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Hey folks,

Due to not feeling well, I’m postponing today’s update…

So sorry.

See ya in July!


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Hey folks,

Decided to put a spin on a classic song.

I plan to change a few things up next month including adding new pages, photos and getting my blogging schedule back to normal.

Stay tuned!

See ya on Friday!

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Hi folks.

Still working on getting myself together.

Will post how things go.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Hey folks.

Due to being tired from my trip, I’ll be postponing today’s blog post.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

See ya on Monday!

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Everybody Loves L.A.

Hey folks,

Woke up early yesterday morning and drove down to L.A. the drive was pleasant, long but nice.

Saw some wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Had a great time in L.A.

Woke up, grabbed breakfeast and coffee at Starbucks and went to see an old family friend.

Later grabbed lunch at one of my favorite places, Trimana Grill. Burger, fries and ice cold lemonade.

Checked my emails using the free wi-fi then headed out to Santa Monica.

Got a chance to enjoy  the ocean breeze and seeing some of my favorite  streets and shops.

Made a quickstop in Marina Del Ray and grabbed some See’s Chocolate.

Topped the evening off with a chicken teryaki bowl for dinner and sampled some sides from my folk’s plate at California Chicken Cafe.

Overall it was a pleasant trip and to be honest I hate going back.

But I’m not all that disappointed this time around since Comic-Con is just around the corner.

And that’s all for now…

See ya on Friday!


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Hey folks,

Not much to say except I’ll be going back to L.A. again.

Will post how things go, looking forward to it. If there’s no update on Wednesday then it’s because I don’t have internet access but hopefully I will.

See ya on Wednesday…

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Hey folks, it’s friday…

The end of the week.

But it’s not quite over yet.

Here’s one question I thought I’d ask…

“Have you ever watched a TV show episode or movie and the ending wasn’t one you expected or liked? and then as you thought about it you say to yourself: “I could write a better story than that!” I know I have. Although I’m talking about television and movies, the same could be said for books or comics. Getting back on topic, I can remember different times when a movie or episode of one of my favorite shows ended in a way I didn’t like. Some of the endings were a character I liked being written off in someway: moves away, dies, gets killed or only appears in a certain number of episodes or scenes and then is no seen the rest of the season or in the movie, another are the character losing a competition or something else.

I’d ask myself: “I really like that character, why did they get rid of that one?”  many times these characters were part of the supporting cast. While the main cast may have detailed backstories, many minor characters in the supporting cast usually have little or no history which leaves the door open for things like: “Where are they from?” “How did they end up in the situation that they’re in now?” “How did they meet the other characters in the story?” “What’s their favorite color?” another thing that’s up for grabs is the potential of future stories such as: “What does this character want to do?” “Earn her college degree? get a promotion? get married? or if she’s already married does she want to have kids? or is she simply left out or disliked by the other characters because of something about her personality or background?”

Some TV shows I’ve seen feature supporting or reoccurring characters that I liked but these characters either have done only one scene together or they never met at all.

I always found this to be a drag especially if the characters had a lot in common and would probably be the best of friends if they knew each other.

Here’s an example using a TV show with an episode focusing on the supporting characters. Keep in mind the show’s name and characters aren’t real nor is this from an actual series.

Let’s take a look at episode #4 in season 1 of  “La Brea and Wilshire”

In episode 4 “The Lost Dog” Jamal the Rottweiler has gone missing and everyone tries to find him including two minor characters named Phyllis and Paxton. Now both characters appear in two different scenes, one together and  the other separately,  they’ve never spoken to each other, made eye contact, nothing. But Paxton and Phyllis have a few things in common, they both live in California, they work at the same job and most of all, they both love dogs. After taking notice of this the audience thinks: “These two have so much in common, how come they never spoke to each other before?”

Now here’s the alternative.

Jamal’s owners form a search party to look for him and enforce the buddy system. Phyllis gets stuck with Paxton as a ‘buddy’. Their reactions to each other can be one of the following, they’re nervous, dislike each other or just simply don’t know how to react, for this example, I’ll use the third one. For a while, the two of them are quiet, not speaking to each other and hardly making eye contact. In effort to break the silence, Phyllis tries to start a conversation, much to Paxton’s surprise. After about thirty minutes, they’re chatting away talking about different things from childhood memories of summer vacation to favorite movies. Eventually they realize they have much more in common than previously thought. But why haven’t they talked to one another in previous episodes? here’s where the opposites come in, Phyllis is outgoing, talkative and regular social butterfly with a rather good size circle of friends. Paxton on the other hand is quiet, shy and tends to prefer being by himself with only one or two friends. Then there’s another factor, Phyllis is Irish and Paxton is African American. By the second half of the episode, he and Phyllis find Jamal and Paxton has gradually come out of his shell.

Now that Jamal the Rottweiler has been found and returned to his owners, what happens to Phyllis and Paxton? well, different things, they go their separate ways or their friendship continues to grow throughout the rest of season one. I’ll go with the former in this example: After Jamal has returned home, everyone goes back what they were doing at the beginning of the episode, however Paxton and Phyllis don’t, at least not right away. The two exchange a few words and as a result form a friendship which opens the door to new storylines in later episodes and  by the end of season one, Phyllis and Paxton are no longer acquaintances but best friends.

However if the opposite happened, fans who hoped to see Paxton and Phyllis become friends will more than likely be disappointed and wonder why the writers ended the episode with them going their separate ways.

In some cases when the people working on a TV show or movie have written two different endings, they’re caught between a rock in a hard place. Often when this happens they’ll have private screenings before the film or episode is released. First they’ll show it with the original ending, if the audience isn’t satisfied they show the alternate one. If the alternate ending receives more positive feedback, most times the writers and directors will use that one. But if that isn’t the case, some fans are left disappointed while others like it.

I’ve heard many cases where if fans didn’t like what they saw, for fun they wrote their own alternate ending and in most cases, other fans or even the people who wrote the episode or film themselves admitted they liked the idea.

One such example is the creators of the television show, Smallville which tells the story of a teenage Clark Kent before he became Superman.  In 2009, during a panel at comic-con in San Diego, CA, one of the producers stated that they read what fans of the show have written and posted online. Nowadays, studios are taking notice of what fans, critics and other viewers of their tv shows and movies write on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other media outlets, then there’s  fansites which are in a sense, internet fan clubs.

One piece of advice I was recently given about writing the second act of a script for in this case, a TV pilot is to explore different questions.

Another besides endings are TV show episodes or movies as a whole. Sometimes when I watch a movie or an episode of one of my favorite shows and I’m writing a story that has a similar premise or characters, I often compare it to my own work and at times find out that my take on it is better.

Many times, I look at what parts are identical to my idea and which ones aren’t. I also look at which stories are good and which ones are bad. The good ones, I try to find out what them that way and the bad ones, I take note of what didn’t work and why so I learn from those mistakes.

Another example besides that,  is I give a listen to the music selected for  an opening, montage(series of scenes/sequences), a scene or ending. Then, compare it to the music I have in my personal library and sometimes find songs or tracks that probably would’ve been a better fit.

I’ll go into detail about that later.

But needless to say, sometimes people can write better stories than others and sometimes they can’t.

Still though, one thing I’ve heard like a broken record is if a person has a good story to tell that’s all you need.

If a person has 4 different writers work on a certain topic, you’re going to get 4 different stories. Which isn’t a bad thing.

But one thing a person can do if they’re writing something that’s been done before is to put their own twist on it. I’ve been told and heard of this before and it’s true.

Here’s one quote I think about:

“Life is like a movie… write your own ending.”

– Kermit the Frog (The Muppets)


Well that about does it for this post, check back next week for some new updates.

See ya on Monday!



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