarrassing myself and offending someone else.

Even when I’ve been angry, stubbed my toe or been in shock, I’ve learned to hold my tongue and refrain from saying something I’ll regret later.

Also, I’ve found there are people out there that prefer to be around others that have a clean mouth, same goes with the language characters use in a story.

Classic example of too much profanity was the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. The executives for the first time in this channel’s history, did a public apology, this was for people watching the awards at home and may have felt uncomfortable about what they heard. The Golden Globes also stated they would no longer hire Ricky Gervais to host because of the jokes and language he used.

Stand up Comedian and Actor, Chris Tucker  stated that he stopped using profanity in his act. Why? because when he played back the recording it made him feel awkward and he wanted his material to in a sense, speak for itself and found out it was better. He admitted it takes practice but makes a difference.

Point is, a writer such as myself doesn’t need to use profanity to ‘enhance’ their language, extend their vocabulary or get somebody’s attention.

There’s other ways to do this without the need for words like that and as I’ve said before, the people I’ve been around seem to prefer those that have a clean mouth and stories with clean dialogue.

I’ll say this, if I was invited over to somebody’s place for just a simple get-to-together with other people, I’d be embarrassed if a friend or a guest I’m sitting next to, started using words that have been banned from network television.

I notice social networks such as Facebook for example are saturated with profanity in some places.

This is why I set rules when it comes to posting comments on this blog and my other online pages and those that fail to comply get banned.

There are people who get too comfortable when they’re online and they say stuff they normally wouldn’t say to someone else. This can get many people into trouble, then there’s the set of people who think using profanity online is different from actually saying the word, no folks it isn’t. Whether it’s typed, handwritten or said out loud, it’s still the same, no difference.

But as for the use of ‘colorful’ language I don’t take “That’s Hollywood”  for answer, either.

What do I recommend? it’s simple… if you have a foul mouth, clean it up…trust me, you’ll be glad you did.  If you already have a clean mouth, keep it that way. You aren’t missing anything by not using words you wouldn’t want your Grandma hear you say.

TV guide actually  published an article titled “Is there too much cursing on TV?”

Here’s the link:


I rest my case.

See ya on Friday!

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Hey folks, while we’re in the middle of finale season. I thought I’d post something about daytime TV.

In a nutshell Daytime is Primetime’s twin sister.

As a kid, I watched a lot of Daytime TV which was mostly cartoons… the slot usually begins in the morning around 9:00 am and ends around 5:00pm

Early morning TV consists of shows like Good Morning America and local news.

After that there’s  Live with Regis & Kelly(now called Live with Kelly), The View and others.

For me, my daytime TV schedule consisted of reruns and shows on PBS, then in the afternoon there were the after school shows which everyone would attempt to run home and catch. Among them were cartoons and other series shown on Kids WB, Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network.

The after school slot usually started around 3:30pm when most kids were heading home from school and ended around 5:30 or 6:00pm. Many times, kids like myself at the time would grab a snack and watch the newest episode of Kenan & Kel or some other show, then after dinner or when homework was done it was time to watch primetime TV with the family.

Daytime TV is somewhat different than primetime but it can be entertaining.

Every year, Emmy award shows are held for both Daytime and Primetime television.

The late animation writer, Earl Kress was nominated and won Emmy awards for his work in Daytime television, among the shows he worked on were Tiny Toons, Road Rovers and others.

Still, my suggestion is the next time you’re looking for something to watch, give Daytime TV a try. You might like it. I know I did.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Hey folks, it’s Friday.

Well, this past week like many people out there, I learned which of my favorite series are returning and which ones have gotten the boot.

Body of Proof, Last Man Standing and Scandal have been picked up for another season while PanAm and Terra Nova have been written off in more ways than one.


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Hey folks,

And it’s that time of the week again… midweek, better known as Wednesday!

Well my parents’ anniversary dinner was a huge success.

Had a nice spaghetti dinner with garlic knots and artichokes and for dessert, Chocolate cake with fresh fruit and raspberry sauce.

Gave my parents some nice handmade gifts which they loved.

So… moving on, today’s blog post covers one subject  many of us know and love… primetime television.


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