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Purple Rain Movie Poster


Hi folks,

It’s Wednesday…after a long day of traveling…I am exhausted but happy as a five-year-old at Disneyland!

With lots of effort and careful planning I was able to attend the Purple Rain panel and screening at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills!

Special thanks to Manuela for mentioning the event on her Facebook page back in July. After two days of waiting, I was able to purchase tickets.

Spent the next few weeks reading and watching whatever behind the scenes articles and video footage about Purple Rain I could find. I got to say, it was great to learn the story behind this Summer blockbuster.

Fast forward to Sunday, I was on the edge of my seat that in another 24 hours I’d be in Los Angeles…

7AM Monday Morning, went about with getting ready and loading up the car…12 hours until the event. After dropping my dogs off at the boarding kennel that was it, right… well about an hour into the trip it almost became a disaster because the outfit I picked out to wear had been left behind! Turned around and went back despite it costing me and my folks an opportunity of getting into town early but worth it nonetheless.

Checked into the hotel around 4pm with just enough time to grab some dinner and change outfits…

If anyone who attended saw me at all, I was the one with jeans, a t-shirt and a blue & white striped sweater.

Traffic was surprisingly good considering this was a Monday… I was born and raised in LA for a good portion of my life so heavy traffic and commuting is nothing new. Word of advice, have snacks and water in your car for this sort of thing.

A short walk through security and one flight of stairs later, I got up to the main auditorium.

The panel hadn’t started though I sadly missed the opening by Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs’ speech and the clip of Prince’s acceptance speech at the Oscars. I did get a nice view of the stage from the back row and had brought along my binoculars which was helpful.

There was plenty of applause as Jerome Benton, Marie France, Jill Jones, Robert Cavallo, Albert Magnoli, Marcus Miller and Reggie Hudlin made their way to the stage one by one. Joseph Ruffalo who was in the audience was given an honorable mention and stood up when his name was called.
However, the audience gave a standing ovation for special guest, Appollonia Kotero!

I will admit from watching the panel it was wonderful hearing the stories of people who worked with Prince in their own words.

I found myself laughing and becoming emotional during the event. Hearing how much these people enjoyed working with Prince along with Appollonia’s heartfelt commentary really gave me an opportunity to learn more about who my cousin was in addition to hearing that those who worked with him had a great deal of love and respect for him.

As the evening went on, I noticed someone getting up from the seats a few rows away from me. He looked so familiar…then I thought… it’s Van Jones! Stepping out into the theater with my Dad and sure enough it was him, in person!  We had an opportunity to talk for a brief moment due his ride coming to pick him up in 20 minutes. It was a pleasant chat. Wasn’t able to take a picture with him but was still great.

My Dad and I ended up staying in the hallway for a few minutes after, saw Reggie Hudlin and Manuela.

I will admit talking with Manuela was just one of the highlights for me that night. I even got a photo with her…

Her exact words: “You’re the only one getting a picture tonight!”

All in all, we hit it off very well.

After the movie ended, people who attended started to leave the auditorium and head downstairs.

Snapped a photo of the Oscar statue on my way out. Got an opportunity to speak with Albert Magnoli, Marie France and Robert Cavallo. They were all wonderful.

I also met other people including Erica Gimpel, also known as Cocoa from the hit TV show Fame.

I did spot Jerome Benton and Cat Glover but missed out on speaking to them, Jill Jones, Cheryl Boone Isaacs and Appollonia were nowhere to be found, from what I could see… so they likely took a different exit out of the theater.

I did mention to Robert Cavallo that I had seen his interview on 20/20 back in April… turns out the news crew spent quite a bit of time at his house with 5 cameras!

A few photos and exchange of contact information later, it was time to head outside as the theater was getting ready to close for the night.
A Prince group called The Bumpsquad had a banner set up outside the theater. Various people signed the banner which will be hung on the fence at Paisley Park this weekend. My family was able to sign it before they closed up shop. What I wrote was this:

“Thank you for bringing joy 2 my life… I ♥ you, cousin.”

Anyway… I enjoyed myself and it was great to meet the people who had known my cousin through the years. They did offer their sympathy and commended my efforts to come to the panel and screening… we enjoyed talking that evening.

After leaving, my folks and I stopped for a bite to eat before heading back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep…nothing says LA like a Pink’s hotdog with fries and a Dr. Brown’s cream soda. Then it was lights out.


I hope those I met that night will be the start of some wonderful friendships.

I believe cousin Prince would be happy to know part of his family was in attendance for the event and met some of his longtime friends as well. I certainly will stay in touch.

This being both my first Prince and Academy event was truly special and one I will remember.

I have to say Reggie Hudlin, Marcus Miller, Cheryl Boone Isaacs and anyone else involved did an excellent job for this event.

If I missed meeting anyone else besides Jerome Benton, Appollonia Kotero, Jill Jones, Marcus Miller, Cheryl Boone Isaacs and Joseph Ruffalo… I hope we cross paths again one day. The stories you shared about your time together with Prince were definitely music to my ears. I am proud to have him for a cousin and miss Prince every day and will always love him.

To those I met on Monday night: Van Jones, Manuela, Reggie Hudlin, Marie France, Albert Magnoli, Robert Cavallo, Erica Gimpel, Tamika and Laurence, I thank you for your kind words and greatly appreciate a moment of your time. Prince has a special place in everyone’s hearts, mine included.

I hope to see you all again soon.

It was a great Monday night. I couldn’t think of a happier ending to a Summer day.




See you on Friday!




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I apologize for not posting yesterday,  had an upset stomach that got the better of me. I know that seems to happen to me a few times but my stomach can be sensitive despite having a pretty strong immune system. But enough of that, now to get back on track.

Last weekend was my very first time at the San Diego comic con and was it worth it? Yes! yes, it was!

I missed the first panel I wanted to attend on writing animated feature films. 😦 That was a bit of a major blow for me. But the rest of the day went smoothly. I got two autographs and a photo with actor, Jack O’ Halloran. For those who saw Superman 2 in the 80s or caught it on TV/DVD than you’ll recognize him as Non. In the film he does have a rough exterior but off camera all that just went right out the window. He’s really a nice guy, tallest person I saw that day but nice nonetheless. Between panels I met and swapped business cards with different people. 🙂 The longest panel I was in line for was the panel for ABC’s remake of the TV show, V. Everyone and their Grandmother was in that line. It was the one line that afternoon where when I finally sat down it was a relief. Seriously, try standing in a line with 100+  other people for almost half an hour and tell me how was it. Overall, the panels were both entertaining and informative(minus the cussing in some of them). What surprised me were not only how many people attend comic con but also how easy it was to start up a conversation. Honestly, I’ve tried it in Vegas and hardly anybody says a word. :(.  I do feel bummed that I didn’t get a chance to meet the cast after the V panel. 😦 I was so doggone close! *sigh* why?! ok, I’m done…

The last panel I attended that day was “Kickstart your comic”   the panel mostly promoted a site called kickstarter.com. The people on the panel gave an overview of the site and how they started projects and got funding to back them up.

For  that Saturday being my first day at comic con let’s just say I went back to the hotel a happy camper.:)

On my photo album page I’ve included some of the pictures taken on Saturday.

Special thanks to Jack O’ Halloran and others who I posed with in said photos. 🙂

Stay tuned for part 2 of my comic con experience.

See ya tomorrow!

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Once again it’s the middle of the week… Wednesday, hump day… call it what ya like… When I was younger Wednesdays were always my favorite day of the week next to Friday and Saturday, why? well I like the letter W for one thing and secondly a lot of good days I had in the past happened to be on a Wednesday such as when I went to Seaworld in 2001 which was a school field trip.

Anyway, this past saturday was the final class for the horsemanship training. The students walked their horses around an agility course and it was basically an overview of what they learned the last 8 weeks. Once they were done the trainers walked their horses back to the stables, I even got to walk of the horses, which was fun. For those who want to know it was T.C.(see photo album for reference). Also the two foals, Roxie and Rachael who were born at the ranch this year have really grown in the last couple months. Check the photo album page to see photos of them as newborns and updated snapshots. Both of them are teething and their personalities are really showing. Roxie is pretty high-strung and only got close for about two minutes before she ran off. Rachael is quite the opposite, she loves to have her back scratched and getting hugs, overall she’s a real laid back and friendly horse… she even gave me a kiss! 🙂 it was different but I did like it though. She must’ve really trusted me to do something like that. I had brought a bag of carrots with me and by the time I left I was reduced to 4 and a half. Splitting them up between a few horses and a steer, they go quick.

That being said it was a good class, I went to attend the funeral of a late friend of mine a couple of hours afterward. It was really nice and there were a lot of people. Trust me it was hard not to cry, I could hear quite a few mourners sniffling and blowing their noses. Even though it’s been almost a week I’m slowly but surely getting over the shock but then again time heals all wounds. The next day I went to a barbeque another friend invited me to which was fun and relaxing. Got a chance to talk, laugh, meet some new people and enjoy some good food.

It was a nice weekend despite there being some sadness, I also got some frozen yogurt which is always refreshing.

Well, it’s getting close to comic con and I’ll more than likely be working my fingers off getting my writing and artwork samples ready for when I go. Photos and pages containing my work will be posted here as I finish them.

In the meantime feel free to check out the new photos in the album.

See ya on Friday!

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Anyone here?

(comment if you are still reading this blog)

Well, today was the second-to-last of the horsemanship classes. That’s right! graduation is less than two weeks away. But my lessons haven’t ended though. Anyhow today there was a cattle roping demo. Brought some carrots and such for the horses and they loved them that is until I left for a moment and they had been swiped along with my water bottle and a copy of a newspaper on horses I picked up… and believe me I was really peeved at this… that’s just wrong!

Aside from that it was a pleasant day and to top it off I got Fantastic Mr. Fox on DVD and frozen yogurt after dinner.

Got some new photos to post so check back on Monday for some new updates. I plan to do a Powerpoint presentation consisting of the photos I’ve taken during my visits.  I’ll announce when that’s finished and if I can possibly upload it to youtube!

See ya on Monday!

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Well it’s Monday again… *sigh* but still how this past saturday went was a nice break after the pain I went through on friday which was part 2 of my root canal but enough about that…

Went to the pigeon show on Saturday and it was a nice experience.

Got to see some birds that were up for auction, there was a red and white female who was in the line up. Her eyes were amber colored and she was really laid back. I honestly would’ve liked to have bought her if I could. 🙂

They did a tribute to William ‘Bill’ Penson who specialized in rollers(he passed away about 40 years ago). They had folks who were in the roller pigeon club as well as ones who were affiliated with the Vegas and L.A. pigeon clubs. Most of the people that came out to the event were from L.A.!

There was some memorabilia on display that Bill Penson’s granddaughter had. books, awards, photos… the works. There was also two releases, one a roller pigeon release and the second a white homer release. They even had two cards for people to sign. It was for 2 members of the club who had passed away.

They had a couple raffles (one for women and one that was a regular). My Mom won a spa treatment giftcard!

The pigeons they had were mostly homers and muffs(the ones with the feathers on their feet). I got some pictures and feathers. In a couple lofts there were a few pairs with their babies. They were so cute! Some of them looked to be about 2 weeks or younger.

I got to take a picture with one owner who had some birds that won best of breed in different categories. He also signed my pigeon encyclopedia. I have some photos of his birds including one of the best of breed winners.

There was a diverse mix of people there which was nice… the person hosting the event wanted to give me a pair of birds! 🙂

Though my Dad explained where we live now we couldn’t have them but when/if we move somewhere with a yard then we’d let the guy know. He understood and was very nice.

Personally I’d love to get a pair(at some point). A friend of mine in L.A. used to have pigeons and they’re not so bad, a little skittish at times but fun to interact with. Trust me there’s a different between the domestic ones and their wild cousins that sit on the telephone lines.
I’ve uploaded the pictures to my photo album page.

Other than that, I enjoyed myself.

In other news on Sunday I watched the BAFTA awards on BBC America. It’s a little different than the Academy Awards in the U.S. but just as entertaining.
Here’s the winners from both the BAFTAs and WGA awards.
BAFTA award winners: (scroll down the page to see the list)
WGA award winners: (Once again scroll down)
And last but not least today is the anniversary of when my website went online!
It’s been over 5 years now!
Due to how things went today I’ll be celebrating either tomorrow or over the weekend with my family. 🙂
A link to my site is located on my links page but if you have trouble finding it here’s a direct link to it:
Special thanks to those who have visited my blog and main website.
I’ve tried to promote the place as much as possible and it’s gettin’ there.
Just some  footnotes for those who aren’t familiar with certain things:
Roller pigeons are a breed brought over from England over 200 years ago. As the name implies they ‘roll’ well, backflip while in flight. It’s a pretty amazing sight to see.
BAFTA is short for British Academy of film and television art awards. Guess you could call it Brittain’s version of the Academy awards but there are a few differences.
WGA stands for Writers guild of America. There are two locations one in New York City which is the east coast branch and one in Los Angeles, that’s the west coast branch. Scripts for movies and television shows are registered with the guild every year.
 In 2008, members of the writers guild went on strike; as a result most TV shows such as Everybody hates Chris were put on hold until the strike ended a few weeks later. One other film related group is the directors guild.
Well hope you all enjoyed this Monday’s update.
See you Wednesday!


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Sorry for the delay, wasn’t feeling well last night, but anyway here are the list of winners from the Screen actors and Producers guild awards:

Screen actors guild award winners and nominees:


Producers guild award winners & nominees. Winners are marked in bold font.


In other news, the hope for Haiti telethon which aired on over 60 networks and online raised over $58 million dollars! this past Saturday I went to a riders association group. Learned a few things about horses. I even got to feed a few of them as well brush, clean the hooves and even rode one. The horsemanship course lasts eight weeks, I can’t say for sure if I’ll be able to attend but will announce if I do. Other than that it was great!

 As you can tell I’m animal lover. Also the nominees for the Academy awards will be announced next Tuesday! 

 To see  photos I took at the ranch go to the photo album page.

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