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And it’s Friday…

Still cold…no surprise.

With only one full month left of the year, I hope to make a change next year and that things turn around, one of them being getting back to regular updates. One of the drawbacks of Fall and Winter are the longer nights and short days. Though by February, there is a bit of a change. I won’t miss the cold though, accept maybe in summer.

As usual, check back for updates.

See ya on Monday!


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Colder than cold

Hi folks,

And it’s Monday.

Fall is in full swing with the cool temperatures and colorful leaves.

Still trying to get this blog back on track so keep an eye out for updates.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Hey folks, it’s Friday!

Decided to use the daily post prompt: INMO. Short for
in my honest opinion.

A year ago, in October 2012, the city of Los Angeles approved the banning the sale of puppies, kittens and rabbits in pet stores San Diego also recently approved of this.  While many animal rights groups, in a sense feel like they ‘ve won an Oscar, there’s a problem with this.

Candice, the owner of Olympic pet shop in Korea town, stated in an interview that the new ban would hurt her business. Candice’s store has been open since 2002, she obtains Maltese, Poodles and other toy breeds from local breeders.

Some of the dogs are also bred by her, she also rehomes retired
breeding dogs. Ira, another pet store owner in Burbank said that people should
have a right to choose whether they want to adopt a dog or purchase one from a pet store. The ban, for those who don’t know, would require all pet stores in
the Los Angeles and San Diego areas to sell only puppies, kittens and rabbits from shelters and anyone found selling pets from a so called ‘commercial’ breeder are required to pay a fine.

The problems with this are that this is an industry that’s been
established for years, another is that for many breeders and pet store owners
this is their livelihood.

In the documentary, I breathe: Lily’s legacy, Bob, the
president of the American Canine Association said this about breeders:

“This is their income, this is their profession, now if you come in and take their life
away that would be like someone taking your rescue away.”

Also in the
documentary, Barbara York who is a breeder and on the board for the Missouri pet
breeders association made two statements about breeders:  “Most people don’t
breed their dogs in those little tiny pens, I can guarantee you that.” Another
one was this: “All my dogs are handled every single day. All my dogs are loved
every day, I don’t spend 24 hours a day in my kennel for my health, I love my

Patti Strand, who has been breeding Dalmatians since 1969 and has
been  on the AKC board of directors since 1995, said pet stores should not be
left out and that there are some very nice kennel owners who really do care for
their dogs.  Also in many cases, pet stores can be the only way to obtain a
certain breed. For example, I love hounds, basenjis and beagles are two of my
favorites. I don’t know about anyone reading this(IF you ARE reading this) but
the nearest basenji and beagle breeders are about 200 some miles away from me in
California. I got my beagle from a pet store… Now before you get mad and hound
me(pun intended) it was my choice and I had been looking for a long time. For a
year, I looked on petfinder, on websites, in other pet stores and even tried to
find a breeder. Long story short, my dog was sick the first week she was home
but it was nothing some antibiotics couldn’t clear up. While many say that
puppies from pet stores have behavior or genetic problems, that is not always
true and here’s why.

My dog came with a pedigree and I went online
looked up some of the dogs in her lineage and learned she comes from field lines
and rabbit dogs some of which have champion titles and rare colors. According to
the results of her genetic health tests, her heart, joints and other parts of
her anatomy came back as normal. A vet visit also confirmed that she could have
a normal pregnancy and could carry to term with no

However, many believe the only dogs that should be bred
are dogs with titles. There’s a difference between breeding stock, working dogs
and show dogs. Many people think breeders are a problem as well as pet stores.
Why? Because they claim that buying a dog takes away a home from a shelter dog
and that there is an overpopulation of dogs. Both of these statements are
untrue, in fact pet store puppies and those from breeders are less likely to end
up in a shelter. Also purebred dogs can be hard to come by in a city dog pound.
While many groups claim 4 million dogs are put down, the number is really 1.4
million a year. Many statements such as overpopulation, always spay and neuter
and adopt, don’t shop are all wrong on so many levels. It has been said that if
breeders had too many restrictions including spaying and neutering their dogs if
they do not have a license, this would cause a collapse in just five years to
the diverse gene pool of purebred dogs and many breeds both common and rare
would possibly go extinct. According to the AKC, over 500 Havanese puppies are
registered per year a small number compared to thousands of  Golden retrievers
born every year. Although the Havanese, is gaining popularity there are many
breeds that were once crowd favorites whose popularity has dropped by the
wayside. Collies, Scottish terriers, Dalmatians and many others are being
replaced by English bulldogs, Yorkshire terriers and designer dogs such as,
Puggles as popular dog breeds.

In two articles, ‘If you bought your dog,
I ‘m judging you ‘ &  ‘I couldn’t stop my friend from buying a pet store
puppy’ both of these women seemed to express a deep hatred for people who choose
to buy rather than adopt a dog.

Overall, in my honest opinion people have a right to choose where they acquire their pets.

Adopted or Sold they All need homes!

And that about sums it up for this post.

See ya on Monday!

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Hey folks,

Before anyone asks, yes this post title is a reference to a line from a song… can’t remember which one though…

Anyway, things went great.

Attended the Vegas Valley comic book festival…

This event, a division of the annual Vegas Valley Book Festival is held every year in November at the Clark County library.

For those like myself who have attended Comic-Con in the past, this is a much smaller scale but offers just about the same schedule. There’s Artists’ Alley, Panels, Special guests and the like.

This year I met comicbook writer, Greg Rucka.

If anyone remembers the big Superman: World of New Krypton series published in 2009 by DC Comics, Greg was one of the main writers beyond that storyline which lasted for several months and issues.

Overall, he’s a nice guy and offered some great advice for writers starting out.

Another panel I attended was on how to write comicbooks.

Made me glad I got Final Draft which now features formatting for writing comic books.

Overall, I enjoyed myself.

Topped of the day with a steak dinner and seeing Lee Daniels.

I’ll admit this is one of the best films I have seen this year.

Coincidentally, it takes place within the same timeline of 42: The Jackie Robinson story.

Aside from that…

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday…

Off to work on my entry for National Novel writing month…

See ya soon!

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1st Friday

Hey all,


November’s here…

This year really went by.

One of my hold ups for the lack of updates as been because I moved.

I’m still in the process of getting things together but this weekend I plan to take a break by attending the Vegas Valley Comicbook festival and seeing Lee Daniel’s The Butler.

Will post how things go.

See ya on Monday!

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