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Hey folks, I apologize for not posting on a regular basis. Been tired and other things but I plan to get back on track this week.

Anyway this post is based on the prompt: “If you could take any class for free, what would you choose?”

For me, I’d have to say I’d choose a writing class, screenwriting to be more specific.

Why? well, I’m rusty when it comes to this format, I know the basics for writing novels and short stories but screenwriting is another story(no pun intended). Writing courses can be expensive, especially the film school courses at colleges like UCLA.

Though they do offer individual courses both online and on campus. Some of which I want to take.

Still, if anybody offered a free screenwriting class, I’d take it unless of course, there was a catch.

Aside from that, I’ll gladly accept a free lunch… by ‘free lunch’  I mean, free food, free movie tickets…you get the idea.  For example, I’ve attend Free Comic Book day since 2009, so why not attend a free class about writing comics and learn how to write comics that might be next year’s freebies?

Still though, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Whoever said ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’ didn’t know what they were talking about.  But that’s me.

There is such a thing as a ‘free lunch’ folks just have to know where to look. By this, I’m talking about checking when certain websites, stores and restaurants are offering freebies.

Starbucks has a rewards card and customers who have this card receive free syrups, drinks, soy and such when they earn a certain number of points. See’s Candies offered free lollipops earlier this summer. So needless to say overall, it’s there. Just try looking around. Also keep an eye out for my upcoming two part blog post on the Tasmanian Tiger.

See ya on Wednesday!



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