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Hi folks,

And it’s Friday again…

So to get the ball rolling…more about…Prince.

It’s been almost two months since that tragic Thursday…since then, I’ve been working on some writing projects related to Prince. My latest is a novel titled: Bikes, Buses, Trains & Purple Rains. The story takes place in the early 1990s in San Francisco.

Here’s the synopsis…


About the story:

Nothing about city life is easy and for one cast of characters, living in San Francisco is proof of that. Torrell Culver, a newcomer from Atlanta tries to adjust to living in the city by the Bay all while trying to keep his secret life as a talented musician separate from his day job as a web designer working for Bay City Records. Torrell’s life gets turned upside when his friends and co-workers, Alexa Hart and Laurence Hill form a band and compete in a competition with the winner receiving a recording contract. Will Torrell step up and help his new friends or remain on the side lines?


The story’s main character, Torrell Culver is based on Prince and is different than my other work but like my other stories, it’s written with a general audience in mind…in other words, the content is fine for readers of different age groups. However, because it takes place in the early 1990s, some references in the story might be somewhat hard to understand for those who are unfamiliar with the decade.

I have given Prince an honorable mention in the story and will post more information. So stay tuned!

See ya on Monday!




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Hi all,

And it’s time for my annual To-Do list. I know the year is half over but that doesn’t mean I don’t plan to make up for lost time. Anyway on to my list:

Work out a decent routine schedule for my writing, art and other projects.

Enter more writing contests

Purchase needed Art and Writing Supplies

Complete the first drafts for my scripts and other writing projects

Sell artwork on eBay

Self-Publish one of my stories

Register scripts, treatments and pitches with the Writers Guild

Make demo DVD of video projects

Burn Story Soundtrack CDs

Send writing samples to Comic con, Twitter and Facebook contacts

Attend Long Beach Comic Con

Host Crowdfunding page for a writing project

Go to the L.A. Zoo

Raise butterflies

Attend one writer’s group meeting.

Take a screenwriting class


And that concludes my list, will report my status within the next few months as I check off my list.

Off to go celebrate my folks’ 34th anniversary.

See ya on Monday!

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Hi folks,

Getting things in order. Anyway, I listened to a teleconference on saturday about adapting books and life stories to film or television. I have to say it was a good call, learned a lot about what goes into adapting a book or person’s life story to the silver screen.

One thing I have heard that’s been advised to writers is don’t try to adapt somebody else’s work. Why? unless a person has the legal right to do so, it could really cost him or her in court.

Plus, I don’t think I could adapt somebody else’s work anyway.

I’m more of a spec script, spin-off, mini series or prequel type person.

Plus most books adapted to films usually have different endings, a character, scenes or subplot is added or removed, you get the point.

Here’s one example of an adaptation.

After watching episodes of The Animals of Farthing Wood via YouTube, I decided to read the book.

There were some noticeable differences but other than that the book was just as enjoyable to read much like the animated series was to watch.

Overall, adaptations can be a hit or miss, it just depends how it’s done.

And that about wraps it up for today.

Look for my next post on the Fall’s TV show season.

See ya on Wednesday!

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