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My cousin Prince… missing you everyday…

“When the door closes, another one opens…I walk through it, with my head up…”- lyrics from “New Beginnings” by Bear and a Banjo.

Hey folks,

This will be my last full blog post before I send my laptop out for repairs.

Anyway, there’s a potential change in the ballgame regarding Prince’s estate.

It seems that two people who have come forward as possibly being his sons…yep, that’s right!

One of which tested 99 % positive on the DNA testing and another who had filed a claim but was sadly rejected due to restrictions by Minnesota state law.

If either of these individuals or both turn out to be Prince’s sons, they would inherit Prince’s royalties.

As for me, I did file a report with a genealogy firm looking for Prince’s relatives but for legal reasons, first and foremost…I’m not looking for personal gain from any of this and personally, am glad not to be caught in the courtroom drama. My report, however, was kept for documentation by the genealogy firm.

However, the court dismissed the search for Prince’s other relatives which includes extended family. Now before anyone says ‘I told you so!’ or anything… I was told by the genealogy firm about how a case like this could go and as it turns out, Minnesota’s law regarding an inheritance applies to immediate family only which includes a person’s wife, children, siblings, etc… extended family such as cousins like myself are exempt.

But that’s a NOT problem for me…just being related to Prince is what means a lot to me and something that holds a special place in my heart.

I am however, both hurt and angered by the comments regarding his sister Tyka and possible descendants.


Well, those who come forward with possibly being descendants of Prince, such as a son or daughter…I’m trying to keep an open mind because should any of them prove to be his offspring then that makes them my cousins too!

Like me, their lives were different before that tragic Thursday in April and they probably didn’t think much of the possibility of being related to Prince.

The 1980s was an open time and it’s not uncommon for people to have kids or siblings they never knew about. Examples I can think of are Oprah Winfrey who had a sister she never met until around 6 years ago and BB King had 15 children who have different mothers. Ray Charles also had a son from a previous relationship but sent a check every month to support the boy and his mother. The same could have happened to Prince.

As I said before, it hurts to read the things people write online about your family. Nobody likes to see anything like that especially on the internet for all to see.

Why I am keeping an open mind about Prince’s possible descendants is that as mentioned before, should they prove to be his offspring, then they’d be my relatives as well.

So, I only want to show kindness, sympathy and compassion towards them because there could come a time that I might cross paths with them some time in life.

If that happens, I for one would welcome the opportunity to meet my extended family. Even if they knew Prince or not, I believe getting to know them would be beneficial and help ease the pain of losing a loved one that we’ve all felt these past 90 days.

Plus, it would show that even though Prince is no longer around, a remnant of him is still here, in addition to Tyka and the other siblings.

Alex Haley wrote the book, Roots which told the story of his ancestors and family history.

I hope to write my own ‘Roots’ story about my ancestors and family whether it’s a book or documentary.

I believe Prince would have loved it. Quoting the song ‘New Beginnings’ by Bear and a Banjo:

“Every ending… is just a new beginning.”

And that’s it for now, until my laptop comes back from repairs…

See you in August!


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Hey folks,

Sorry to report but my blog posts will be delayed for the next week…

I am sending my laptop out for repairs and will get it back in a few days.

I apologize for the inconvenience but hope to have things up and running again soon.

Thanks for reading!

See ya on Friday!

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Hey folks,

It’s Monday and great news…

As of today, I was able to purchase tickets to attend the Purple Rain panel and screening in Beverly Hills!

So excited yet nervous, this is after all my first time attending a Prince related event.

But I am happy to be able to go after months of missing out on others such as the one held in downtown LA 2 months ago.

Anyway, this time next month I’ll be getting ready for my trip.

Will post how it goes…

See you on Wednesday!

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Hey folks,

Found out some great news this Friday.

While checking on Facebook I learned of a screening of the 1984 blockbuster movie, Purple Rain being held in Beverly Hills. But that’s not all, a panel consisting of the film’s director, producer and a few others will be done prior to the screening of Purple Rain.

Sadly, I have been unable to attend any Prince related events due to circumstances beyond my control…if I could I would have attended his funeral held back in May.

As much as I want to go to a Prince event and show love for my cousin, the hard part is getting there.

Will I be attending this screening?

That’s up in the air but I will see what I can do.

As far as how things are going, I did try to get in touch with Tyka but have yet to hear from her. Which I can totally understand as these past 3 months have been nerve wracking for her and several other people.

Will post how things turn out.

See ya on Monday!

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Hey folks,

Sorry about the delay in updates…

This Summer has been extremely brutal.

Will post an update after I’ve had a chance to recover…

Thanks for waiting!

See ya on Friday!

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Hey folks,

Slowly feeling better though I will say my Summer so far has been…quiet.

The extreme heat has been a handicap for me thus I haven’t been able to enjoy the outdoors like I’ve done before.

But hopefully, a trip to California next month will make up for it.

I can use a vacation.

But in the meantime, I have some projects to keep me busy including the novel I’m working on.

Stay tuned for some updates!

See you on Wednesday!

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Hi all,

And it’s Friday…

Still feeling under the weather.

Should be back on my feet by next week.

Thanks for waiting.

See you on Monday!

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