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Hey folks,

I had a wonderful time on Monday and wanted to share a teaser trailer for one of my Prince related projects. Every shot I edited frame by frame and set it to the theme music from the 2016 remake of Roots.

Prince: An Unsung History is based on my essay, A Like-Minded Match.

Everyone knows of Prince’s rise to stardom but what if…there is more to the story?

The premise of Prince: An Unsung History is a documentary on my cousin’s ancestry and a journey that began long before Purple Rain.

Alex Haley wrote Roots, which told the story of his ancestors and family history.

To get Prince: An Unsung History from an idea to an actual production, will take several supporters. For now, it’s just in the planning stage. Will post more details for how things go.

In the meantime, enjoy this teaser trailer for Prince: An Unsung History.

See ya on Monday!


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Hey folks…

Had to post this to clarify some things…

With all the news media going on regarding Prince’s estate and relatives, I sadly have received some negative commentary since posting my discovery. Below is a link to my blog post about my ancestry research:

WhereEver the Road Leads…

I want to make it clear, I love my cousin…that’s something that will NEVER change, being related to Prince means a lot to me… my research was strictly curiosity not personal gain.

I seriously would have done everything in my power to contact Prince if I had known sooner.

I truly believe he would be impressed with my research and that we would have become close.

When I look  the mirror at my reflection now, it’s a different feeling than before.

Who wouldn’t want to be related to Prince?!

I’m proud to have that connection to Prince and want to do something in memory of him.

It does hurt that I didn’t meet him but I plan to reach out to those who knew Prince including Tyka… she is my relative too, after all… How much Prince knew about his extended family, that’s up in the air, but there’s a strong possibility that his relatives had lost contact with those in my family after they left the South and moved to Minnesota. This is 2016, 151 years after slavery ended.

If there’s two things I learned from this experience is more about who I am and that my family has a unique history.

I understand people will be skeptical about my research but I’m prepared for that.

Though I do recommend anyone reading this do some research on your ancestry like I did. What you discover might surprise you…maybe even change your life, like it has done for me.

As always I will continue to post updates regarding this story… The journey continues!

See ya on Friday!


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