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Hey folks… and today’s monday… not just any monday but the last monday of 2012!

Well, I had hoped things would be better this year but sadly they weren’t. In fact, this was one of the worst years I’ve had in a long time. But as always here’s the highlights of how things went for me in 2012. Some good and… not so good.

January: Spent some time in L.A. enjoying the change of scenary.

February: Found out my dog and friend of 5 years was adopted out illegally! my year pretty much went down hill from there. Attended the Vegas Pet Expo for the first time and met Pitboss star, Shorty Rossi and his service dog Hercules.

March: Listened to a new teleconference, went down to L.A. twice.

April: More teleconferences , participated in Script Frenzy, Bentley gets a new roommate and little ‘sister’, Stella.

May: Parents’ 31st anniversary, stilling looking for Rudy, Champion Screenwriting entry sadly did not make the final cut.

June: Entered the Fresh Voices Pitch contest, summer vacation begins!

July: Went to L.A. , had a good weekend dispite missing Comic-Con.

August: Back in L.A. again, got to enjoy a change of pace and get some writing done. Fresh Voices pitch contest entry comes in 4th place among the top 10!

September: Summer ends, thought of one of my favorite writers, Earl Kress and my best friend, Sienna.

October: Fall is in full swing, spent a saturday feeling lonely with Rudy. October 6th of this year marks the 6th anniversary of when I brought her home.

November: Attended the Vegas Valley Comicbook festival, throughly enjoyed myself. Participated in National Novel Writing Month for the 4th year in a row !

December: Went down to California, had a great time and entered Script Pipline’s great idea contest.

Overall, while I had some good moments this year, I’ve had some sad ones. However I’m determined to get my dog back, enter more writing contests, attend comic-con and accomplish the things on my to do list next year.

Will post how things go.

See ya next year!


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Last friday…

Hey folks,

Well this marks the last friday of 2012…

It’s been a rough year so I’m looking forward to a fresh start. Will post my plans for 2013 at some point.

Right now I could really use some sleep.

See ya on Monday!

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Back to the grind

Hey all,

Well the long winter break is almost over… then it’s back to the grind.

Will be getting things back up and running as soon as possible.

So stay tuned!

See ya on Friday!

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Sleepin’ on it…

Hey folks,

Due to having a long weekend, I’ve planned to catch up on writing and getting some much-needed sleep.

So today’s post will be delayed.

Just need some rest.

So sorry, see ya on Wednesday!

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Hey folks…

Well, it’s friday.

Overall this fall has been pretty nice.

Got some great photos of migrating butterflies, leaves changing colors on the trees and spending a weekend in California.

Yesterday was the last day of fall. Making this post the season finale of Fall Fridays.

Fall is also a time when favorite TV shows return, usually beginning in late August and ending in November. Pilot episodes also premiere.

Most Fall TV shows such as Last Man Standing and others have what’s called a midseason finale. After a certain number of new episodes air there’s usually a 2 week break with new episodes continuing to air in January. In the meantime, networks show reruns. This gives viewers and fans alike a chance to catch up or for those that want to watch a certain episode but forgot to set the DVR, they get to watch it a second time.

Trust me, watching a tv show episode a second time is great.

So, during the first two weeks of winter, depending on what’s on TV, I mostly watch movies or reruns or whatever is on my DVR.

Great for nights when there’s simply nothing good on TV.

Will upload my fall photos at some point.

See ya on Monday!


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Long weekends…

Hey folks,

And we’re back to Wednesday… again.

Hard to believe this year ends in 2 weeks.

I’m looking forward to a fresh start though. With the long weekend coming up I hope to get things mapped out so when winter break ends I’ll have my to do list finished.

Will post how things go.

See ya on Friday!


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Hey y’all it’s monday!

I have to say this weekend was pleasant.

The snow on the mountains was gorgeous!

Saw some red-tailed hawks too.

Got to see a few old friends, felt good to laugh and talk.

Enjoyed some great barbecue for  dinner  from Famous Dave’s and got to really enjoy staying in a hotel room.

Woke up the next day after a good night’s sleep and grabbed breakfast. Sometimes it pays to get up in the morning.

Grabbed the luggage and some coffee and checked out.

While loading up the car I managed to get some good photos before leaving.

The drive was overall pleasant.

Saw a beautiful female coyote while passing through some farm land.

Managed to get some great pictures, still overall I really enjoyed myself and look forward to coming back to California.

Will upload my photos from the trip so stay tuned!

See ya on Wednesday!


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