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Hi all,

Just posting two of my must-see TV shows that are currently airing.

Shark Tank

Each week different business people bring various product and service ideas to the table in the hopes of landing a deal to help their company grow. Some ideas get picked up, others are dropped like hot potatoes. Overall, if you want an exciting reality series that’s not too dramatic or prying into someone’s personal life, this is the show that fits the bill. Tune in Fridays on ABC.


Instant Mom

One of the few sitcoms on TV that is actually funny, apart from Last Man Standing. This show which is produced by and stars Tia Mowry from Sister, Sister, features the daily life of Stephanie who goes through the trials and errors of being a mother when she marries single father, Charles Phillips who has three kids, High school student Gabby and her grade school age brothers, James and Aaron. While trying to wrap her head around the joys of parenthood, Stephanie often turns to her own mother, Maggie who has a habit of dropping in whether she’s needed…or not. For those trying to find a sitcom to fill the void left by the great comedies of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, give Instant Mom a try. Check your listings for Nickmom or catch the show on BET.

And that concludes my post for Must See TV, for now.

See ya on Monday!


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Hi all,

And it’s time for my annual To-Do list. I know the year is half over but that doesn’t mean I don’t plan to make up for lost time. Anyway on to my list:

Work out a decent routine schedule for my writing, art and other projects.

Enter more writing contests

Purchase needed Art and Writing Supplies

Complete the first drafts for my scripts and other writing projects

Sell artwork on eBay

Self-Publish one of my stories

Register scripts, treatments and pitches with the Writers Guild

Make demo DVD of video projects

Burn Story Soundtrack CDs

Send writing samples to Comic con, Twitter and Facebook contacts

Attend Long Beach Comic Con

Host Crowdfunding page for a writing project

Go to the L.A. Zoo

Raise butterflies

Attend one writer’s group meeting.

Take a screenwriting class


And that concludes my list, will report my status within the next few months as I check off my list.

Off to go celebrate my folks’ 34th anniversary.

See ya on Monday!

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Hey folks, it’s Wednesday!

Still getting myself together but wanted to post this for a long time. This year’s Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show was a Beagle named Ms P. Whenever a breed’s popularity skyrockets people often go online searching for breeders.

Many people don’t support dog shows and have been known to protest outside the show ring feeling that the competition exploits animals and that anyone watching a dog show will see a certain breed they like and will want to go out and buy a puppy. I’ll save that for another day but this post is mainly about a bumper sticker I’ve seen twice.

The sticker referenced the Pitbull, calling it America’s dog. Wait… since when were they called America’s dog? last time I checked Labradors and now English Bulldogs were among America’s favorite dog breeds, not pitbulls.

For those who like or own pitbulls let’s agree to disagree…if you love or own a dog of this breed, good for you. That’s the dog you chose, be happy and enjoy your canine friend.

Now, let’s clear up something… Pitbulls are not an American breed!

Yes, it’s true, this dog actually comes from England so technically it should be called the English Pitbull Terrier not American Pitbull Terrier.

There are many American dog breeds living in the continental U.S. right now that have existed for well over a hundred years. I won’t be listing all of them since there is such a long list but I will be highlighting a few in an upcoming post.

Please don’t try to talk first time  owners into getting an unfamiliar dog breed unless they’ve had some experience with this particular dog.

And that’s it for now.


See ya on Friday!



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