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Hey folks,

It’s Monday and what do I decide to do this weekend?

Watch Zootopia!

I’ve always loved animation and come to find out many people do too.

Animation was and often still is sadly seen as nothing more than Kid Stuff despite series such as The Simpsons and the DC Animated Universe which were clearly made with an older audience in mind.

So, moving on…

Zootopia follows the life and adventures of Judy Hopps, a young adult female White tailed Jack rabbit who leaves her small town home and moves to Zootopia, a large metropolitan city where animals, large and small, predator and prey live side by side. While helping to investigate a case involving several missing preditory animals, Judy learns a thing or two about stereotypes among various species when she crosses paths with Nick Wilde, a European Red Fox. As it turns out, despite coexisting with prey animals, wolves, lions, tigers, bears, foxes and the like are still profiled and stereotyped because of their natural behaviors and appearances.

The film is the first of its kind in years that features great storytelling that was widely known in classic traditionally animated films that Disney and Don Bluth had specialized in decades ago.

One of the serious subjects  Zootopia focuses on is adversity, which has become a hot topic in today’s media in regards to people of color and women.

Another great piece in the film besides the stunning animation and great cast is the movie’s theme song, Try Everything sung by Shakira.

I’ve listened to it and the message in the song is an encouraging one that will sit well with people of color as well as women.

Overall, the movie is a must see and would make a great addition to a person’s DVD collection.

Teaser Trailer: Zootopia.

And that’s it for my movie review.

See you on Wednesday!



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Hey folks,


As promised here’s my review for 42.


I plan to post a full length review of movies I’ve seen and rented this year later on so for now here’s a short review.

42 follows the first 2 years of Jackie Robinson’s baseball career. Throughout the film, Jackie must overcome the challenges associated with being a person of color in a time when America was literally black-and-white and the idea of a black baseball player being put on an all white team was unheard of.

Overall, the film was good, acting was top notch, story was easy to follow and the setting as a period film was spot on.

Being a person of color myself, I learned from watching this film what it’s like to be in a black-and-white situation and trying to find that one patch that’s a shade of gray or a box of 64 Crayola crayons.

I can honestly say it’s not easy but there’s ways to work around it.

Films like The Great Debaters, 42 and The Help were set in during historical times when people of color struggled to attend school, finding jobs, keeping their families above water and maintaining friendships.

Although Blacks have come along way since then, there’s still many trying to get by on a daily basis and people who still see things in black-and-white and not a shade of gray or a variety of colors.

Aside from that, 42 is one of the best movies I’ve seen so far this year.

There’s a few other films on my list I plan to check out this year so stay tuned for more reviews!

That wraps it up for this month.

See ya in June!












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For those who remember I love Lucy, ya’ll know who said that line, right?

Anyhow… it’s Wednesday, midweek… yay-yay!

Ok, ok where’s Monday’s update?

Simple, I was tired that night but I’ll make up for it with a Saturday post continuing my “Hay is for horses” saga.

In other news the latest movies now on DVD are:

Ramona & Beezus

Grown Ups

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

I’ll post reviews for these and other movies soon, so keep your eyes  peeled!

Next movies on my list to rent/see are:

Crazy on the outside

Disney’s Oceans

and others.

That being said this week’s Monday’s post will be replaced with a special Saturday edition.

And, that’s about it.

The Defenders is on.

See ya on Friday!

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Well it;s Wednesday again, phew! midweek, yahoo!

Not much to say today except I managed to get some editing work done on my projects. With that out of the way, I can finish up the remaining ones. Stay tuned for my review for Pixar’s Up and several other  movies.

In other news, I found some extra comic con tickets(one of which I’m bidding on). I found the ticket on Ebay and the auction ends tomorrow afternoon!

Will post about how it goes.

See ya on Friday!

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Sorry for not posting on Friday was tired and down in the dumps. I’ve been through a lot lately that I’d rather not say but I can honestly say it’s been a drag to me both mentally and physically, it  has also taken a toll on my creativity. I’ve actually heard stories about writers, and artists alike, literally having nervous breakdowns when they hit a road block. But enough about that, I’m slowly but surely recovering and I’ll leave it there.

But anyway today was a good day, spent some mother/daughter time with my Mom.

Saw Just Wright and Marmaduke which I have to say were both good movies!

Stay tuned for reviews for both films along with others I’ve seen/rented in the last 3-4 months.

Also look for my review for ‘Are we done yet?’ as well as the winners of the MTV movie awards.

 See ya on Monday!

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Well, got back from seeing Tyler Perry’s latest movie ‘Why did I get married too?’ and I have to say for this being the first sequel to one of his films it was a good movie. A lot of sequels don’t often live up to their predecessors but this one did!

Also regarding my Hay is for horses saga, the kids in class did jumps and agility routines. Representatives from the ‘Adopt-a-musthang’ program came out to do a demo and answer questions. The musthangs that were brought out were fully tame. I brought some baby carrots with me and by the time I left there were only 5 left in the bag!

Overall, I enjoyed myself both on Saturday and tonight.

Stay tuned for my second round of reviews as well as more updates.

See ya on Wednesday!

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Well it’s Thursday(sorry for the delay)…this time next week I’ll be in L.A… But aside from that 2 of my favorite 2009 films came out on DVD yesterday… Fantastic Mr. Fox and the Blind Side. 🙂 They’re on my DVDs to get list. Listed below are just a few films I plan to rent and review in the next couple weeks:

Good hair

Planet 51

Did you hear about the Morgans?


This is just to name a few. Also, stay tuned for updates on my other projects.

Also even though I’ll be posting an update on friday, I’ll be doing a special Saturday edition about my horse training lesson along with photos.

See ya tomorrow!

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