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Hey folks, it’s Wednesday!

Still getting myself together but wanted to post this for a long time. This year’s Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show was a Beagle named Ms P. Whenever a breed’s popularity skyrockets people often go online searching for breeders.

Many people don’t support dog shows and have been known to protest outside the show ring feeling that the competition exploits animals and that anyone watching a dog show will see a certain breed they like and will want to go out and buy a puppy. I’ll save that for another day but this post is mainly about a bumper sticker I’ve seen twice.

The sticker referenced the Pitbull, calling it America’s dog. Wait… since when were they called America’s dog? last time I checked Labradors and now English Bulldogs were among America’s favorite dog breeds, not pitbulls.

For those who like or own pitbulls let’s agree to disagree…if you love or own a dog of this breed, good for you. That’s the dog you chose, be happy and enjoy your canine friend.

Now, let’s clear up something… Pitbulls are not an American breed!

Yes, it’s true, this dog actually comes from England so technically it should be called the English Pitbull Terrier not American Pitbull Terrier.

There are many American dog breeds living in the continental U.S. right now that have existed for well over a hundred years. I won’t be listing all of them since there is such a long list but I will be highlighting a few in an upcoming post.

Please don’t try to talk first time  owners into getting an unfamiliar dog breed unless they’ve had some experience with this particular dog.

And that’s it for now.


See ya on Friday!



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Hey folks, Well my weekend could’ve have been nicer. Spent my Saturday afternoon with some beagles. The Beagle Freedom Project hosted a nationwide house party event. Established in 2010, this group finds retirement homes for ex-lab beagles when they can no longer be used. Since the 19th century Beagles have been used as test subjects because of their calm dispostions. I first heard about beagles being used in labs in the late 1990s when it was made public in the UK. After 100 years, beagles as test subjects in the UK is now illegal. The Beagle is one of the oldest breeds with hounds being traced back as far as 700 B.C. Although many beagles used in labs come from commercial kennels, there are cases of pet beagles being stolen and later sold to laboratories.

Quite a few times when labs or schools who teach veterinary courses buy these dogs from class B dealers they’re unaware that their test subjects or students’ homework could be somebody’s house pet! The 2006 HBO documentary ‘Dealing Dogs’ shows undercover footage of stolen house dogs being sold by class B dealers and bunchers. Beagles came in 4th place on the AKC’s top 10 breeds list. Throughout the 1950s, they were the most popular dog in the U.S. Uno, a champion show beagle won best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in 2008.

Beagles in laboratories, however, have a living situation that is the opposite of their show dog and house pet cousins. Day in and day out, they live in kennels and under go several tests, including those for cosmetics and other products. When dogs hit the retirement age, they are either transferred to other labs or put down.

Several Beagles in a kennel. This laboratory is one of several places where stolen dogs end up. While several dogs have received help with efforts such as the Beagle Freedom Project, many of these good natured and intelligent hounds are used for animal testing, day in and day out.

The goal of the Beagle Freedom Project is to get various laboratories to release their dogs to the group who then find retirement homes for hounds, young and old.


Ya’ll ain’t gonna leave me here, right? right?”

“You wouldn’t do this to a dog would you?”
“Help me! I’m not your guinea pig, I’m somebody’s pet!”

(Kennels full of Beagles, above and a Pound Hound)

Many of the dogs leave the lab nervous and uncertain about life outside a kennel or dog run. Even something as simple as, say a car backfiring can cause even the most quiet and submissive hounds to have a panic attack.

After a few months to a year the dogs come around and several become more sociable around people and other dogs. One example is Timmy an ex-lab hound from San Diego,CA. See photo below.

100_1074“Just chillin'”

Overall, the house party event was enjoyable. Lots people and so many Beagles they were coming out of the woodwork… not literally, but close enough.  Although it might seem like an uphill struggle, several beagles have been released from labs in Spain, Italy and the U.K.

Many beagles, young, old, male and female are all waiting for retirement homes outside a laboratory setting. It’s just a matter of when they’ll get them. That’s where the Beagle Freedom Project comes in. So far, over around 100 hounds have found retirement homes. While many groups want animal testing to be completely eradicated, that is still up in the air, however there are new laws being put in place to make improvements for the lives of animal test subjects. One study showed lab rats who are given names instead of numbers actually get better test results

However, not all animal testing is bad. Another type of testing is intelligence,  apes, birds, dogs, dolphins, horses, pigs,  rats and even sharks have all been used as subjects in animal I.Q. tests. This type of testing is done to better understand how these animals go through everyday life which can help make a difference when it comes to animal welfare and conservation issues.

Beagles are intelligent dogs but sadly never received the same recognition as Border Collies or Poodles. Snoopy is the most famous beagle, other famous beagles include Shiloh, Porthos from Star Trek, Lou from the movie, Cats & Dogs and Shoeshine in the Disney adaptation of Underdog. DC Comics even had a character named Beam Beagle, then of course there’s Uno.

Looking for more info? go on over to beaglefreedomproject.org.

That about wraps it up for this post.

See ya in May!





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Pet Expo 2013

Hi folks

Went to the Pet Expo on Saturday and it was great!

Lots of dogs, booths and people.

Saw a handsome Golden Eagle named Scout and met Pitboss stars, Shorty Rossi and his dog, Hercules for the second year in row.

I made a sculpture of Hercules, using polymer clay and brought it to the event. This is the first time one of my original pieces has been given to a celebrity!

Overall it went well, met some dogs, got plenty of freebies and passed out several flyers in the hope that somebody will contact me about Rudy. It’s been a year and I really miss my dog.

I have to say it was a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Photos coming soon!

See ya on Wednesday!


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Hi all,

Just posting this link again…

Please take a moment to click on the link below.

Finding Rudy


I’m determined to find my dog and bring her home, but I need some help.

Any and all contributions are appreciated.

If you can’t contribute, I understand, you can still help out…spread the word by posting this link on Facebook, twitter or some other social network.

I miss my dog with all my heart and just want to have her back.

See ya on Monday!

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Hi folks,  not much to say this time but I could use some help. Please take a moment to watch the video I’ve featured in this blog post. It’s a true story, my dog’s story actually… To read it, I recommend pausing the video as it plays:

“Have You Seen Me?

Thanks for looking, I really appreciate it.

Will have some new updates next week and hopefully I’ll have my blog posts back on schedule.

See ya on Monday!

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Hey folks, sorry for not posting on Monday, my internet was down so I was unable to post. Anyway, with that crisis over just wanted to post that today marks the day my dog Sienna passed away(1992-2004).  My main website, freewebs.com/sienna-beagle was made in memory of her as well as to promote my stories,  a few of which where she’s the main character.

She was my first dog that I had for 11 great years.

Stay tuned for more info and photos.

See ya on Friday!

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Ok, so maybe that was stretching it. Sorry for the delay, I was tired and it got late Wednesday night. Went to look at some puppies at the pet shop near me and saw some cute dogs: Morkie(Maltese/Yorkshire terrier), Teddy bear(Shih-Tzu/Bichon Frise), Shih-poo(Shih-Tzu/Poodle), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Beagle, Italian Greyhound  Pug and many others. Overall the pups were fun to watch and play with.

Went to the local comic book store and Blockbuster and I got 4 comics for my collection/library and 3 DVDs for $2o bucks.

What’s that? no big screen TV?

No thanks, I’ll pass, I’m happy with my little 13 inch Sharp TV. Despite being almost 10 years old, having shipped it to 4 different states and taping hundreds of hours of TV shows and movies it’s still going.

Overall today was a good day, went and looked at some Yorkie pups that were so adorable. I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of dogs out there that are cute in their own unique way.

Speaking of dogs…

Update for Designer breeds: I’ve seen online where some people don’t think ‘Designer breeds’ will become recognized by kennel clubs. Actually, it’s kind of late to jump to that conclusion. In the U.S. the number of designer dogs such as the Teddy bear(aka Shih-Tzu/Bichon Frise) has become so widespread that different kennel clubs and breed groups are recognizing said dogs as established breeds. For the most part, Teddy bears, Puggles, etc were bred mostly as companion dogs like the Puggle’s purebred ancestor, the Pug.

Go ahead and call them mutts, but hey, a majority of purebred dogs around today were all mixed breeds once upon a time.

Myth:  Mixed breed dogs can have health problems like purebreds, there’s no such thing as hybrid vigor.

Answer: True & False. Why? well it’s true because mutts can have health issues just like any other dog or living thing that isn’t a plant. But at the same, it’s false because mixed breeds  tend to venture away from the deep end of the gene pool. In other words, because they have a diverse set of genetic blueprints they aren’t as susceptible to certain problems like the purebreds in their family tree. They also tend to have better temperaments.

Proof of that: My first dog was mixed, she never snapped at me and had a clean bill of health most of her life which was a good 11 years(99 in dog years).

So, moving on…

I have at least one more stop left for my black friday shopping spree and it doesn’t involve getting stomped to death over a flat screen TV. . Looking at the news highlights for black friday along with driving by a few of the stores having sales; some places looked like they had more people than Times Square! EVERYbody and their Grandma seemed to be at Best buy and such. But I’ll say this, are the Doorbuster sales REALLY worth the trouble?

Well, I’m done… quoting James Brown: “Hey! I feel good.”

See ya!

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