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Hey folks,

With February and Black History month coming to a close I thought I’d finish out this month’s blog posts with the nominees and winners list from the NAACP Awards:



Keep an eye out for more black related stories and updates later this year.

See ya in March…

Stay Black!



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Hey folks,

Well it’s the day after the Oscars and I’ll be honest… I hope the Academy doesn’t hire Seth MacFarlene again… really, I wouldn’t want him to be hosting if I win an Oscar for one of my scripts, movies or short films one day…


Anyway, here’s the list of this years winners



I’ll admit the Academy  Awards are entertaining, but this year was… well, I wasn’t impressed. The Academy Awards are the most watched TV broadcast next to the Superbowl. Still I hope next year’s award show will be as good as the 2010 show was with Steve Martin. In other news the NAACP award winners are now online.  Will have those posted soon.


See ya on Wednesday!



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Hey folks!


Well today’s a big day… today marks the 8th anniversary for the launch of my main website, freewebs,com/sienna-beagle.

I decided to repost my timeline from last year on how far my Hooked on Mutts series goes:

1997- Gwendolyn “Wendell” Dalmatian. Originally a fan character but later established as an original character. 1st of my of Hooked on Mutts cast.

1998- Story idea with Sienna (Female Beagle Harrier/Hamiltonstovare mix) Caesar(Male Rottweiler) and other pets and animals as characters are developed but then forgotten.

2000- Stan (Male Dalmatian/Beagle mix), Mouse( Female Silver Tabby American Short Hair cat) Calico(Male American short hair), Lorraine(Female Persian/ Egyptian Mau mix) become characters also the year I began writing and became interested in screenwriting.

2001- What I consider one of the golden years for creating original characters, Kenny(Male Red Wolf), Lisa(Female Red Fox) Nevada(Female Gray Wolf) Shiba(Female Basenji) Kennedy(Male Bald Eagle) Espresso(Female Canaan Dog), Dorthia(Female Arctic Wolf), Tia, Tara & Kara(Female Bengal Tiger triplets) and many other new characters are added to the Hooked on Mutts cast. Idea for the animated feature film, West Coast Wolf National Forest is developed after being inspired by Dr. Dolittle 2, Disney Animation and Don Bluth Animation.

2002- New characters are added including, Mitzi(Female Hamiltonstovare/Beagle Harrier mix). Gia(Female Mute Swan) and her son, Shaw(Male Mute Swan) Another good year. Previous character backstories are either established or revised. 2nd golden year.

2003-  Kennedy’s family is extended with the addition of siblings, Rene and Eddie(Red wolves) parents Mama Lena & Smokey (Also Red wolves) and a wife/mate Wanda( Female Beagle Harrier), Orlando(Male Osprey), Yakitty-Yak(Male Alaskan Reindeer), and his parents Juniper and Kirby(Alaskan Reindeer), Ted(Male Betta fish), Knuckles(Male Pitbull), Elvis(Male American short hair), Ralphie(Male Chinchilla) and others, including members of Sienna’s family are added to the cast.  Another good year for creating characters. Real life Ted passes away March 30th at the age of 1 year and 8 months.

2004- New characters: Akeelah,(Female Striped Skunk),Owen(Male Ocelot), Igloo(Male Honshu wolf/Indian Wolf mix), Mustafa(Male African Wild Dog), Lamont(Male Beagle/Airedale Terrier mix), Samson & Jessie(Brother and sister Border Collies), Dallas(Male Mountain Lion) and others are added to the Hooked on Mutts cast. Story premise for West Coast Wolf National Forest is still in development. Hooked on Mutts cast is pretty much developed and established. Real life, Sienna passes away September 28th at the age of 11(99 in dog years).

2005- Series featuring Sienna and my other animal characters is officially titled Hooked on Mutts, title is inspired by a combination of the coffee shop, Chock Full O’ Nuts and the ’80s/’90s literature program, Hooked on Phonics. My main website Freewebs.com/sienna-beagle goes online Tuesday, February 22nd, around 9:30 am.  Other new characters, Checkers(Female Gray Wolf), Panther(Male Side-striped Jackal), Ivana(Female Barn Owl), Radika(Female Iranian Wolf), Allen(Male American Short hair) and more are added. Characters from 2004 and further back are revised, including changes in name, design, breed, species, gender and back story. Real life Knuckles and Elvis pass away at ages 5(45 in dog years) and 4(32 in cat years). Began watching Academy Awards and writing movie reviews.

2006- 1st Anniversary of Hooked on Mutts and freewebs.com, Hounddogg Studio is Founded. Joined YouTube in November.

2007- Posted trailer for West Coast Wolf National Forest, (renamed Dogwood) on YouTube. Script for Dogwood is developed, Synopsis is written.

2008- Pilot episode for Hooked on Mutts is in development. Learned more about the movie industry from doing research and reading the book, Screenwriting for Dummies.

2009- Met Best-selling author, Kevin J. Anderson. Final edit for Dogwood’s premise is finished. Episode ideas for Hooked on Mutts are written, expanding over 5 seasons. Saw comedian, Bill Cosby live at Treasure Island. Catalog of characters begins in June.

2010- Pen & Paper is launched on WordPress.com, 5th Anniversary for freewebs.com/sienna-beagle, attended Comic-Con 2010, met famous animation screenwriter, Earl Kress, producer, Bill Duke, Superman actor, Jack O’ Hallaron, and longtime comicbook artist, Neal Adams, and joined facebook  July 18th.

2011, 1st anniversary for Pen & Paper, entered a movie pitch for Dogwood in the Champion Screenwriting Competition and made the quarterfinals!, took a roadtrip from Seattle to Los Angeles which provided additional inspiration for the setting of Dogwood and Joined twitter March 24th. Favorite writers, Dwayne McDuffie and Earl Kress, pass away in February and September. Received an encouraging and warm email from sci-fi TV actress, Rekha Sharma.

2012- 7th anniversary of freewebs.com/sienna-beagle, 2nd anniversary of Pen & Paper, met Pitboss star, Shorty Rossi and more to come!

2013- 8th Anniversary of my website, new characters are added, older characters backstories are revised, lesser known characters get names and extended backstories. New story ideas are being developed.

Well this is what I’ve done so far… The year is still  new and I’ve got writing and other things to do, so stay tuned for more updates!

The Academy Awards airs sunday night so check your local listings!

See ya on Monday!

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Slow Work Day…

Hey folks not much going today….


Will have something posted for later this week so stay tuned!


See ya on Friday!



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Hey folks, It’s Monday and I have to say the Blacks in Hollywood event was… great!

The event was hosted by actor, Phil Morris from the TV series Love That Girl. Phil has also done other series such as Moesha and voice acting in various DC animated series such as Justice League and Legion of Superheroes. The Blacks in Hollywood featured screenings of Static Shock, I Spy and Mission Impossible. Static Shock was a series by late Comicbook and Animation writer Dwayne McDuffie who has written a large number of comics and scripts for animation.  He also founded Milestone Comics, which is a black owned and operated publishing company for comicbooks. Dwayne and a handful of other black artists and writers started the company, feeling that blacks weren’t properly represented in the Comicbook industry.

Blacks were not only represented that much in the comics but also starting out in Hollywood they had minor roles in movies. Hattie McDaniel was the first black actress to win an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role as Mammy in Gone with the Wind. During that time, guests of color who attended the awards sat in the back row of the auditorium. 70 years later, Mo’Nique won an Oscar in the same category for her supporting role in the movie Precious. Bruce W. Smith, an animator who created the Disney Animated series, The Proud Family and founded Jumbalaya Studios first animated hit was Bebe’s Kids.

Over the years many, black characters have been featured in animated films and television series. Black Lightning, one of DC Comic’s first African American heroes is one of them.  Three of his biggest appearances in animation have been Batman/Superman: Public Enemies, in the film he is voiced by Lavarr Burton who played Kunta Kinte in the 1970s mini series, Roots. Black Lightning’s second animated appearance is in the series Young Justice and is voiced by Khary Payton. His other appearance has been in two DC animated shorts titled ‘Under the Weather’ and ‘Clothes make the Hero’ with appearances by his daughters, Thunder and Lightning. Juice, a young superhero in the Justice League Unlimited episode ‘Ultimatum’ is loosely based on Black Lightning. In a DC comics based skit on Saturday Night Live, Black Lightning was played black comedian and actor, Tracy Morgan. Other African American  superheroes from DC Comics have appeared in animation including Static, Shebang, Bumblebee and Rubberband Man. Bumblebee is DC Comics first female African American heroine. Rubberband Man was originally a villain in the Static Shock series, however after being released from prison he turned over a new leaf and became a superhero and friend of Static. His name may be based on the hit song, Rubberband Man. Other successful black television series are Sister, Sister, The Cosby Show, Everybody Hates Chris, The Parkers, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Good Times, Sanford & Son, What’s Happenin’?! The Steve Harvey Show, The Jamie Foxx Show and Family Matters just to name a few. There’s also black owned and operated tv channels, BET, TV One and Centric.  Either way, Blacks have a long history in Hollywood and that history continues. There is now a writer’s guild for Blacks as well as film festivals and writing contests which mainly focus on films and stories featuring characters of the same race. The NAACP awards, a sort of Golden Globes  and Academy Awards show for blacks, has given recognition to people of color in television and film. Overall, the Blacks in Hollywood event was worth attending. In 2010, there was a panel at Comic-Con for blacks in the film, tv and comicbook industries. I missed it but if there’s another one this year, I’m making sure I grab a seat and recommend those attending do the same. In the meantime, here’s some photos and screenshots of Hattie McDaniel, a few of DC Comics’ black superheroes and The Proud Family.

See ya on Wednesday and stay Black people!
 Hattie McDaniel


Black Lightning.


Rubberband Man

 The Proud Family.

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Hey folks, not that much to say except I’ll be attending the Blacks in Hollywood event at a local library.

With award season in full swing and black history month, these are both big topics.

Since the first Academy Awards in 1939, Hollywood has a long history of black actors, actresses, writers, directors, producers and films featuring people of color.

I look forward to attending this event. Will post how it goes.

See ya on Monday!


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Award Season

Hey folks,

With only 2 weeks away until the Academy Awards, award season has been in full swing with the SAG awards, Golden Globes and NAACP.

I’ll admit I used thing these shows were boring but now I’ve been watching them every year since 2005 and have even written my own speeches for the Golden Globes and Academy Awards!

With Black History and Award season going on, keep an eye out for some interesting posts regarding Black Hollywood.

Including one from the upcoming event, Blacks in Hollywood…

See ya on Friday!


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