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Hi all,

And it’s time for my annual To-Do list. I know the year is half over but that doesn’t mean I don’t plan to make up for lost time. Anyway on to my list:

Work out a decent routine schedule for my writing, art and other projects.

Enter more writing contests

Purchase needed Art and Writing Supplies

Complete the first drafts for my scripts and other writing projects

Sell artwork on eBay

Self-Publish one of my stories

Register scripts, treatments and pitches with the Writers Guild

Make demo DVD of video projects

Burn Story Soundtrack CDs

Send writing samples to Comic con, Twitter and Facebook contacts

Attend Long Beach Comic Con

Host Crowdfunding page for a writing project

Go to the L.A. Zoo

Raise butterflies

Attend one writer’s group meeting.

Take a screenwriting class


And that concludes my list, will report my status within the next few months as I check off my list.

Off to go celebrate my folks’ 34th anniversary.

See ya on Monday!


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Hey folks it’s Wednesday,

Here’s a tip for those that might be moving out-of-state.

Don’t move to Las Vegas, ever!

Worst mistake you could make(trust me on this)

Not to offend anybody that lives there or is a native of Nevada.

Seriously though if anyone reading this lives in a no-name town in Georgia or abroad in like…say Europe. Stay there!

This year marks my 5th summer in Vegas and hopefully my last.

Those of you that can handle the triple digits, good for you! but I can’t stand it. Neither can my sinuses which bother me something awful when the pollen levels are as high as Mount Everest.

Aside from that, I’ve listed some of my artwork on ebay and will be posting more sometime next week.

I plan to sell my other pieces at a yard sale that one of my Mom’s friends is having.

How do I plan to spend my weekend?

Well, two things I plan to do is work both my writing and my art since I have to make deadlines.

Will post how my progress goes. Due to my internet running on the slow side at the moment a link to my ebay listing will be posted later this week.

See ya on Friday!

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Hi folks aside from the fact that spring has started as of yesterday, I just noitced this weekend I’ve hit the 170th post mark! 🙂 next is the 180th mark, look for that in Mid april or May.

With March being national craft month keep an eye out for some new photos of my artwork, some of which will be available for sale on eBay.

Tomorrow night on ABC is the TV special “Best in Film”

Looking forward to that, will post how that goes.

Stay tuned!

See ya Wednesday!

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Sorry for not posting on Friday, I was tired and after topping off a cup of raspberry tea I was out like a light. Anyway, it’s Sunday and I for one am not looking forward to Monday.:(  

Anyway, my blood work came back normal but my Vitamin D level was low. No worries, I just have to keep taking my vitamins and look for food with vitamin D in it. While I have spent time outdoors the last few weeks the heat has been brutal. The day I move back to California will be the day I square dance in front of the Kodak theater in Hollywood. 🙂 If anybody took that seriously I said that for laughs, it doesn’t mean I’ll actually square dance and post it on YouTube.

Also to clear things up if anybody asks I do NOT I repeat, DO NOT have an account on Twitter or Myspace, why? simple, I’m not interested.  I have however, thanks to my brother been using Facebook as a way of building up a network and friends’ list with different people I know and have wanted to meet.  In the process I’ve found several pages and groups that specialize in writing and hope to build up a fan base and advertise my artwork.

Note: I don’t accept messages and such that aren’t related to my writing or my artwork. If a person wants to send me a ‘fan’ letter that’s fine. Aside from that anything that falls into the spam category IS deleted.

Aside from that I got some rest over the weekend worked with some of my clay and watched Hachi: A Dog’s Tale on the Hallmark channel tonight and while I missed part of it, the film was good though I cried at the end. I went and dug up one of my photo albums which had some pictures of my late Beagle mix, Sienna. coincidentally she and Hachi were close to the same age when they passed away. Hachi (died at age 10 in March of 1934- 90 in dog years) Sienna( died at age 11  on September 28th 2004-99 in dog years.) For those that say one dog year is equal to seven human years that’s false!  One dog year is actually equal to nine human years.

 I watched the pilot episode of  “The Defenders” and it’s a good show. I found something else I can add to my weekly TV show line up, next to Meet the Browns, House of Payne and a couple of others. Next show I need to check out is Modern Family.

Also, If anyone’s curious about my artwork I’m building up my stockpile to sell on eBay during Black friday so, stay tuned for that announcement. I also take commissions so feel free to ask about it and my prices.

See ya Monday!

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Well it’s friday again and spring break! whoo-hoo! There’s a few things on my Spring break vacation I’m looking forward to including my L.A. trip.

Anyway, I could use a HUGE favor, want to know what it is? take a look below.

My sister got a new job and is moving to Seattle some time later this spring. Anyway with my sister leaving it’s put my family in a bit of a financial bind such as paying the rent. I know we’ll get by but I want to help out by contributing part of the proceeds made from my commissions to make up for it. Listed below are my commission prices and samples of my work:

Small figure- $ 5-10






Paperweight- $15-20


(Under construction-stay tuned!)

Pencil cup- $10-15


(Stay tuned for photos)

Custom chess set- $25-30 (comes in travel size only, for now)


(Coming soon)

Miniatures $1-5 each



Mini fruits and Vegetables- $ 1 each.

Refrigerator magets- $ 2 each


(Coming soon)

Home decor items such as picture frames


Addition charge:

Extra minature fruits & vegatables- 50 cents each.

Miniatures, figures/sculptures- $5 each.

Pins- $1-5 each

Beads-50 cents to $1 each

Charms/necklace pendants- 50 cents-$2 each.

Clip on earrings- $2 a pair.

These items will also be available on ebay some time down the line. But here’s a basic ‘contract’:

I can ONLY take 4 commission requests at a time. Once the slots are full anyone else will be put on a waiting list.

If item(s) are damaged in shipping, let me know(via comment).

A lot of the sculptures and other work I do can range for simple sculptures to ‘realistic’ models of animals.

Subjects I don’t/can’t model:


animals and characters from myths, legends,etc… the list goes on.

Anything  adult related

I can model certain animal cartoon/comic book characters but these are done for free, due copyright reasons I prefer not to sell them.

I can only do work for those in the U.S. right now.

Prices are U.S. dollars/currency ONLY.

As for payments I’ll post info about that later but more than likely It’ll be money order and paypal.

Stay tuned!

If anyone has some suggestions feel free to post them. I could really use the help and do appreciate it.

Stay tuned for a Saturday edition of this blog continuing with my ‘Hay is for horses’ series!

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It’s Wednesday again! only Thursday left and then it’s… friday!:)

It’s been a long a week, not only that but my lower back hurts a lot…(don’t ask). But anyway more Academy awards! There’s a lot of press about the Academy awards afterparties. But for Sidney and Mo’ Nique they kept it simple by stopping at Uncle Andre’s BBQ and enjoying some chicken at home. After hearing about this place I’ve made a note to check it out when I go to L.A.

During the Academy Awards I worked on some ‘What if’ speeches. Did I stutter? yes,  they’re ‘what if’ speeches as if I won an academy award and/or Golden Globe for my work. For Golden Globes I did a speech for Best comedy and Best picture, best animated film, best original screenplay and best animated short film for the Academy awards.

As I’ve mentioned before, I WANT to get into the movie industry and self publishing business. In fact, two things on my 2010 to do list are to write a book then get it published and the next thing is finish my scripts and register them with the WGA(Writers’ guild of America) in Los Angeles, CA.

For those who think that I might stupid or wasting my time about my work being award winning material… I’m just saying  it could happen. Whenever I pass by a Hollywood video or Blockbuster I often think about  a poster for my movie being in the window, someday.

I’m just saying it could happen and I have no plans whatsoever of backing out of this. I’m NOT, I repeat NOT! trying to get into the movie and self publishing business for profit or fame. I have an interest in it because I think other people may like my work. I mean look at The Hurt Locker it was a low budget film that had a limited release in theaters and not only that but having won 6 out 9 academy awards the sales for The Hurt Locker on Amazon.com have gone through the roof! 🙂

I don’t expect my ‘film’ to be a Box office hit  or my books to be New York Times best sllersbut it would be nice if they turn out to be successful like a lot of other films and books. Still it could happen.

But moving on… my horse training continues this weekend! 🙂

Maybe this time I’ll be to actually get on a horse since it’s been raining on and off. I’m taking an apple and carrots with me this time. 🙂

Will post an update about my training progress on Monday as well photos.

Also, I’m offically taking commissions for my clay art work. Will post how that goes as well as photos and price tags later on. Since my writing project backfired last month I decided to try again for this month and so far it’s going great! I’m writing everday now. 🙂 and do feel better about being back at work again.

Tip: writing  also helps curculation.

In other news I’ll be heading down to L.A. in 3 weeks. Will post updates regarding that before I leave, I’ll post about the trip if I can get to a computer with internet access but if not this’ll be on hiatus.

See ya on Friday!

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Anyone reading this blog live back east?

Saw a report on Good morning America about the blizzards that have hit the east coast. Meanwhile on the west coast(where I live) it’s been raining on and off. Anyway the cold weather really bites!  my muscles ache and on top of that I had a sore throat over the weekend. I’m getting over what seems to be a touch of a cold: sneezing, stuffy/runny nose, coughing, no fever…which is good.  Other than that I’m slowly recovering.

 Long story short,  my updates this week will be a little different. Since I didn’t post anything on Monday, I’ll be posting today, Friday and a special saturday addition with news on my horse training lesson! (if I’m not too tired.) Aside from that regular blog post updates will more than likely be back on schedule next week; but depending on how I feel after going in for part 2 of my root canal job I might go on hiatus while I recover. Also my writing and artwork commission projects will be post-poned until further notice. I’ll more than likely wait until my root canal job is finished. Will post an announcement regarding the status of my projects. But I will probably post something related to my artwork and writing.

Oh, and root canals aren’t really that bad… well, at least the first part isn’t. I’ll just be glad to have it out of the way.

Other than that I’ve had a pretty good day.

Anyone catch the superbowl ads this year?   Here’s a Doritos commercial which is hilarious!

See ya on friday!

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