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Hey folks,

Got back from a one day trip to L.A.

Which I have to say was a nice change of scenery.

Saw some ravens, crows and vultures along the way. Got up early and headed out around 6:00am.

Made a short pit stop in Primm and grabbed some breakfast and coffee at Starbucks then got back on the road.

Cat napped once in a while but mostly looked out the window, taking in the desert landscape which has been rather pleasant and green due to the amount of rain that has fallen this year.

Anyway got into L.A. around 10:20am and later grabbed some lunch at Lucy’s, one of the best Old School burger joints in the city.

Headed over to public storage and was the there for a couple of hours, moving miscellaneous items and such.

Stopped to visit a family friend which was worth the 4 hour drive from Vegas to L.A.

After that got back on the road… dang, I hate leaving!

Stopped in Rancho Cucumonga for gas and Starbucks coffee then headed back out on the highway.

Made a final stop in Barstow and got a burrito at Chipotle then hours later, back to where it all started.

Though it wasn’t all bad,  although it rained it was pleasant. On the ride out of Barstow I managed to snap a few shots of a beautiful rainbow. Today’s sunset was just as amazing.

Overall, it was nice day and I feel pretty good about it.

Will upload some photos soon.

See ya on Wednesday!


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Hi all,

Just posting this link again…

Please take a moment to click on the link below.

Finding Rudy


I’m determined to find my dog and bring her home, but I need some help.

Any and all contributions are appreciated.

If you can’t contribute, I understand, you can still help out…spread the word by posting this link on Facebook, twitter or some other social network.

I miss my dog with all my heart and just want to have her back.

See ya on Monday!

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New Updates

Hey folks, not much to say except some new updates will be on the site soon.

I know, I know I sound like a broken record but hey, good things take time.

Stay tuned for new photos and pages.

Will post an announcement when both this blog and my main website will be under construction. Which has been pushed to some time in August.

See ya on Friday!

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Hey ya’ll.

Apart from today being the last day of See’s Lollipop sale, just wanted to post about my latest contest entry… no, t’s not a popularity contest, just the writing kind.

Got 9th place among the top 20 placing my entry in the top 10!

Will post how things ago.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Hey folks,

Just thought I’d post about one freebie that being given out today… apparently there is such thing as a free lunch or in this case a free lollipop.

See’s Candies is giving out free lollipops, but it’s just today only.

Got mine today along with some walnut bars and a Cafe’ Ole.

Besides Free Comicbook day, this is one freebie worth getting. This year marks my second time of going to See’s for a free lollipop.

For those that missed out, See’s does have their assorted lollipop packages on sale until Monday.

Check your local store for details!

I plan I have some ideas and updates for both Pen & Paper and my main website in the works, just need to sort them out so stay tuned for updates!

See ya on Monday!

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Finding Rudy…

Hey folks, not much to say this time around, but please take a moment to check out this link.

Rudy, my beagle was adopted out before I went to pick her up from the shelter. I did not authorize her adoption at all, now I’m working to get her back. The link below explains the whole story.



Any any all contributions are appreciated, no matter the amount. Rudy is more than just my dog, she’s my friend, my website address for Pen & Paper, rudybeagle.wordpress.com is named after her.

Thanks for reading!

See ya on Friday!

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Hi y’all.

Back from L.A. and I have to say it was a nice trip despite that I missed Comic-Con… I really wish I could’ve gone this year…

Anyway,  here’s how my weekend went.

Got up early on Saturday, grabbed a quick breakfast, checked my emails and such, then left to head into town but not before stopping at Daphne’s for lunch… seriously, it was that good and worth going back a second time.

Listened to a teleconference on the way, which was great!

Got to spend some time with my brother and sister.

Topped the evening off with a nice family dinner at Koo-Koo-Roo in Larchmont Village and tried a cupcake from Crumbs bakery for the first time. Having tried Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, I’ll be honest, Crumbs has a more homemade taste and seems to have a larger variety and guess what? no lines!  I recommend trying this place.

Overall it was a nice trip, was sad to leave on Sunday but will hopefully be back before the summer is over.

Well that about does it for now… stay tuned for some photos!

See ya on Wednesday!


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